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Charles Shaughnessy iBlog # 4 Q & A with Charlie!

Charles Shaughnessy iBlog # 4

It's a Question & Answer session on video with Charles Shaughnessy!

Charlie is answering some of the questions you have been asking him. This time it's just Charlie & you! No politics, no ranting or religion . . . just Charlie, answering your questions. Really!!

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  1. Hey Charlie how was it working with Fran and the rest of the nanny cast

  2. Hi Charles, my sister was on Days for a few years, she took over Melissa Reeves part when she left...was wondering if you remember her but not sure if you had already left, her name is Stephanie Cameron...thnks...btw, LOVE your blogs!


    va. beach VA

  3. I enjoyed this! I hope you do more of these. My question would be do you and Fran hang out outside of business? or .. Did you know what you wanted to do when you were younger or did it just happen?

  4. Hi Charlie. Just wondering, how close are you with Fran? Do u guys ever hang out or anything? Also, are you close with Renee. Do u ever see her?

  5. Are you close with Grab and Renee? Do u guys ever hang out?

  6. Do you sometimes feel the success of "The Nanny" acts as a double-edged sword? Though it was, and still is, so popular, has it identified you with producers and directors as a certain type of character? Are there specific plays or roles that you would love to do?

  7. from Kathy Williams....(can't figure out how to get rid of "Unknown" and don't wish to be anonymous :-))
    Do you sometimes feel the success of "The Nanny" acts as a double-edged sword? Though it was, and still is, so popular, has it identified you with producers and directors as a certain type of character? Are there specific plays or roles that you would love to do?

  8. Hi Charles (do you prefer, Charles, Charlie, Mr. Shaughnessy -not to mention Mr. Sheffield, Max, Shane- Barrister Shaughnessy)- are you coming back to the east coast for some plays anytime soon? I saw that you were in Spamalot in Ogunquit, Sleuth in Barrington Theater,I live in Boston, but would be glad to round up the 'troops' to see you in theater around here again. I have really enjoyed your blogs and so glad to see you are more than just a 'pretty face' (joking)! I am getting such 'nachus' - yiddish for pleasure from your blogs. Best to you, your wife, and daughters. Warmest regards, Rhonda

  9. Will Hyperspots be attached to Happily Divorced next season? Sure hope so

  10. Hi,
    My question is what religion are you? Lol, only kidding. Okay for real now. Where do you find all the excellent music you listen to? Now here's the 2nd part, Do you sing in the shower, your car, at home etc? I would think with such a good voice you would. If so, me too.

  11. Great questions fans! Wondering when will you be back on "the bay"? Can't wait to see you and MaryBeth on again. ;)! psTthe thing with your daughter on show was creepy but interesting all the same.

  12. This is certainly different to your previous blogs for obvious reasons!I must say I could get used to this once in a while, having a smiling and relaxed Charlie on board.
    I also found the questions very interesting but I do have one which would interest others and that is the Hyperspots.I know how they work and so on, but are you going to be able to "sell" the technique to other shows or companies ?Or will you have to keep on making your own films?Are they copyrighted so that no one else can use them?
    I´ve been wondering about this, for quite a while.Also I can imagine there is a lot of logistics behind all this such as getting "customers "etc.
    Finally I had never realised how hard it is to get into show business these days. That explanation of yours was very informative.This thing having to have a manager has that to do with unions ?I always thought there was a data bank and actors were cast from there as to what is needed.
    Sorry this is so long but I have never had the opportunity to ask you .
    Take care, and next political blog stay cool !! LOL

  13. Hi Charlie! Enjoyed the Q & A--just remember, we don't want you to blow a gasket. Anyway, I guess this seems to have become a forum for posting questions. So here's mine: if this acting thing doesn't work out, have you ever considered being a teacher? Because I can vouch that the students would certainly listen to you and remember what you say.

  14. Hey Charlie, I was wondering how you started Bus stop 31 productions? What's it like to have your own production company? Awesome job creating the Coffey Buzz web series.

    You're East Coast Fan

  15. Um Charles...your answer on the Saints Row part isnt true, its still THQ and Volition that does make the third one, and its going to be the same characters, like the Main Character from saints row 2 is returning, will you please reconsider?
    many fans would love for you to return.

  16. CHarlie, I have a good question for you. I have a few hobbies such as collecting autographs and cross stitching, what are a few of your hobbies when your not working?

  17. i love the nanny it is one of my favorite shows so what where your favorite part of working on the nanny?


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