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Roger Guenveur Smith is my special guest on "Here's A Thought with Charles Shaughnessy" September 18, 2014 on TradioV

One of the best shows I have ever seen of live theatre was when I saw actor, writer, director, Roger Guenveur Smith do his one man show called "Frederick Douglass Now" at the Bootleg Theatre here in Los Angeles. 

KCRW said about the show "If there is no struggle, then there is no progress." Actor/writer/director Roger Guenveur Smith echoes those famous words, from abolitionist leader Frederick Douglass, in his one man show Frederick Douglass, Guenveur Smith has created one man performance pieces that embody that struggle, whether about Douglass, Rodney King, or Huey P. Newton. They may be characters from the past, but through Guenveur Smith's interpretation and original narratives, their words ring just as true today as they did over a hundred years ago, compelling audiences to ask, "Has anything truly changed?" Click on the photo to be taken to a  clip from Mr. Smith's website from the show  "Frederick Douglass Now"

I knew I wanted Roger to be a guest on "Here's A Thought" and am so thrilled to announce that he will be my special guest this Thursday, September 18th at 3 pm pst on TradioV.  Our topic this week will be Black & White in America. This is such an important topic and very much in the media now. 

Roger was born in 1955 in Berkeley, California, the son of Helen Guenveur, a dentist, and Sherman Smith, a judge. He attended Occidental College (American Studies) in Los Angeles and Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, where he successfully auditioned for the Drama School, switching from his pursuit of a graduate degree in History. Additionally, he studied at the Keskidee Arts Centre in London, England. Currently, Roger works and resides in Los Angeles, California. He also resides in New York City and also appeared in the acclaimed HBO Series, OZ, Season One, the film Tales from the Hood with Corben BernsenFinal Destination, and a multitude of other film, television and stage appearances.

About Roger Guenveur Smith from his Facebook Page

Roger Guenveur Smith (born July 27, 1959) is an American actor and writer who's appeared in films such as American Gangster and Final Destination.
Roger Guenveur Smith (born July 27, 1959 in Berkley, California) is an American actor, writer, and director who's appeared in films such as "American Gangster", "Final Destination", and Spike Lee's "Do The Right Thing". He studied at Yale University and Occidental College, and has taught at both institutions, as well as Cal Arts, where he currently directs his Performing History Workshop.

He is currently touring his critically acclaimed solo performance piece, "Rodney King", including stints at New York’s The Public Theater and The Wooly Mammoth Theater in Washington, DC. The LA Weekly named "Rodney King" as one of their “Top Ten Plays of 2013″.

In addition to his work in film, Roger has created, performed, and directed an astonishing body of work for the international stage. He adapted his Obie Award winning solo performance of "A Huey P. Newton Story" into a Peabody Award winning telefilm directed by Spike Lee, a signature tour de force of which the New York times wrote, "Roger Guenveur Smith gets it all, and gets it brilliantly."

Among his other historically-driven solos are "Frederick Douglass Now", "Who Killed Bob Marley?", "In Honor Of Jean-Michell Basquat Iceland", "Juan and John", "The Watts Towers Project", "Twenty Twenty", and "The End Of black History Month". The acclaimed duet "Inside the Creole Mafia" is a "not too dark comedy" performed with Mark Broyard.

Mr. Smith also collaborates frequently with the composer / videographer Marc Anthony Thompson, who joined him onstage for "Christopher Columbus", "1992", "Two Fires", and scored "Rodney King". Their latest collaboration, "Five Hundred Lives Per Mile", is inspired by the construction of the Panama Canal, and its human costs.

Among the many institutions which have presented his work are the Public Theater, the Walker Art Center, the Barbjcan Centre, Kaiitheater, and the Calabash International Literary Festival, Jamaica.

Please put your initial questions and comments here in the blog that you would like for us to discuss on the show.  Ferguson, MO? NFL & Basketball? Police Brutality? 

Really looking forward to this exchange with Roger and I hope you will too.


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I'm Charles Shaughnessy and Here's A Thought for 9.11.2014 with my guest David Shaughnessy

It was a great show today with my brother David Shaughnessy as my guest.  Here is the show in it's entirety in case you missed it! Just click on the cartoon of David drawn by Janne Nordvang!

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David Shaughnessy is my guest on Here's A Thought with Charles Shaughnessy on Thursday, 11 Sept, 2014

It's YANKS vs BRITS with The Shaughnessy Brothers! drawing by Janne

I'm pleased to have my brother David Shaughnessy as my guest on this week's show.  We are going to be discussing the differences between the UK and America!  

If you have questions for us, tweet them to @C_Shaughnessy with hashtag #heresathought and we will try to get to as many as we can during the show.

David was born in London, England and attended Eton College and the Central School of Speech & Drama. David has an extensive background in British Theater, both as a director and performer, where his credits include seven years playing principle roles with the famous “Old Vic Theatre Company.”  Arriving in the United States in 1986, he continued to act and direct theater while being trained as a television director at NBC.  This led to a busy and successful career behind the camera.

David was the Executive Producer and Director of the #1 rated Daytime Drama, “The Young & The Restless.”  He was with the show from 1991-2003, starting as the Producer and working his way through Supervising Producer to Executive Producer in 2000. While with the “Young & Restless,” he won two Emmy Awards for “Best Daytime Drama,” in 1991 and 2003.   

David has had extensive experience directing and producing many television shows including, “Trial by Jury,” with Raymond Burr, “Tribes” for Fox, “Days of Our Lives,” for NBC, “Santa Barbara,” also for NBC and “The Bold & The Beautiful,” for CBS.   

At the present time David is a freelance director on “The Bold & The Beautiful” and is a very busy voice actor.   He has loaned his voice to a myriad of cartoons, video games, films and promos.  He also guest directs and teaches acting for camera classes at Harvard-Westlake High School. 

David is the son of Alfred Shaughnessy, who served as Head Writer on the acclaimed series “Upstairs, Downstairs.”     He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, writer Anne Schoettle, and has three daughters, Amy, Katie and Josie.

You can follow David on Twitter @DavidBiz0303

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I'm Charles Shaughnessy & Here's A thought for September 4, 2014 with Lilly Melgar & Martha Madison

Today we discussed a range of topics from Disrupt Economy to Crowd Funding to Uber to Air B&B to naked photos to the 'Cloud' to Connecting with each other!
Lilly, Charlie & Martha!

My guests were the fun, energetic, outspoken & always authentic Lilly Melgar and Martha Madison from Soap Box on TradioV

If you missed this show LIVE, you will not want to miss it on the video archives.  Work should always be this much fun!
Watch the show in it's entirety here:

Leave your comments and questions in the comments section below!  

Thanks for watching Here's A Thought on TradioV.com! And check out my blog on my musical guests Strange Native!


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