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Two more photos in the Charles Shaughnessy Only Connect! photo contest!

Here is a very special picture from my friend Liane. ...and this beautiful image of where earth and sky connect from Cocoa Laney Thanks to both of you for sharing these with us all. ...and remember, my friends, Only Connect. Charles Shaughnessy

Yes, it's true......

Shane is riding back into Dodge, uh, I mean Salem! I start taping a ten show "arc" as Shane Donovan on DOOL next week. I don't have any details, but I gather it will start to air in May. I am very excited to see some of my old mates and pick up where I last left off. I think part of the story is to pay our respects to Alice Horton, which will be a nice opportunity to pay my respects to the wonderful Frances Reid: not only a fine actress, but a feisty and fun brother/sister in arms. Like me, Frances could not resist a good and noble fight. She was certainly "one of the good guys" and will be sorely missed. What with this and a couple of indie movies that I am shooting this month, plus a return to Jeopardy in April, it is getting to be a busy month - thank goodness. Now, all we need is for these darn Republicans to give up trying to derail and obstruct every effort to get this country back on the right road, and I'll be a happy camper! ( Didn'