LeAnne in Florida is BUZZING Lissa Coffey & Charles & David Shaughnessy's new web series! Coming soon!

LeAnne from Florida is helping us spread the word about Lissa Coffey's collaboration with Charles Shaughnessy & David Shaughnessy's Bus Stop 31 Productions.  It's an interactive lifestyle magazine TV show!   It will be available only on the web, combining entertainment and information with the revolutionary Hyperspot Technology of click and buy and click and learn!  It's coming to a computer near you, very soon.

In the meantime, we asked all kinds of folks, friends, fans, co-workers, the team that helps us, the team that puts together Lissa's show, family . . . .  to help us get the word out and get people excited to CATCH THE BUZZ by making videos and sharing them with their friends.  

Thanks LeAnne - we couldn't do any of this without your help!!

Catch the Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  and remember  Only Connect!!


  1. Woohoo...I've caught the Buzz and I'm on Charlie's Blog!! :-)

    I had a blast making my "Buzz" video and encourage others to make & submit one too. Kudos to Charlie, David, Lissa and to everyone involved in bringing this awesome web series to life!

  2. Great video LeAnne!! I'm curious if you caught anything along with your BUZZ, ;o)

  3. @Theresa,

    Thank you, it was fun to make! Uhhh, yeah and they were huge! ;-))

  4. Way to go Leann! I know all us Florida fans have caught the buzz too! me, you, Lynn, Janet, and Charlotte = Florida fans of Lissa Coffee. We are all excited to see more!

  5. I am a new guy! I like here!

  6. @Anonymous - Welcome aboard! We like it here too! Check out Charlie's other pages on FB, Youtube, MySpace and www.CoffeyBuzz.com...lots of exciting things happening. Hope to see you there. ~Cheers :-)


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