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Charles Shaughnessy wants to tell you about COFFEY BUZZ & show you how it works!

Have you heard the Buzz?

There is something extraordinary happening in the world of online shopping.

There is something wonderful happening in the world of online entertainment.

is all happening now - at the Coffey Buzz Official Website

Produced by Bus Stop 31 Productions and Bamboo Entertainment, and hosted by relationship, lifestyle, health and beauty guru, Lissa Coffey, CoffeyBuzz is a weekly online video-zine that illuminates what is fun, new, hot and happening - as well as answering some of life’s more vexing questions…like, what do I make my girlfriend for breakfast? Or, what’s so healthy about chocolate?!

But here’s what makes CoffeyBuzz utterly unique and truly Buzz-worthy:

Imagine pushing a shopping cart through a video, just like you would in a store, and picking out any items you like: the beautiful dress Lissa’s wearing - her really cool sunglasses - that fabulous place setting, or, suddenly wondering, just where have I seen that actor before?

Well, now in our fun and informative CoffeyBuzz videos you can do your shopping while you watch AND get answers to those nagging questions!

Just “click” your mouse on anything or anyone you see and our innovative Hyperspots™ technology allows you to get information or make a purchase right then and there. No searching, no wiki, no hassle… just “click” and buy.

British brothers and show biz veterans, Charles Shaughnessy and David Shaughnessy, have teamed up with best selling author, relationship expert and lifestyle guru, Lissa Coffey to bring you this thrilling new online concept delivered in an engaging and fun weekly video magazine.

David Shaughnessy, Lissa Coffey, Charles Shaughnessy

Combining the very latest in online entertainment and online technology, CoffeyBuzz has your lifestyle… wired!

Click on this link: How do the Coffey Buzz videos work? and let Lissa show you!  

Go ahead . . . click on anything.  Then click on the thumbnails that pop up to the right when the video is finished.  Didn't catch something with a click?  Pause the video THEN click! Want to watch the video full screen? Choose that option from the video menu at the bottom right!

If you have questions for Lissa, suggestions for shows, or want to submit coffee recipes for the Coffey Cafe, please write to us at


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