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Charles Shaughnessy My new business StyleMouse

My new business, StyleMouse is a "Go!"
Fashion, Style, Shopping It's simple and it's fun when you go shopping with the Mouse...the StyleMouse that is! Just point and click on anything you see. Click again on the thumbnail and get info or make a purchase right there and then! Navigate back to the video via the tabs.This makes watching video a lot more fun! Check it out and let me know what you think.

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Charles Shaughnessy

Another Charles Shaughnessy Only Connect photo!

I love this pic. from Diane from Sydney, Australia. In case you can't make it out, the two brothers are pulling a Christmas cracker.
Thanks everyone
and remember, my friends, Only Connect!
Charles Shaughnessy

Another Only Connect photo for the Charles Shaughnessy Blog!

Thank you Jeff in West Virginia for this everyday image of connection. Just being human with each other can sometimes be the most difficult connection of all.
Remember my friends, Only Connect!
Charles Shaughnessy

Play poker with Charles Shaughnessy to raise money for the 1736 Family Crisis Center!

Thank you for all your kind words about my Jeopardy win! It was all a bit of a blur. It's one thing to sit smugly at home, yelling at those idiots on the TV, who don't know nuthin', quite another to actually BE one of those idiots! The pressure is intense and the simplest things just fly out of your head. Of course David knew Colonel Sanders, it's just once your mind starts going down one track up there, it is impossible to say " Whoa!" that's a blind alley, let's try something else. Anyway, I am so glad I pulled it off for 1736. They are an amazing bunch of people who do wonderful things for so many desperate people. I have visited one of the shelters a few times now ( in fact we watched the show together there,) and I was most pleasantly surprised at how happy the kids are despite their recent trauma. That's because they are so well taken care of. I asked one what her favorite thing about being at 1736 was: she said, being able to close my eyes …