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Showing posts from January 17, 2010

And the lights all went out in MA

Well, I'm singing Bee Gees tonight. What were you THINKING Massachusetts? I guess you don't want affordable Health care or consumer protection or a regulated Wall Street or a recovering economy or a safer planet or a cleaner planet or a fairer planet. What were you THINKING?!! You all seemed pretty nice, smart people the other weekend. You seemed to appreciate the Kennedy legacy of service and compassion for those less able to fend for themselves. You seem to honor substance and experience over instant-soup variety style and glamor. You never struck me as the kind of folk who would be fooled by malicious and partisan sound-bites. I can't believe YOU were ever taken in by those traiterous "Swift Boat" liars and scamps. So....what were you THINKING?????

Only connect, my friends!  Cheers,  Charles Shaughnessy