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Another Charles Shaughnessy Only Connect photo!

I love this pic. from Diane from Sydney, Australia. In case you can't make it out, the two brothers are pulling a Christmas cracker.
Thanks everyone
and remember, my friends, Only Connect!
Charles Shaughnessy


  1. Oh, that is so precious! What a special moment.

  2. That is a wonderful picture! :-)

  3. It's a cool picture and it's such a sweet moment.

  4. Thank you Diane. A ship and a lighthouse indeed: but which is which, who shines the light for whom? A beautiful poem in a single photo.

  5. There is such joy in this shot. Just lovely Diane!

  6. This makes me feel good inside. Siblings close together. Sharing a moment that can last a lifetime....Priceless It reminds me of traditions. I love a party cracker. And with my daughter of 15 in the house, I have been known to wear my crown for days, just to keep her in line and remind her whom is queen of the castle.

  7. I love this picture. A priceless memory in the making. It reminds me of traditions...which I love to pass down. I am kind of old school. Did I put I and old in the same sentence....ewwww. But anyway I love party crackers. I have been known to wear my crown for several days though. With myself and my 15 year old daughter in the house I need to keep her in line and let her know whom is queen of the castle. Somewhere along the line she lost sight and thinks I am the chauffer and the maid.LOL Great Picture!

  8. This is a great picture. A priceless one at that with memories to last forever. It reminds me of tradition. I guess I am a bit old school. Did I just put me and old in the same sentence...ewwww. I love party crackers. I have to been known to wear my crown for several days. Witha 15 year old daughter in the house, I need to keep her reminded of whom is queen of the castle. She has mistaken me for the chauffer or the maid. LOl Great Picrure.

  9. Thank you for sharing this wonderful touching moment...what an amazing opportunity to catch this beautiful connection.

    Wishing you well!

  10. Love these photos. This one hit me right in the heart.

  11. :) Those are MY cousins <3
    Love Cassie. xox


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