The Famous Bumble Bee Diddy is throwin' down the BUZZ for LIssa Coffey & Charles Shaughnessy!

We are thrilled to show you the World Premiere of The famous BEE, Bumble Bee Diddy's video where he is bustin' a move for Lissa Coffey, Charles Shaughnessy & David Shaughnessy's new interactive web series, coming to you May 1st! This is part ONE right here!  The Bee has fo' shure caught the BUZZ!  He wants you to check out the Hyperspots Demonstration & What's to come on Lissa's new show and click on anything you want to know more about while you are watching the video, then, at any time, click on the thumbnails that pop up to learn more!  Check it all out and leave us a HOLLA over there on the Buzz Blog! 

Oh, by the way, Bee Diddy wants you to know that no bees were harmed during the making of these videos. 

Yo to the BEE . . .  What up Boo? . . .Listen to his flow then Spread it, Share it, BUZZ it!!!!!!!!!  Oh yeah . . .  LIKE us on Facebook, FOLLOW us on Twitter, and soon you can SUBSCRIBE to us, on YouTube  Word up . . .  Peace . . . out....


  1. Awesome rapping there Bee Diddy! Nice Bee-t! How do i find ya'll on you tube? I will look around. Peace Out for now!

  2. Oh! Coffee Talk. I have it know!

  3. I think it's great you 're doing a web series with hyper spots. This web series is going to be awesome.


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