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Welcome to my Charles Shaughnessy Blog at Blogspot. Glad you found me.

Hi  y'all, glad you found me! I have decided to open a Blog here for a number of reasons.With the growth of the internet, and the success of my blog, I wanted to make it more accessible to more people, so I changed to Blogspot. MySpace is very limited and with Blogspot, it opens the blog up to the entire Internet for an even broader range of discussion. Even though you have to have a proper registered user account  in order to comment on the blogs, you do not have to join a social networking site that you may not want to.

You can log into Blogspot with any of your present accounts with Google, Twitter, Yahoo, AIM, Netlog & OpenID.  Please follow my blog by clicking on the "FOLLOW with Google Friend Connect Link" on the blog to be notified when a new blog has been posted.  There will be a delay in seeing your comments posted, just like on MySpace, as I have comment approval to cut down on spam.  Same rules apply here as did on the previous blog:

Please practice proper 'netiquette' and DO NOT USE ALL CAPITAL LETTERS for your entire post as that implies that you are shouting at everyone.

REMEMBER - These are YOUR thoughts. Please do not send a bunch of quotes of other people in your blog replies. I am very interested in what YOU think and have to say. Don't send articles written by someone else. We aren't going to put those up.  Again, we can't emphasize enough - These are YOUR thoughts and words. Please don't put a bunch of someone else's in your replies, a quote now and then is ok if you keep them to a minimum.

Please be respectful of each other. Make sure you have said what you really want to say before you hit that 'Send" button! I cannot edit your replies and wouldn't even if I could.

So....I hope you continue to enjoy this ongoing conversation, and I'll see you around the Blogspot neighborhood!!

Only connect, my friends! 
Charles Shaughnessy


  1. Please keep announcing new blogs on Facebook. I do enjoy reading them (and disagreeing with them occasionally); it's a nice change of pace from the usual stuff I read while grading papers.

  2. Well, until recently, I had never heard of you. I didn't get into The Nanny when it aired and only knew of the show because my then very young daughter watched it and Golden Girls with her now deceased great-grandmother. It's funny how searching different topics on the internet can lead you to totally unrelated links that are somehow connected out in cyberspace! That is how I came across your name.... through a search. The connection came because my daughter knows your name and educated me. I've read some of your blogs and the topics you feel passion enough about to post and that is why I am here. I am a retired professional (No.... I'm NOT that old... lol)! A dear friend of mine once told me that "Your children will never remember what you did for a living or how much money you made, but they will never forget how you made them feel when you missed their recital, baseball game... or their life". Just after 9/11, I retired to take a major role in the development of my now teenage children and it was the best career choice I ever made. I look forward to some exciting blogs and potentially new friendships! I'm a people person so I'm here to meet "people"... not status'!!

  3. Thanks. I did subscribe to Networked Blogs; I guess I'll find out if it really works (in someways, I can be a bit of a technological klutz--but at least I'm not a Luddite).

  4. ok, it's done!
    What i think about this change: well, the white text on black background hurts my eyes! :-( but all changes are good...

  5. Charlie, thanks for the update. So far so good.

  6. I love the background...and my eyes too *_*

  7. Do appreciate the black type on white--easier on the eyes!!

  8. I like your new space here. Looking forward to all your future blogs.
    Hopefully they'll be the occasional non-political one and I can take part a bit more :)

  9. Well Charlie, I finally got connected. I didn't have to join blogspot at all but access through my yahoo email. I really enjoy participating in your blog on My Space, and I wish you wouldn't remove it. A couple of friends are the reason that I keep My Space. I also have Facebook. I just hope I don't forgot how to access this site and won't be able to communicate.

  10. Hi Charlie, I'm glad I was able to figure all this out. I like reading your blogs, it's great that you say what you feel about stuff, such as, President Obama, and the Democrats and Republicans. You have changed my view on politics, which is good. Just by reading your posts about this legistation has peaked my interest about politics.

  11. Glad to see you expanded the blog. I'm a big fan!


  12. I love your show The Nanny and glad it's back on nick at nite! On a side note, 'hi y'all' does not sound like you. Did you pick that up in the south?
    What are your kids names?

  13. Hi. Since joining your blog, I have been trying to play "catch up" so please forgive me if this has been asked and answered already but ... why haven't you run for office?? With your passion of politics, your views on what is important to the American people, let your voice be heard where you could potentially influence!?! As a citizen of the US, you can take office up to Presidency correct? Again, please forgive the redundancy if you've addressed this before. If you have and do not want to reiterate, then just direct me to the blog that addresses it and I won't bother you on this topic again. Thx!

  14. Hi Charlie I hope this time I "connected"
    looking forward to a nice juicy blog LOL

  15. Hey and welcome to blogspot. I've blogged here for 4 four years now. Even though I am not as active as I used to be, I will definitely read your blog, as I did follow you on MySpace. I really enjoy reading your posts, and although I don't always reply I do read it with huge interest. You show so much passion for the world and the country you live in, and that's inspiring! The fact that I am Norwegian and live in Norway, makes me feel a little inadequate in questions regarding internal politics in the US. As for the international side of the US politics; even though I do know a lot about it, and have strong opinions about it, it somehow feels "wrong" to give my opinions when I don't live in USA. Do you know what I mean!?

    Anyway; good luck with this blog!

    Monsoon :-)

  16. Hey Monsoon, I'm an insider and I think an outside perspective couldn't hurt! Know what I mean? ;-)

  17. Happy Birthday this Sunday!

  18. I'm so happy that you have decided to let us talk with you, it's a great opportunity to relate with others and to be able to see them as a real person not just a movie star or soap star. It'd be great if more would follow your lead. It will be fun to get to know you better and learn from you and your views on things. Now that I've said that, I do have to admit I loved you on "Days of our Lives" I wish you were still a part of it, maybe sometime they'll bring you back now that there is more of a role being played out with the FBI again! That would be awesome. Hope to see you soon in more roles on TV, caught the CSI episode, just wasn't enough exposure for your part. Maybe another series? You're a great actor and I love your accent, always have had a liking for a British accent, doesn't hurt that your good looks help either. LOL! Love to hear more about you, by the way an early "Happy Birthday" to you, my daughter-in-laws happens to be the same day so it will be easy to remember. Special thoughts and happy days now and in the future to come.

    An adoring fan,
    Dorene Valerio
    USA. Upstate, NY.

  19. Good job on starting you're blogs on Blogspot. It's really fun buddy. check my blogs out when you have time.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Hi everyone! Dang! Had some trouble getting here. If not for the facebook fanpage would have taken me even longer. Guess a lesson that am not all that computer wise as of yet. Happy New year!

  22. Connected! I think, Hope this works. Now let's blog!

  23. dear charles,

    welcome to the bloggerworld. I`m sure I´m going to enjoy this blog as much as your facebook page.

    love anja

  24. I don't want to offend anyone but am I the only one to think that this blog seems less user-friendly and less practical than Myspace?

  25. I left a comment several days ago and it was never posted. I'm not sure if this site is still being used because there hasn't been any activity in quite some time. I think it will be a viable tool, but wonder how frequently it will be utilized!


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