More thoughtful photos for Only Connect!

Connections between friends are some of the most important...thanks, Karen, for this lovely photo.
I am glad I could be a bit of a "connector" in this case!

I've heard of "dog eat dog", but THIS is ridiculous!! Love it! Thanks, Eileen, for both these treasures.

 Keep 'em are all so imaginative and talented.

Just remember, my friends, Only Connect!
Charles Shaughnessy


  1. not gonna lie, the fish one makes me want to barf lol. i love the rainbow!!!

  2. Actually, Charlie, thanks should go to you, because without you we never would have met. And I guess credit should also be given to the park ranger who was kind enough to take the photo of the two of us before we went on our hike along the Soldier Hut Trail at Morristown National Historical Park. We sure didn't look this nice afterward!

  3. There are quite a few people that I have met because of Charlie and I am so glad. One cannot have enough friends or for that matter personal connections!

  4. Oh my!I would have dressed better!LOL! Thank you so much, Charlie for all of the wonderful friends and "sisters" I have made through you(and most of us will be together for "Spamalot").
    It's always nice to live in a Revolutionary War area, when historians need to travel there for work. For us, George Washington literally "slept here". He probably walked on the grass you see behind us in the photo. Of course, for George it was winter, for us it was 105* and 95% humidity.
    Thank you again for the blessing of these friends.

  5. The rainbow is like a bridge that unites us all.

  6. I love the rainbow one.
    The fish one makes me think of the out of work fishermen here because of the oil.

  7. The world in all it's glory,,,,the sky, so blue and heavenly,,,the colors of the artist palet,,the water and it's life-giving power,,,,man,,,industry,,life,,,,,and all these words just came from my heart,,,,,it is forever in my memory,,,,,thanks so much

  8. I'm so touched that you chose these - thank you!

    And I agree with the others here, friendship is one of the greatest connections there is.

    Eileen :)

  9. @Eileen-Rita: Those are great shots! I wish I had half the talent you have; my photos never come out that nice. I LOVE the photo with the rainbow.

    @JoAnn: Historians also travel for fun...we just like to visit historic sites (and occasionally laugh at the interpretive programs). Just remember--I saw a parade field for drilling troops; you saw a clearing to set up rows of girl scout tents. I probably learned more from that experience than I could ever convey in words (and you know I'm not usually at a loss for words).

  10. I love the rainbow shot! Beautiful!

  11. Beautiful rainbow. I always think of rainbows as a way of heaven saying "Hello".

  12. I have enjoyed each photo that you have posted. Thank you for sharing them with us!

  13. The Rainbow shot is really cool and I really like the quality. To me the rainbow shows us connecting as people. People need to connect, because we can make new friendships. This rainbow shows us how we connect as friends. Thanks for posting these great photos.


  14. I have to say that the image of the fish is rather disturbing.

  15. For me, " Only Connecct " not only a term. I appereciate every friend in the net from around the world and even if you do not personally know.
    Over time , sees itself and is not " just connected " but friends, even if one should not always be of the same opinion or view.
    I my family I am Connected forever.
    We all shave the friendship , lif, love and hope.

    Für mich ist " Nur Verbunden " nicht nur ein Begriff. ich freue mich über jeden Freund im Netz aus aller Welt und auch wenn man sich nicht persönlich kennt.
    Mit der Zeit versteht man sich und ist nicht " nur verbunden " sondern befreundet ,auch wenn man nicht immer der gleichen Meinung oder Ansicht sein sollte.
    Meiner Familie bin ich auf ewig verbunden.
    Uns alle verbindet die Freundschaft, das Leben, die Liebe und die Hoffnung.

  16. JoAnn, you both look great with those beautiful smiles on your faces. So, it doesn't really matter what you are wearing. ;) Karen, it's a good thing you did take the picture before instead of after. lol And, Eileen...once again, what an amazing job in photography! Well done!

  17. I looked at all the wonderful fotos presented,,,and, first,,thanks to charlie for giving his fans the opportunity to share these memories,,I am not gifted with a camera,,,but, pictures are the only memories that stay with us forever,,,,whether physical or mental,,,,so, congratulations to all who have presented us with something to cherish,,,or to remind us of what is really important,,,,or just to love and enjoy...thanks


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