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An Historic victory for the American people, but the fat cats are circling.....

..They lied to you about "the New Deal," they lied to you about Social Security, they lied to you about Medicare and Medicaid, they lied to you about Iraq, they lied to you about the Patriot Act, they lied to you about Wall Street, and they are going to continue lying about this Historic Health Care Bill. They will continue to do what they have always done, which is to replace reason, compassion and common sense with ignorance, fear and hate.

The powers of truth, justice and humanity have struck these diabolical, self-interested fanatics a body blow, but they are only no means OUT! They will continue to throw racist taunts and treasonous threats about like poisonous confetti and they will continue to do everything in their power to disrupt, derail, destroy and deny justice to the American people.

Even when the bi-partisan Congressional Budget Office finds that this bill will lower the deficit by trillions of dollars over the next twenty years, they stand there brazenly denying what is plainly true and yelling that this bill will ADD to the deficit...because they say so!

We must be vigilant and aggressive now. Any attempt to replace the decade of partisanship with a spirit of conciliation and partnership was met with cynical obstructionism and taunting smirks. So be it. We must now keep the momentum going and make our voices loud enough to drown out their hysterical wailing. We must keep the promise of change moving forward so that we can, once again, be proud of this country and the promise its forefathers made to its people. We must make sure that the courage, energy and commitment of these truly historic legislators is rewarded in November with our renewed trust and support.

Tonight we began the slow, but inevitable, march to take this country back from monied special interests and deregulated corporations run amok. We, the people, must stay the course, keep hope alive and make this greatest of Nations proud again.

I heard someone say on a talk show the other night: "Of course this bill is good for saving lives, but it is bad for saving dollars." This is what we have become and we should be ashamed. It is time to hit the restart button on our Founders' promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness FOR ALL!!!

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Charles Shaughnessy


  1. (copied and pasted from MySpace)
    He lied to you about abolishing the Patriot Act(which, btw, was nearly unanimous when it first passed, so your Dems didn't mind then), he lied about stopping the wiretapping, he lied about having no lobbyists in his administration, he lied about bringing in all new faces, he lied about no insurance mandates, he lied about not signing anything with the public option in it, he lied about discount drug prices, and he LIED LIED LIED about having the whole shebang on CSpan(sunlight being the best disinfectant and all) so that we could see who was asking for favors and making shady backroom deals. Are you sensing a theme here? Politicians lie, and they are most interested in keeping their pockets lined with lobby money. On both sides of the aisle.
    I'm angry with the Republicans too(they should have been more forceful with their ideas being heard, should have fought the lie that they "had no ideas", and made an alternative plan for us to consider). But...I just don't see how you all can be so proud and excited about this, after watching the way the bill was crafted. After 2 years of listening to Obama whine about lobby influence and DC corruption, we have watched him make deals, twist arms, blackmail, coerce and bribe HIS OWN PARTY, and now they're gloating "look what we did"??? Yeah, we saw what you did. You had to send in Rahm the Enforcer to intimidate and threaten your fellow Dems to vote for this piece of drek. And Congress has made sure that they don't have to participate in it? How good can it be? Good Lord Charlie, if you produced a movie...and had to bribe your friends, family and fans to watch it but refused to see it yourself....would you SERIOUSLY brag about the box office records?!! You'd be a laughing stock.
    This bill is full of ALL of the things that Dems accuse the Repubs of doing. Backroom deals with corporations, corruption, cronyism, and pork aplenty. If the Republicans had written this EXACT same bill, you'd be here on the blog with your head exploding, complaining about corporate welfare and forcing folks to buy something with no cost controls, when they already can't afford it as is. You'd HATE this bill. But because it's Obama, it's all good. The end justifies the means. Saul Alinsky would be proud.
    The best thing to come out of this, is that the Dems have lost all illusion of "we're for the people and the Republicans are for the corporations". The corporatist cats are out of THAT bag. There is no provision for controlling the cost of premiums(so those with pre-ex conditions will be charged astronomical rates), no provision to protect those of us who are paying through the nose already, and a "loophole" where people can pay a much cheaper fine to be uninsured then buy coverage when they get sick and suck the system dry with their needs...with the money paid by people who did the right thing. The whole mess stinks...and Washington needs an enema.

  2. Exactly. Life. Libery. Pursuit of happiness.

    There's no "health care" in that list.

    Let's just hope the government runs the health care system better than they run the post office, the FDA, FEMA, the VA etc.

  3. My mother said it best, “How can you call yourself the moral majority when you believe your neighbors don’t deserve healthcare coverage?” It’s not a matter of someone being lazy or wanting someone else to pay for their healthcare, it’s the simple fact that insurance companies use deceptive policies to prevent you from getting coverage or if you can get coverage, the prices are unaffordable. If my job didn’t provide insurance, I wouldn’t qualify. I tried to get insurance on my own when I was 22, but was refused due to the fact I have OCD. I tried many companies and wasn’t even offered the option of going with a higher rate or deductible. It’s scary to not have insurance and it’s not fair that people are being denied the right to have it.

    "Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness"- How can you have life without decent healthcare? How can you have liberty when you’re employment options are limited to who can provide insurance? And how can you have the pursuit of happiness when your family and friends are suffering from astronomical medical bills?

  4. There's one big problem with your analysis--the health care bill that was passed last night is the essentially the same bill that was passed by the Senate and includes all sorts of special deals that the DEMOCRATS included to pass the bill. The fact that over 30 Democrats in the House did not support the bill (along with all of the Republicans) indicates that there are still serious problems with health care reform. It is a bill that does not have the support of a majority of the American people, because we know that it has major flaws in how it will be implemented. It is clear that the elections this fall will be a referendum on not just President Obama's first two years in office, but also on the Democrats' ability to govern the country. It would not shock me to see one (if not both) houses of Congress come under the control of the Republicans after the November elections.

    I do not object to health care reform; I fully agree that something needs to be done. I just object to the bill that was passed yesterday. There were other options out there proposed by the Republicans (and by some of the Democrats who voted against the bill), but they were rejected outright by the House leadership. I find it astonishing that people are celebrating the passage of a bill that even the Democrats admit will need serious "tweaking" before it can be fully implemented--and what will happen if the "tweaks" don't get passed and we're stuck with a bill that effectively sells out the U.S. government?

    And, by the way, it would have been more accurate to refer to the Preamble to the Constitution ("promote the general welfare") than to the Declaration of Independence. I doubt that the Founding Fathers envisioned that their rhetoric would be used to support social welfare programs when they were listing grievances against King George III (and, for some, "pursuit of happiness" had nothing to do with governing a nation). I must admit, though, I would have loved to have seen the debate in the Continental Congress if one of the grievances against George III had been "he failed to provide us with universal health care."

  5. The thing about a "right" is that it can't be denied you.

    For example, you have the right to free speech. Nobody can stop you from saying what you please, except for shouting "Fire" in a theatre.

    The question then becomes, is health care a "right"? Health care is not something like air or water. It isn't just "there." Someone has to provide it.

    Now, if you have money, you can "buy" health care. But if you don't, in order for you to exercise your "right" to health care, that means you must force someone to provide it to you.

    When one persons forces another to provide labor, we call that slavery. And that was abolished with the 13th amendment.

  6. I'm trying to recall if the insurance companies and hospitals are wailing or if they ever did in all of this.

    If not...shouldn't they be? I'm not really hearing it.

    Aren't they included in the big bad moneymakers? Shouldn't the bill be pinching them to say "ow"?

  7. JoAnn,
    The word "Extortion" should be added to your list.
    I thought that was illegal..
    Saying, we will not be behind you when you come up for re-election, is extortion.
    Saying, your going to get voted out anyway, so you might as well give us your vote, even if you don't want the bill.
    Saying, once we have the 216, you don't have to cast your vote so your constituents wont know how you would have voted. So you can cover you behind.

    I'm sure I could think of more, but you covered on most of the things. And said them so well.
    No one against this bill was against people having healthcare of pre existing conditions, or being dropped from their insurance because they got cancer, or some other horrible problem.
    But to change the whole system, just to cover those extra needs is an outrage. The poor already have Medicare, and Medicaid. I have a hard time hearing that people are dying from lack of healthcare.
    There should be something in place for those that fall through the cracks. Most would agree to that.
    But to mandate that everyone pay for insurance, and if they don't, they get fined, or possible imprisonment, is an outrage.
    Also, someone can explain to me why the Student loan process is now in the hands of our government. Its total control in my book. And that stinks!
    One more thing, I'd like to know, how we are all going to pay for this, when we are borrowing money from China just to keep afloat?
    I dont believe a word from the administration. They lie!
    Both sides lie. The facts dont lie.

  8. As an Aussie ex-pat living in the USA I honestly don't see what the big fuss is about. I don't think they went nearly far enough actually. But it's a good start.

  9. Is this legislation perfect? Of course not. What bill is when it's passed. It has to be tweaked (and it will be) over time; however, it's a starting point.

    Have those who were (and still are) opposed to the health care bill come up with a viable option? They (GOP, Tea Party movement, etc.) seem to glory in the idea of taking everyone and anyone down because it's counter to what they believe in. They relish the idea that anyone who is not like them must be Anti-American.

    It's been mentioned that there was arm twisting, coercion, etc. to make sure this bill is passed. What about the tactics of the republican party (or other like-minded people) to ensure that it was not passed? Air time purchased on the religious channels, encouraging people to call legislators derogatory names and spit on them. Yes, that's a mature tactic.

    It's funny how republicans claim to be against "big government" yet one of the most disastrous agencies ever created was created under a republican president. You talk about how horribly run FEMA is, along with other government agencies. FEMA was working fine until someone (I believe that person was a republican president) got the brilliant idea of placing an independent agency inside of another agency and completely screwed everything up.

    What about the Bush Administration's cutting deep into budgets of other agencies, pumping their desperately needed funds into Defense, etc. under the guise of it being for America's protection? Agencies that were created to assist the citizens of this nation with help when they need it.

    And as quiet as it's kept, some of those people who complained about the stimulus package, those who loudly decried the its passage are now taking credit and money from it for their state. I believe the same thing will happen with health care. the government isn't forcing anyone to use the new health care system. If you have the means and opportunity to do this on your own, then you should do so.

    For those of you who don't reside here, it's very easy for you to ballyhoo about "Washington needing an enema," yet if you want to change the person representing your state, your interest, and your country, it's up to you to do something about it. The residents of Washington DC have no voice, no choice but to endure the people who invade our city (that goes for protesters as well). When its convenient for people who live outside of DC, the "Nation's capital" belongs to everyone until it's something they don't want to deal with then it become our problem.

  10. I have heard today with joy nigth,your President has finally pushed through the health care reform. It is a very good thing should also enhance the solidarity between them.
    In Germany we have fortunately been decades of health protection.
    Of course this reform will cost much money but the opponents of reform should also apply to the most unlikely of people think no matter what class and race.
    I´m happy for the people, the social justice will finally be realized in America.
    I wish the best of luck, it will be a success.

  11. TgrTrks,

    There were several viable options mentioned. The Democratic party leaders refused to consider any of them.

    When did the US become a country where everyone feel they are entitled to so many things?

    That's not how the founding fathers intended the country to be.

    And where in the Constitution does it say the government can force their citizens to buy certain products and services? If you let them get away with forcing you to buy health insurance what's next? There are lots of things that are "good for you." Should the government force you to buy those, too?

  12. Look, a politians job is, was and always will be to do and say whatever is necessary to be elected. Just look at the world around you, does anyone see an honest politian (if one ever existed?) In Canada, it's the same thing. They shake hands, kiss babies, and have coffee with the locals. Once they're in office they lie, steal, cheat and come up with every excuse unnder the sun NOT to follow through on what they promised. We can argue and debate on this particular subject till we're on our death bed and nothing will ever change. Opposition parties, no matter how much we would like them to, will never agree on all the issues and neither will we. Look how long it took to get water and supples to the victims of Katrina. For God's sake they argued over water!! Our governments got supplies to Haiti faster! Gotta look good to the rest of the world, but we the very people who put them in power matter very little in the long run. Unless, by some miracle, we the little guys, get together and talk, and I do mean talk and change the status quo. Otherwise, until then we gotta suck it up.

  13. Let's see...we're required to buy car insurance...that's about what $100 - $150 a month for a low income let's add to that the required health insurance...just as an individual you're doing good to pay $150 month...for both of those policies it is $350 to $400 a month. Do you realize how much that is to a mid to low income individual or family?

    How much longer are people going to have to wait in the ERs now?

    Yes they will have coverage - but does the insurance cover the whole cost?

    My insurance is a basic coverage - I went to the ER for the flu - The insurance company paid over $2,000 and I ended up paying an additional $700 out of pocket....for the flu ! How are low income people supposed to pay this? It can be said that the costs will come don't hear enough about how. It's more of a 'do this now and in the long run it's going to work out'.

    There has not been enough explanation or reassurance to the mid to low income people how this is going to be handled.

    I would rather donate $50 a month to health care instead of giving it to the insurance companies.

    This is not just about health's about taking away a citizen's right to choose whether they want insurance or not.

    We can't be a true democracy if this kind of major issue is not voted on by every individual...and not by those that are 'bought out' or are 'afraid of losing their seats'...let's get it out of that arena...let the people vote on the issue party free...if only to give the government and history a count of the people's own thoughts.

    That doesn't mean that people that want the health care reform are bad guys either... but let's get the facts for ourselves and not from the talking heads.

    I can tell you this...if we see more people suffering in the waiting rooms because they can't be seen...or if we see people loosing what little income they have to a required purchase of an insurance have to appease the government instead of buying is no kind of mercy for mankind.

  14. TgrTrks...when I said Washington needs an enema, I didn't mean the geographical area or its "civilian" citizens. By "Washington" I meant the politicians.
    As for the Republicans using tactics over the one said they didn't. But, when you spend TWO FREAKIN' YEARS campaigning on overturning the evils of lobbyists, big corporations, Wall Street, pork, bribes..and promise that the whole HC debate will be broadcast in the daylight...then turn around and do the EXACT things you used as a weapon against your opponents??? You are all celebrating today and praising Obama for, well..behaving like a Republican politician. From the word go, he started with the back room deals. I can believe that the politicians acted like jerks and were corrupt..what I can't believe is that you all don't have a problem with it.
    And as for Bush...he was wrong and made many mistakes, but if you look at the voting record, he had bipartisan support for ALL of it. Dems seem to forget that they HELPED Bush do all of the things they hate.

  15. JoAnn,

    Kudos!!! You nailed everything so accurately that I don't have much else to add. And queenleeno 1, I also have a hard time hearing that people are dying from lack of healthcare. May I just add that working in the healthcare profession, I know for a fact (at least in my state)that no one, I repeat, NO ONE may be turned away from the ER dept (insurance or not) even when you have "drug seekers" coming in at 7:30am(30 min before the clinics open) just because of a small headache and needing "something" a little stronger than ibuprofen. Instead, our state tax payers pick up the tab. So I have a really hard time with this bill. As JoAnn said, those of us who are doing the right thing are already paying through the nose for insurance (try paying for a family of six--it's NOT easy)as well as paying medical taxes for the above mentioned but to have to pay even more than we already are is just robbery. Who does Obama think he is, "Robin Hood"? Except the "rich" is the "middle-class" giving to the poor. JoAnn, you're also right about those darn Repubs. They should be out of there along with the Dems b/c as the Bible says "to him who knoweth to do it and doeth it not, to him it is sin". It INFURIATES me that they just sit back and let it all happen, too afraid to make their voices known because they're intimidated by those who are waving around their "big sticks". I have nothing more to add!

    Btw, JoAnn, I just loved that "movie" comparison. So true, so true!

  16. Just had to add a PS...Brenda, you should move to New Jersey. I have a single person policy, no illnesses....$586 per month. We have my son insured at his college in MN for $100/mo(same exact policy), to add him to mine would be $300 more. For the exact same plan. States like ours can NOT have our rates go's just not even possible. And my rates WILL go up, because my policy does not meet the IRS approved "adequate" coverage with mandatory drug rehab included. And it's either this or nothing, I can't even get the plan my 86 yo cancer stricken Senator has, which I pay for.

  17. ZMT, I know what you meant. That's why I made the comment that if you (either you personally or the collective you of your states), as a citizen that has representation don't like who represents you or your interest, there is a way to remove the representative(s) from their office.

    You make the assumption that all democrats are monolithic in thought, which is not the case. However, I maintain that arguments can be made without the hatred and vitriol that spewed from people over the course of the last two years.

    Those "backroom deals" that people are offended did not start with this administration nor the last. Backroom deals and agreements are a way of business in both the House and the Senate; its a protocol by both parties and neither one of them can cry foul.

    Gitel, this air of entitlement is not promoted by middle class or the poor. It's something that is spewed by those who have access to everything and want to keep it for themselves. The principal behind this reformation is that ideal that the basic human need is a moral need.

    There have been plenty of things the republicans have forced down the throat of the American citizen but no one really cares about the cries of those who are not in agreement with them.

  18. Well, the New Deal analogy certainly is appropriate now. Just like a couple of FDR's attempts at reform were shot down by the Supreme Court as unconstitutional because the federal government exceeded its authority, now Attorney Generals in at least 10 states are filing a lawsuit (either jointly or separately) challenging the constitutionality of the new health care bill. They're just waiting for Obama to sign it into law before acting, and it's very likely it will make it to the Supreme Court. Apparently they are contending that it violates the 10th amendment (the one reserving to the states rights not expressly delegated to the national government) in that it forces the states to spend money they don't have (it's a matter of choice, I guess--if you have scarce resources you can either pay for health care or education, but not both).

    By the way, I've seen some of the plans put forth by the Republicans that were shot down--one of them even proposed that the government provide the same health coverage to all Americans that Congressmen have. That, of course, was rejected outright because it might have led to the abolition of Medicare. And the Republicans do have experience in developing a health care program in Massachusetts. It would have been nice to see a bill that addressed the shortage of physicians in rural areas, but apparently there aren't enough voters to make it worthwhile. Meanwhile, those of us in the sticks have to wait 6-8 weeks to see a specialist unless it's a life-threatening emergency, and it probably will only get worse.

    And, in case anyone is wondering, Medicare--supposedly the greatest thing since sliced bread, according to some Democrats-- doesn't even cover everything. If you're on Medicare, you have to purchase a supplemental policy to cover all medical costs (in addition to a separate prescription drug plan). I'm fortunate in that my employer provides health insurance (I do pay premiums, but not nearly as high as JoAnn's), but between the Medicare premium that is automatically deducted from my mother's social security check and the supplemental policy, it costs over $350 per month just for herself--which means that over half of her fixed income goes toward health care. This doesn't include premiums for prescription drug coverage and the cost of medication (some of which are not prescriptions--a couple of her medications now are only available over the counter). Yes, this bill is a start, but couldn't we have started with a better bill?

  19. Tgr Trks, I don't believe that backroom deals and agreements should be a way of business in either the House or the Senate (by EITHER party). It's just plain dishonest and unethical. To consider it a "way" of business is very wrong for any type of business not just the political "business". It seems this country has really lost it's morals. Whatever happened to honesty all around?!

  20. Yeeks JoAnn...a monthly payment over $500 with no illnesses?

    I guess your comfort is that you get to keep your health care coverage...Yeeks!

    I just heard a health care professional say on the news that some people that already have insurance will be able to get much more coverage than they can afford now...but...some people will probably have to pay more...

    "If healthy people drop out of insurance the costs will spiral out of control"...this just said by a democratic representative from Virginia. Okay...wait a if you don't get sick and take care of yourself you need to participate anyway?

    I have a feeling that now that the bill has been passed we are going to start getting a better idea of what it really means.

  21. Amen Charlie!

  22. Before I left the U.S. I had had insurance from my employer which cost me approximately $350 per month. When my employer decided not to provide insurance any more, the only insurance I could have gotten would have been the state (Illinois) health insurance. The premium, for myself only, was over $800. When you add that to my rent, I would not have had enough money left to buy food. (And let's not talk about the deductible.)

    So that is one experience I had with government health care.

    The VA is frequently mentioned as a wonderful system that is run by the U.S. government. Let me tell you what happened to someone I knew. First, in an effort to save money, they stopped sending him his insulin in insulated containers. Instead, they put it in a padded envelope. When insulin sits in a metal mailbox in Alabama in August, it becomes no longer usable. But it saved the government money.

    Then they cut his heart medication in half. Again, it saved the government money. Of course, he was in a lot of pain, but what is pain compared to money?

    He no longer has to deal with government-run health care. He died last year (probably not the fault of the VA).

    But if that is the system that is held up as the exemplar of U.S. government-run health care, I'm glad I'm no longer there.

  23. The health care problem is like a broken pipe that has been leaking everywhere.

    Requiring insurance coverage is like throwing water on the leak.

    We need to fix the cause of the busted me that is fixing why people are so sick and why do they need so many drugs, why is it such a greater need now than it used to be, who are the real vultures.

    To penalize wealthy citizens (which I'm not), healthy citizens, and mid to low-income citizens that do not qualify under the "poverty status" for the problem doesn't seem fair.

    Answer questions like - Do the perks that companies get for using a certain insurance company contribute to the higher rates? Why did some of the major insurance companies do so well in the stock market when the bill was announced?

    Stop penalizing the citizens to help citizens.

    It's like asking the people of Haiti that are poor but didn't lose their homes to be the ones to pay for the earthquake damage.

    How is that the entertainment artists that have a true heart for helping people can organize real aid in a few weeks and our government cannot? They showed the world that citizens do care and will help...IF you have a good way to do it.

    Mandating help in an undemocratic way has shown that there are many citizens that are unsupportive because they want something done that is effective and not filled with governmental red tape.

  24. I am a little late on this,,,but, my comment is short,,,,it is all about greed, money, and control....we, the people, have allowed this to happen,,,,so, what is left to say,,,,maybe, at some point the government will be for "all" people,,


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