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Charles Shaughnessy & David Shaughnessy: Web Visionaries!

Charles Shaughnessy and David Shaughnessy:  Web Visionaries!  "With megawatt careers in the entertainment world on their CV's, these brothers are now about to revolutionize your online shopping experience."
Check out this great Interviewby Gary Goldman with Photography by Shannon Schnittker onThe Daily Brink where they discuss their revolutionary new business where you 'click and buy' or 'click and learn' when watching videos on the Internet.

Be sure and watch videos showing this great new technology in their online lifestyle fashion show called "2 Chix Who Love Stuff" at StyleMouse

Charles Shaughnessy starring in Monty Python's SPAMALOT with Rachel York at the Ogunquit Playhouse!

Charles Shaughnessy starring at the Ogunquit Playhouse as King Arthur in Monty Python's Spamalot!
Video Preview of the Cast of Spamalot starring Charles Shaughnessy and Rachel York! See what the critics are raving about!

More thoughtful photos for Only Connect!

Connections between friends are some of the most important...thanks, Karen, for this lovely photo.
I am glad I could be a bit of a "connector" in this case!

I've heard of "dog eat dog", but THIS is ridiculous!! Love it! Thanks, Eileen, for both these treasures.

 Keep 'em are all so imaginative and talented.

Just remember, my friends, Only Connect!
Charles Shaughnessy



We have ‘stuff’ from DAYS OF OUR LIVES, THE NANNY, URINETOWN, STANLEY and many other shows and projects that Charlie has been involved in through the years.  You will also win personally dedicated photos from Charlie.

This contest will continue through the end of the summer (August 31, 2010) We will pick several winners, not just one like we have in the past. We will make it very fair as to how we choose the winners regardless of how many times you enter, even if it is once.

The more different people we have entering, the more stuff we will give away, so that decision will be made at the end of the contest.

We think we have made it as easy as possible to enter and given you many ways and places to enter. WE WILL BE PICKING WINNERS FROM EACH SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE MENTIONED BELOW and tell you how to enter in each one and …

Charles Shaughnessy Only Connect! Blog, New Photos!

Here are two more wonderful photos in our ongoing series.

Whatever one may think about the politics of any war or struggle, one can only stand silently, in awe and gratitude, before the sacrifices of the men and women we send to fight them.
Thank you to SA Amy Adcock for this important reminder.

....and, to brighten the mood.... this delightful piece of whimsy from Lauren Bendik.

Remember my friends, Only Connect!

Charles Shaughnessy

There you go again!

Is anyone surprised that the Republicans ( and, yes, ONE democrat,) are blocking debate on the Finance Reform Bill ? I guess some of you will point to Sen. Ben Nelson to prove that it is bi-partisan opposition. Well, yes, Sen. Ben Nelson, along with all the Republicans, wants to prevent any tightening in the laws governing the sale of "derivatives" (the single most toxic and destructive product in the whole god awful mess!) because Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway Fund is located in his state, and any such regulation might mean Buffet's billionaire clients might have to take a hit. The other two major sticking points for the obstructionists?....consumer protection and the government's right to shut down an institution that poses a threat to stability while using a $50b. fund provided by the BANKS (people!) to pay off it's obligations while it is being liquidated.
When is this country going to wake up from this fear and bigotry induced coma, and see who the g…

Make up your mind!

Whilst I feel sympathy and sorrow at the suffering of those states hit by the recent tornadoes, can someone ( preferably a T-Bagger,) explain to me why the State Governor of Mississippi is asking for Federal help? I thought the whole point was that we wanted States to take care of themselves and to keep the Government OUT of our business. Or is that ONLY when the Federal Government is "interfering" in ways that we don't personally approve of?
Remember my friends . . . Only Connect Charles Shaughnessy
Additional comments by Charles Shaughnessy on 25 April, 2010 21:28 and 25 April, 2010 21:32

A fair and reasonable assessment, I think.

I know that I discourage either just posting links or straight cut and paste, but as I make the rules here....I can break them. How's THAT for Democracy?!!
I think this is a fair and reasonable shot at understanding what is making us so steamed at each other.
So Remember, Only Connect, my friends.
Charles Shaughnessy

OK,'s time to Connect again....

A beautiful, and precious connection. Five generations......from Teresa in New Jersey.

And from Lee in Sherman Oaks,CA....

And finally, this extraordinary image from Cindy Erickson...

Thank you all for these beautiful and personal photos. They keep us grounded amidst the sound and fury!
Remember, my friends, despite it all...Only Connect!
Charles Shaughnessy.

Fasten your seat belts or get off the ride.

It is a frightening world out there. And the Conservatives are more scared than anyone. That is understandable. It is a world that is changing profoundly and rapidly every few seconds it seems. Conservatives don't like change: it is in their DNA. Why do you think they are called "conservatives?"
Communication and global networking on the web now means that every lonely, bitter and angry nut can find solace and company with fellow "outsiders" to make mischief. The recipes for nuclear bombs are easy to find on the web. Terrorists of every shape and size can plan, plot and gather across borders and across politics.
Globalization ties our planet together in unforeseen ways. A few diabolically ingenious bankers concoct a plan to sell off worthless bundles of bad debt around the globe, while "betting" against the very products they sell, and the whole world is plunged into a crisis that all but carries us all over a cliff.
Whether man made or not, the planet i…

2012 Apocalypse or New Beginning?

As you all know, the year 2012 has been imbued with special significance across all manner of calendar. The most famous harbinger of Apocalypse is the ancient Mayan Calendar, that speaks of a kind of Biblical "end of Days." There is, however, another interpretation of this prophesy which speaks to an end of one cycle and the beginning of a new one in human history. The Kabbalah also seems to describe a similar "transition," more specifically, from the materialistic side of human nature to the more spiritual. Certain events and trends are suggesting to me that this is a distinctly credible hypothesis and apparently well "on track." In keeping with my personal mantra," Only Connect," I have been drawing threads between a number of synchronous happenstances.
Ironically, I think the transition from material to spiritual is apparent in the collapse of religion as a global institution. Institutionalized religions like the Christian, Islamic or Jewish f…

Abusive Democrats.

Some of you are getting very exercised by this idea that I don't think Democrats could ever be as vitriolic as Republicans! I am not THAT naieve ( though I do think the Dems could do with a bit more vim and vigor sometimes!) My point is, and has always been, that the threatening and violent language aimed at our President by a free- speaking people has never been taken up, encouraged and even echoed by elected representatives of the Democrat party to the extent that the Republican Party is taking up this dangerous rhetoric in it's official capacity. I have referred to Palin, Steele, Boehner etc. specifically. There is a world of difference between an angry mob outside the palace walls, and the same kind of treasonous mutterings on the inside. We all remember how, during the Bush presidency, any congressman or senator who argued against Bush's " My way or the Highway" decisions was branded as un-patriotic and seditious, because we were "at war." Well, as…

Frank: tell it like it is!

Boy, this has stirred up a hornet's nest!! I am delighted so many of you have jumped into the fray on this extraordinarily important subject: I do not believe we are talking about anything short of the future well-being of our country.
To see the roots of what is going on now I believe one must go back to the Great Depression. A socially Darwinistic approach to society had left our major institutions unregulated, half our population disastrously vulnerable to the other, predatory half and a country on the brink of a full-blown civil uprising. FDR, the bane of modern neo-cons, instituted a sweeping program of social reform that spent billions of work programs, social safety nets and a reining-in of Wall Street. This drew a line in the sand between two fundamentally opposed American Ideals. On the one hand was the notion that America was a home to the poor, the oppressed and the huddled masses. That our borders offered a benign and helping hand to those who wanted a better life. Inh…

Kristallnacht 2010.

Sarah Palin identifies pro-health democrats with sniper cross-hairs over their locations. Republican Tancredo calls for a return to "literacy tests" as a voting requisite because we have a black President. Republican gangs spit on and abuse pro-health democrats in public and throw bricks through their windows: scenes of mob violence that recalls the same "brownshirt" behavior of the gangs of young Republicans who flew down to Dade county in 2000 to intimidate election officials there. Other anti-health Republicans encourage this behavior as " Patriotic." A deafening silence on the part of the RNC to distance themselves from any and all of these inflamatory rabble-rousers. A tacit endorsement by the Republican party of mob rule, violence, racism, hate-mongering and pure invention ( death panels, Obama as muslim, the "reconquista " conspiracy,) in the clear pursuit of the overthrow of a democratically elected administration. Now, before anyone say…

A respite from the War....lest we lose touch.

Two more glorious photos that keep us connected....

Thank you Brenda from the Netherlands...

...and from my dear friend, Eileen from New Zealand...

Just remember, my friends, despite it all....Only Connect!
Charles Shaughnessy.

An Historic victory for the American people, but the fat cats are circling.....

..They lied to you about "the New Deal," they lied to you about Social Security, they lied to you about Medicare and Medicaid, they lied to you about Iraq, they lied to you about the Patriot Act, they lied to you about Wall Street, and they are going to continue lying about this Historic Health Care Bill. They will continue to do what they have always done, which is to replace reason, compassion and common sense with ignorance, fear and hate.
The powers of truth, justice and humanity have struck these diabolical, self-interested fanatics a body blow, but they are only no means OUT! They will continue to throw racist taunts and treasonous threats about like poisonous confetti and they will continue to do everything in their power to disrupt, derail, destroy and deny justice to the American people.
Even when the bi-partisan Congressional Budget Office finds that this bill will lower the deficit by trillions of dollars over the next twenty years, they stand there braz…

Two more photos in the Charles Shaughnessy Only Connect! photo contest!

Here is a very special picture from my friend Liane.

...and this beautiful image of where earth and sky connect from Cocoa Laney

Thanks to both of you for sharing these with us all.

...and remember, my friends, Only Connect.
Charles Shaughnessy

Yes, it's true......

Shane is riding back into Dodge, uh, I mean Salem! I start taping a ten show "arc" as Shane Donovan on DOOL next week. I don't have any details, but I gather it will start to air in May. I am very excited to see some of my old mates and pick up where I last left off. I think part of the story is to pay our respects to Alice Horton, which will be a nice opportunity to pay my respects to the wonderful Frances Reid: not only a fine actress, but a feisty and fun brother/sister in arms. Like me, Frances could not resist a good and noble fight. She was certainly "one of the good guys" and will be sorely missed.
What with this and a couple of indie movies that I am shooting this month, plus a return to Jeopardy in April, it is getting to be a busy month - thank goodness. Now, all we need is for these darn Republicans to give up trying to derail and obstruct every effort to get this country back on the right road, and I'll be a happy camper! ( Didn't…

Some more great photos in our Only Connect contest.

Even turtles have to connect sometimes....
Thank you Linda Clark from PA.


Thank you Liz from Albany, NY.

Keep 'em coming and remember, my friends...Only Connect!
Best, Charles Shaughnessy.

1984 or 2010?

With a view to our upcoming discussion of "1984," I found these latest attempts at Ingsoc's handling of history pretty frightening. The first is Radovan Karadzic denying that there ever was such thing as the siege of Sarajevo or the massacre at Srebrenica: as reported in the NYT.
The siege of Sarajevo, where more than 10,000 people died in 44 months, was not a siege by Bosnian Serb forces, he said. Instead, Sarajevo was a city divided by fighting, he contended, where Muslims killed other Muslims and “planted bodies of dead soldiers” around the city to put the blame on the Serbs.
Then here is Ahmadinejad casting doubt on 9/11 after denying there had been any kind of Holocaust in WWII.

“The September 11 incident was a big fabrication as a pretext for the campaign against terrorism and a prelude for staging an invasion against Afghanistan.”

Add to that our own Giuliani boldly stating that there had been no terrorist attack on America during Bush's Presidency, Palin's as…

Ephemeral Book Club!

Whether you read it in school or not, here is your assignment. Read ( or re-read,) "1984" by George Orwell. We will have a discussion here: like a real Book Club. With the increasingly fragile state of "thruthiness" in our culture, and the wholesale surrender of common sense to blow-hard sloganeering, the prophetic core of Orwell's work is becoming seriously disturbing.

remember, my friends
Only Connect

Charles Shaughnessy

Connections come in all sizes....

This from Deidre in Kansas

....and at all ages!
Hope you enjoy these as much as I do.
More great submissions in our Only Connect photo contest.
from Jacqueline in Rhode Island.

..and remember, my friends: Only Connect
Charles Shaughnessy

Charles Shaughnessy My new business StyleMouse

My new business, StyleMouse is a "Go!"
Fashion, Style, Shopping It's simple and it's fun when you go shopping with the Mouse...the StyleMouse that is! Just point and click on anything you see. Click again on the thumbnail and get info or make a purchase right there and then! Navigate back to the video via the tabs.This makes watching video a lot more fun! Check it out and let me know what you think.

Follow Us on Twitter:
..and, of course, remember my friends: Only Connect!
Charles Shaughnessy

Another Charles Shaughnessy Only Connect photo!

I love this pic. from Diane from Sydney, Australia. In case you can't make it out, the two brothers are pulling a Christmas cracker.
Thanks everyone
and remember, my friends, Only Connect!
Charles Shaughnessy

Another Only Connect photo for the Charles Shaughnessy Blog!

Thank you Jeff in West Virginia for this everyday image of connection. Just being human with each other can sometimes be the most difficult connection of all.
Remember my friends, Only Connect!
Charles Shaughnessy

Play poker with Charles Shaughnessy to raise money for the 1736 Family Crisis Center!

Thank you for all your kind words about my Jeopardy win! It was all a bit of a blur. It's one thing to sit smugly at home, yelling at those idiots on the TV, who don't know nuthin', quite another to actually BE one of those idiots! The pressure is intense and the simplest things just fly out of your head. Of course David knew Colonel Sanders, it's just once your mind starts going down one track up there, it is impossible to say " Whoa!" that's a blind alley, let's try something else. Anyway, I am so glad I pulled it off for 1736. They are an amazing bunch of people who do wonderful things for so many desperate people. I have visited one of the shelters a few times now ( in fact we watched the show together there,) and I was most pleasantly surprised at how happy the kids are despite their recent trauma. That's because they are so well taken care of. I asked one what her favorite thing about being at 1736 was: she said, being able to close my eyes …

Another year over....

To all of you who wished me a Happy Birthday...Thank you! I really felt a bit like Jimmy Stewart at the end of "It's a Wonderful Life!"All I was missing were ZuZu's petals! It was a very warm and fuzzy feeling having so many nice thoughts sent to me by so many nice people.
This is going to be an exciting week as I make my Celebrity Jeopardy appearance on Thurs. 18th. Feb. I play against David Duchovny and Chris Matthews and I can promise you a tense and exciting game that goes all the way down to the wire! I'm afraid it is only available in the US, but, who knows, these things have a habit of popping up on the web sooner or later.

We are also getting close to launching our new online video business: StyleMouse

We hope to launch it onto the unsuspecting public on Friday March 5th. You will be able to watch and "click on" our first interactive videos. We start off with a series on the vibrant and exciting shopping mecca , Abbot Ki…

Welcome to my Charles Shaughnessy Blog at Blogspot. Glad you found me.

Hi  y'all, glad you found me! I have decided to open a Blog here for a number of reasons.With the growth of the internet, and the success of my blog, I wanted to make it more accessible to more people, so I changed to Blogspot. MySpace is very limited and with Blogspot, it opens the blog up to the entire Internet for an even broader range of discussion. Even though you have to have a proper registered user account  in order to comment on the blogs, you do not have to join a social networking site that you may not want to.

You can log into Blogspot with any of your present accounts with Google, Twitter, Yahoo, AIM, Netlog & OpenID.  Please follow my blog by clicking on the "FOLLOW with Google Friend Connect Link" on the blog to be notified when a new blog has been posted.  There will be a delay in seeing your comments posted, just like on MySpace, as I have comment approval to cut down on spam.  Same rules apply here as did on the previous blog:

Please practice proper…

Supreme Court rolls back Democracy

I don't think I can put it any better than this open letter my brother wrote to our activist, Conservative Supreme Court........

Chief Justice Roberts

In light of the recent ruling with regards to Campaign Financing,  and as an extremely concerned American Citizen, I would respectfully like to have the following presented to the Court for consideration.

It is clear that this activist ruling has abandoned all hope of a fair impartial Court and has rather split it into a Partisan battlefield.  This is a disservice to the people of the United States of America and the democratic process we all hold so dear.

I would ask the following of the majority:

Does a Corporation receive an election ballot?  Is a Corporation on the voter registration? Can a Corporation be called for Jury Duty?

How then, can we consider a Corporation to be an INDIVIDUAL with freedom of Speech relating to electioneering and political INFLUENCE?   Indeed, a Corporation is guilty of massive SUPRESSION of speech!  It…

Corruption is protected by The Constitution

If a Governor accepts money to look favorably on a supplicant's plea for sympathetic legislation, it is called corruption and a jail sentence is imposed. If a U.S. Senator accepts money to look favorably on a supplicant's plea for sympathetic legislation it is called a constitutionally protected right of free speech and the champagne is popped. First Massachusetts, and now this. These Republicans will not rest until we declare this the United States of Shame.

Only connect, my friends!  Cheers,  Charles Shaughnessy

And the lights all went out in MA

Well, I'm singing Bee Gees tonight. What were you THINKING Massachusetts? I guess you don't want affordable Health care or consumer protection or a regulated Wall Street or a recovering economy or a safer planet or a cleaner planet or a fairer planet. What were you THINKING?!! You all seemed pretty nice, smart people the other weekend. You seemed to appreciate the Kennedy legacy of service and compassion for those less able to fend for themselves. You seem to honor substance and experience over instant-soup variety style and glamor. You never struck me as the kind of folk who would be fooled by malicious and partisan sound-bites. I can't believe YOU were ever taken in by those traiterous "Swift Boat" liars and scamps. So....what were you THINKING?????

Only connect, my friends!  Cheers,  Charles Shaughnessy