Some more great photos in our Only Connect contest.

Even turtles have to connect sometimes....
Thank you Linda Clark from PA.


Thank you Liz from Albany, NY.

Keep 'em coming and remember, my friends...Only Connect!
Best, Charles Shaughnessy.


  1. This is a very cute picture of two cats looking at each other. You can tell that they are connecting in a way. This is a cool picture to look at.

  2. I love the turtles and cats! Great photos.

  3. More great photos!

    I love the turtle line, and the reflection :)

  4. I love these pictures. I have a black cat myself, so the one with the two black cats is one of my favorites so far. Of course, aside from my husbands PIC you chose earlier. Thanks for reminding us to "Only Connect" to one another.

  5. Oh Liz! I love that picture. I know that they are your "family", they really crawl up into our hearts and take up residence, don't they?

  6. Beautiful... I love.
    Thanks to Linda and Liz for these pictures...And thanks to Charlie for this wonderful idea.

  7. hi great pic would you be able to tell me where i submit a photo.thank you

  8. The turtles and the reflection in the water was fantastic!! Julie, read Charlie's earlier blogs and it will tell you how to submit a photo. It's from February 16th and called Another year over. . . .

    Love your kitty cats Liz!

    Great photos!


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