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A fair and reasonable assessment, I think.

I know that I discourage either just posting links or straight cut and paste, but as I make the rules here....I can break them. How's THAT for Democracy?!!
I think this is a fair and reasonable shot at understanding what is making us so steamed at each other.
So Remember, Only Connect, my friends.
Charles Shaughnessy

OK,'s time to Connect again....

A beautiful, and precious connection. Five generations......from Teresa in New Jersey.

And from Lee in Sherman Oaks,CA....

And finally, this extraordinary image from Cindy Erickson...

Thank you all for these beautiful and personal photos. They keep us grounded amidst the sound and fury!
Remember, my friends, despite it all...Only Connect!
Charles Shaughnessy.

Fasten your seat belts or get off the ride.

It is a frightening world out there. And the Conservatives are more scared than anyone. That is understandable. It is a world that is changing profoundly and rapidly every few seconds it seems. Conservatives don't like change: it is in their DNA. Why do you think they are called "conservatives?"
Communication and global networking on the web now means that every lonely, bitter and angry nut can find solace and company with fellow "outsiders" to make mischief. The recipes for nuclear bombs are easy to find on the web. Terrorists of every shape and size can plan, plot and gather across borders and across politics.
Globalization ties our planet together in unforeseen ways. A few diabolically ingenious bankers concoct a plan to sell off worthless bundles of bad debt around the globe, while "betting" against the very products they sell, and the whole world is plunged into a crisis that all but carries us all over a cliff.
Whether man made or not, the planet i…