Two more photos in the Charles Shaughnessy Only Connect! photo contest!

Here is a very special picture from my friend Liane.

...and this beautiful image of where earth and sky connect from Cocoa Laney

Thanks to both of you for sharing these with us all.

...and remember, my friends, Only Connect.
Charles Shaughnessy


  1. Oh my goodness, Charlie! I am absolutely honored that you posted this! :D

  2. Great pictures! Love the one of the earth and sky, but of course I love Liane's pic with the cat! Thanks for continuing to put up such wonderful pictures.

  3. Oh Charlie I am so surprised that my photo impressed you.Thankyou for posting.

  4. Oh Charlie , what a surprise that you chose my photo.Thankyou and Bless you.

  5. As I am not a big cat fan, I thank you for posting two pics.


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