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Abusive Democrats.

Some of you are getting very exercised by this idea that I don't think Democrats could ever be as vitriolic as Republicans! I am not THAT naieve ( though I do think the Dems could do with a bit more vim and vigor sometimes!) My point is, and has always been, that the threatening and violent language aimed at our President by a free- speaking people has never been taken up, encouraged and even echoed by elected representatives of the Democrat party to the extent that the Republican Party is taking up this dangerous rhetoric in it's official capacity. I have referred to Palin, Steele, Boehner etc. specifically. There is a world of difference between an angry mob outside the palace walls, and the same kind of treasonous mutterings on the inside. We all remember how, during the Bush presidency, any congressman or senator who argued against Bush's " My way or the Highway" decisions was branded as un-patriotic and seditious, because we were "at war." Well, as…

Frank: tell it like it is!

Boy, this has stirred up a hornet's nest!! I am delighted so many of you have jumped into the fray on this extraordinarily important subject: I do not believe we are talking about anything short of the future well-being of our country.
To see the roots of what is going on now I believe one must go back to the Great Depression. A socially Darwinistic approach to society had left our major institutions unregulated, half our population disastrously vulnerable to the other, predatory half and a country on the brink of a full-blown civil uprising. FDR, the bane of modern neo-cons, instituted a sweeping program of social reform that spent billions of work programs, social safety nets and a reining-in of Wall Street. This drew a line in the sand between two fundamentally opposed American Ideals. On the one hand was the notion that America was a home to the poor, the oppressed and the huddled masses. That our borders offered a benign and helping hand to those who wanted a better life. Inh…