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Play poker with Charles Shaughnessy to raise money for the 1736 Family Crisis Center!

Thank you for all your kind words about my Jeopardy win! It was all a bit of a blur. It's one thing to sit smugly at home, yelling at those idiots on the TV, who don't know nuthin', quite another to actually BE one of those idiots! The pressure is intense and the simplest things just fly out of your head. Of course David knew Colonel Sanders, it's just once your mind starts going down one track up there, it is impossible to say " Whoa!" that's a blind alley, let's try something else. Anyway, I am so glad I pulled it off for 1736. They are an amazing bunch of people who do wonderful things for so many desperate people. I have visited one of the shelters a few times now ( in fact we watched the show together there,) and I was most pleasantly surprised at how happy the kids are despite their recent trauma. That's because they are so well taken care of. I asked one what her favorite thing about being at 1736 was: she said, being able to close my eyes at night without being scared of being hurt.

Please check them out at this link and, if you are in town and available on April 3rd. ( and fancy yourself a bit of a card-sharp) come play some poker to raise funds for such a worthy cause.

Just remember my friends, ONLY CONNECT!
Charles Shaughnessy.


  1. Congratulations again on your Jeopardy win! While I have not had the pleasure (or trauma) of being a game show participant, I do empathize with anyone who has the guts to go on national television and do it (although sometimes it is fun to yell at the television). I get enough "brain lock" moments while teaching my classes and cannot even fathom doing it in front of millions of people (it was bad enough in front of friends and family when I was involved with College Bowl).

  2. Congrats once again for your victory on Jeopardy. It's not just knowing the answer, it's getting the buzzer right and then being the first one in on top of that! I'd definitely need a "potent potable" after that.
    How fun it must have been to watch the game with the 1736 residents!! I assume they didn't know that you'd won until the show aired? I'd bet you are quite the big hero there right now. I am so impressed with their Project Halo true, a healthy father-daughter relationship is such a big factor in breaking the cycle and preventing abuse. Daddy is *supposed to* teach his daughters how a woman should be treated, and not to accept less. As a survivor, there is so much damage done to young girls with a dysfunctional dad. So many turn to promiscuity in an attempt to get someone to love them, enter into abusive relationships themselves because it's what they expect from relationships, or thirdly(c'est moi) become over-achieving people pleasers. One of the worst "stinkin' thinkin' lies" these daughters learn is "Peace at any price". My heart just breaks for these young women.
    Please keep us posted on your activities with the center, and again, God bless you for your dedication. Economic stress exacerbates domestic abuse, so they'll need MORE help as this crisis continues.

  3. I think winning anything under studio conditions is so impressive - well done!!
    Shame it's not an online poker tournament, I'd love to play. I have nothing but respect for people who give their time/money or both to help those that really need it. We have to help each other because at the end of the day, we're all we have. This sounds like a wonderful Center and I hope this and any future fund-raisers are successful for them. Acts like this make me very proud to be a fan.

  4. "...being able to close my eyes at night without being scared of being hurt." That broke my heart to read that. Your commitment to this organization is one of the reasons I'm proud to say I "know" you.
    Having lived through a 20 year verbally (3 times physically)abusive marriage, you genuinely lose track of who you are.
    Congrats on your win. You should be very proud of yourself. I mean the win was great, but what you are doing for these people goes beyond words.

  5. Thank you for your comments and support. Seriously though, for anyone who is in or knows anyone in S. California who would like to play some poker on April 3rd. with Annie Duke and me, please go to the website and sign up. I think we'll have a blast!

  6. Seriously though, my butt would be there in a second giving you a run for your money if I actually had money to get there. Sucks to be a grownup with responsibilities. LOL

  7. Just in case there isn't a blog for the Celebrity Jeopardy! semi-finals (if there is, I will repost this comment there):

    @Charlie: Great job in the semi-finals, even though you didn't win. I'm sure 1736 Family Crisis Center really appreciates the money you have won for them. From the comfort of my home, it sure looked like you were having lots of trouble with the buzzer--you knew the answers, but you probably knew them too soon and it locked you out (because I'm certain you could have answered the "Upstairs, Downstairs" question--and it was obvious you were struggling with the buzzer on several others). And it looks like you mind did wander off into a blind alley on Final Jeopardy--how else could Maxwell Sheffield not know a Broadway show (especially one that was in an episode of season 1 of "The Nanny"). Maybe if Stephen Nichols had come back to Days to say goodbye to Alice Horton, it wouldn't have flown out of your head as easily. Anyway, congratulations on your achievement on Celebrity Jeopardy!.

    P.S. A few of us bloggers/fans were chatting on Facebook throughout the game and cheering you on--it appears that we have learned to connect in other ways because of you.

  8. Yes, Karen!!! And we all had fun doing it, right?! Shouting out answers, screaming, "crying", the whole shabang, huh?!! ;)

    You did wonderful, Charlie! So glad to see you raising money for such a wonderful charity as 1736 Family Crisis Center!

  9. Well, since Valerie has confessed to being one of the Facebook chatters, I guess it's safe to spill the beans--JoAnn was the other one. We did indeed have fun doing it--and I think we might have taken your loss harder than you did. I know that I'm still a bit out of sorts--I haven't felt like this since a ground ball rolled through Bill Buckner's legs in 1986 (sorry, I'm a diehard Red Sox fan).

    And, if you're looking for votes for where to blog--I do like Blogspot, but it's already clear that more people--and different people--seem to be participating on MySpace (and I haven't run into the character limit over there that I often encountered here).


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