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Yes, it's true......

Shane is riding back into Dodge, uh, I mean Salem! I start taping a ten show "arc" as Shane Donovan on DOOL next week. I don't have any details, but I gather it will start to air in May. I am very excited to see some of my old mates and pick up where I last left off. I think part of the story is to pay our respects to Alice Horton, which will be a nice opportunity to pay my respects to the wonderful Frances Reid: not only a fine actress, but a feisty and fun brother/sister in arms. Like me, Frances could not resist a good and noble fight. She was certainly "one of the good guys" and will be sorely missed.

What with this and a couple of indie movies that I am shooting this month, plus a return to Jeopardy in April, it is getting to be a busy month - thank goodness. Now, all we need is for these darn Republicans to give up trying to derail and obstruct every effort to get this country back on the right road, and I'll be a happy camper! ( Didn't think I could resist ENTIRELY,did you? ) :-))

Now, remember friends.....Only Connect! Charles Shaughnessy


  1. I am happy as I loved Shane Donovan. I am so glad that they are taking the time to give Frances a wonderful send off as she richly deserves. Can't wait to see you on DOOL. Would love to hear more about the movies. As for the republicans, there certainly is a huge mess with the health care bill on both sides of the isle. I wonder sometimes if I will have health care and a job with the mess that's been made of it all. I am so glad you are working so much, keep it up. I love to see you act!

  2. Charlie, I can't wait to see you back on DOOL. Keep up the good work.

  3. I am happy for you. I don't watch soap operas but apparently the rest of the world does (My friend says you were a real "stud muffin") I did see you on Jeopary and enjoyed it very much (still lookin very good. Amazing how men, like a fine wine, get better with age) I look forward to seeing you again. I'm glad you'll be doing indie movies so I can at least see you in some context. Have you ever been to Canada (Quebec) for work? If you ever do please let us know! It's beautiful up here and there is so much to do. (Honey, I don't think anyone thought you could pass on that little political commentary) I also wanted to thank you for the support you give to the Family Crisis Centre. As a former Social Worker I am very aware of the lack of support and recognition this issue gets. Take care and Iwish you the best in all your endevors.

  4. I am SO excited to see you coming back to DOOL Charlie as the divine Shane Donovan!! What movies are you doing? I agree with you totally that Health Care is a mess and like Liz, wonder if I will have a job and health care as a right and not an opportunity that costs a fortune!

  5. Charlie, I am thrilled you are returning to DOOL. I hope the stint goes beyond the ten show "arc" as you call it. I understand, via Soap Opera Digest and, Patsy Pease is going to show up as well. It would be heaven to use Shane and Kim fans to finally see a happy and permanent reunion between those two characters. Although, we all know, it is all in the writers hands. Congratulations on your return and I am looking forward to seeing you back as Shane.

  6. I'm so excited for you! What a great opportunity and a chance to reunite with old friends. Looking forward to seeing it. KNOW I can't resist replying ;o). You can read David's blog for the long version..but the Republicans are NOT responsible for this HCR mess. The Dems made a circular firing squad and can't get their own team on board without bribes and kickbacks. As Nancy P said after the election "Now we can put through all those programs we've been wanting, and the Republicans can't stop us". Now that they're having trouble, it's "those mean Republicans are stopping us?". Sorry, it doesn't work that way. And the backroom deals were made to appease corporate the Dems.

  7. Congratulations, Charlie. I look forward to hearing more about your acting projects (and to seeing you again on Jeopardy).

    JoAnn, you've got it nailed. The Democrats are pulling out all of the stops to get this program through, and it appears that it's going to happen this weekend. I'm still trying to figure out why they think they need more than 50 votes to get something passed in the Senate, since obviously Biden would support it if it ended up tied (and, if they can't get 50 Democrats to support it without backroom deals, then they have a far more serious problem than Republicans holding them back). There were Democrats in the House who opposed the earlier version of the House bill (of course, one of them has since resigned for other reasons, and his rationale for why he opposed health care legislation keeps changing--just like his reasons for resigning). Perhaps the Democrats should realize that the Republicans (and some Democrats) are not supporting it because it's not fiscally responsible. I don't object to health care--I feel quite fortunate that I have it at a reasonable cost, and I do think that it is something that needs to be reformed, but I would rather have my congressman understand what he is voting on (either for or against) and not be pressured to vote the party line.

    I heard last week that they are trying to piggy-back health care reform with reforming student loans/student financial aid--in other words, if you do not support the health care plan, you obviously think that college students should pay higher interest rates on their student loans. Hopefully it's just a rumor and that it will be a separate piece of legislation that is totally unrelated to HCR, but it would not surprise me if this is the latest way to get public support for Obamacare. Ironically, some of the Democrats are opposed to financial aid reform because of the impact it will have on banks in their state. It will be interesting to see what happens when people go to the polls this spring to vote in the primaries and this fall in the general elections. I do know that the Democrats are going to lose one seat in the House, as the folks across the border from me are definitely not going to vote another Democrat to the House for a while after the last one's antics.

  8. Very exciting news! Looking forward to hearing more about it and your movies...a busy you is a happy us!!

    I hope you have fun with it all :)

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Very excited to watch you in DOOL in the upcoming months. Congrats! As for those "darn" Republics, we've learned from past history that a socialistic Nation just doesn't work so well (perfect examples: Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union) What about those "ridiculous" Democrats using their Chicago-style politics(twisting arms and bribing) trying to push through this healthcare bill. Maybe for ONCE Pres. Obama and the Democrats (and yes, even some Republicans) should listen to and advocate for the American people and their voice.

  11. I was so surprised and happy to hear the news of your return to DAYS. I hope that you and Patsy Pease will at least have a scene together (if not a full-fledged Kim and Shane reunion which is what I would REALLY like to see).

    In response to blogger Linda157, I'll say that I saw you in SLEUTH last year and you're still a "stud muffin", LOL, only getting better with age!

  12. I’m looking forward to seeing Alice Horton’s funeral on you tube. Sorry, but I just can’t watch days any more, it has lost its edge. I started watching as a baby as my babysitter always ironed during days and we’d play in the same room. I continued to watch during school vacation, the pleasure of having older sisters that outnumbered and overpowered older brothers. In the 80s my job schedule allowed me to watch regularly. The “super-couples” of the time were well-written and for the most part well acted, however I must confess I am an anti-fan and always have been.

    I adored Alice’s love of family and her undying support of those she loved. The writers did a wonderful job of putting her in the middle of mischief and Ms. Reid did a fantastic job playing the part. She was the perfect grandmother; making doughnuts one day and helping you break out of jail the next! Though she was sweet, she wouldn’t hesitate to tell you what was on her mind in no uncertain terms. The character and actress will be greatly missed. I’m so glad it was decided not to replace her, I’m not sure many would accept anyone other than Ms. Reid as Alice Horton.

    As for Shane, well…he improved with time. I was a bit prejudice when it came to Englishmen and their behavior at the time; I was engaged to one. Shane was a little soft in the beginning, but toughened up as time went on, which made him easier to get into. I’m not sure if that was your influence or the writers. I was more of a Steve and Kayla anti-fan and even on occasion a Bo and Hope anti-fan especially when Mrs. H was involved.

    I hope you’ve enjoyed your time on set and reconnecting with old cast mates.



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