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There you go again!

Is anyone surprised that the Republicans ( and, yes, ONE democrat,) are blocking debate on the Finance Reform Bill ? I guess some of you will point to Sen. Ben Nelson to prove that it is bi-partisan opposition. Well, yes, Sen. Ben Nelson, along with all the Republicans, wants to prevent any tightening in the laws governing the sale of "derivatives" (the single most toxic and destructive product in the whole god awful mess!) because Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway Fund is located in his state, and any such regulation might mean Buffet's billionaire clients might have to take a hit. The other two major sticking points for the obstructionists?....consumer protection and the government's right to shut down an institution that poses a threat to stability while using a $50b. fund provided by the BANKS (people!) to pay off it's obligations while it is being liquidated.
When is this country going to wake up from this fear and bigotry induced coma, and see who the g…

Make up your mind!

Whilst I feel sympathy and sorrow at the suffering of those states hit by the recent tornadoes, can someone ( preferably a T-Bagger,) explain to me why the State Governor of Mississippi is asking for Federal help? I thought the whole point was that we wanted States to take care of themselves and to keep the Government OUT of our business. Or is that ONLY when the Federal Government is "interfering" in ways that we don't personally approve of?
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