A respite from the War....lest we lose touch.

Two more glorious photos that keep us connected....

Thank you Brenda from the Netherlands...

...and from my dear friend, Eileen from New Zealand...

Just remember, my friends, despite it all....Only Connect!
Charles Shaughnessy.


  1. Oh,they're both lovely! It's so sweet when those babies grab on like that..just melts your heart. And Eileen..your photography is beautiful.

  2. Thanks Charlie for choosing a photo from me. And Eileen, great photo.

  3. These are without a doubt beautiful photographs. I agree that everytime your baby touches you the love is so overwhelming everything else in your world seems to disappear, except that connection...it makes it all worthwhile!

  4. Thank you so much for choosing my picture - it was such a nice surprise this morning. Brenda your image is beautiful!

    I love seeing the shots from your supporters around the globe! Thanks for sharing them with us.

    E :)

  5. Enjoy seeing these photos! The child grabbing the pinky is priceless.

  6. Sweet website, I had not noticed charlesshaughnessyblog.blogspot.com earlier in my searches!
    Carry on the superb work!


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