Friday, October 15, 2010

Charles Shaughnessy & David Shaughnessy: Web Visionaries!

Charles Shaughnessy and David Shaughnessy:  Web Visionaries! 
"With megawatt careers in the entertainment world on their CV's, these brothers are now about to revolutionize your online shopping experience."

Check out this great Interview by Gary Goldman with Photography by Shannon Schnittker onThe Daily Brink where they discuss their revolutionary new business where you 'click and buy' or 'click and learn' when watching videos on the Internet.

Be sure and watch videos showing this great new technology in their online lifestyle fashion show called "2 Chix Who Love Stuff" at StyleMouse


  1. This is a fabulous concept - lordy, to see something in action and be able to get it - we are such an instant society these days this is so timely. I love it - can't wait to try it. Just wish it would work on old shows - I have been trying like heck to get the Auntie Em robe Fran D. wore in The Nanny - no luck - but this is the future baby!! You guys go for it.

  2. Well, I was a skeptic(wanting you to be wildly successful but thinking it wasn't "for me")...and darn it, you sucked me in. Two seconds into the demo, and I was online perusing Suzanne Etienne's artwork! Love it!
    Best wishes in this to look at more paintings of country scenes from England and Ireland. ;o)

  3. One of the best concepts for a business and you two have a winner. I have been on StyleMouse and it's very awesome. The StyleMouse page is very awesome and very cool. The Demo videos are great. This is a very exciting concept. Keep up the great work and have an awesome company.

  4. I agree with JoAnn! Although I found the art beautiful, I wasn't "sucked" in to that. Instead, I wanted to go to Lilly's French Cafe and "suck" down some of those crab & avocado tower hors d'oeuvres. Yummy! Congratulations, Dave and Charlie! I definitely think you both have something fun and brilliantly creative here. Best wishes on a successful career.

  5. I definitely want to read a bit more soon. By the way, pretty nice design this blog has, but don’t you think design should be changed every few months?

  6. Well, I said that I would never buy anything online. But, so happy to say, Charlie and David have just changed my mind. Thanks so much for making shopping more convenient and exciting. Good Day.

  7. I like this idea! Good luck guys. Can't wait to try it out.


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