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Charles Shaughnessy iBlog # 5

Charles Shaughnessy iBlog # 5

Charles Shaughnessy pays tribute to the TV show 'Friday Night Lights, answers some more fan questions & yes, gets into a 'little' bit about politics' !

Charlie answers a few more of the questions you have been asking him, pays tribute to one of his all time favourite TV shows, 'Friday night Lights' & throws out another thought on Washington!

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  1. Love it. Best impression I've seen you do is when you and Fran did the Dick Van Dyke show. Hysterical.
    Anywhooo....Please don't tone it down. Your heart will be better for it, not worse. I vote the big R, but most of my friends are self-described stinking hippie liberals. Life would be boring if we all believed the same thing.
    Bring it on...please. :)
    Have a great weekend!!

  2. Hope you can still answer a few more questions soon. Thanks

  3. So one more day of fun for all of us. 6 blogs in 4 days. Love the hat, but especially the accent--the second one that is.
    You share an interesting comparison of the Tea Party to Al Qaeda which does make sense. I am glad, however, that you clarified that you do not consider them to be terrorists. I agree that there are Republicans who would work with President Obama if they were not being held captive within their own party. I know that all of us are very quick to blame the other side or even all politicians in general, but I think the problem goes much deeper than that.

    Forty-percent of the voters in this country are now independent voters, the swing voters as they are called and boy do they ever swing. They vote in a Democrat president in '08 and two years later choose many from the Tea Party to represent them. Can we really expect people whose ideologies are so far apart to come together? The voters are so unhappy with government that they just swing back and forth. They never give the politicians time to work their plan. Consider how people expected Obama to turn a devastated economy around in one year and now for heaven's sake three years have gone by. Why in the world hasn't he fixed it yet? Obviously he's a failure! We would do the same thing if it were a Republican president. We want quick fixes. We live in a day of microwave ovens, instant communication, movie's on demand. Don't expect us to wait for anything. I gained some weight over the past 7 years (I'm sure it was President Bush's fault). I want to lose it by tomorrow. Well, it took me longer than a day to gain it and unfortunately it is going to take me longer than a day to lose it. It is also going to take hard work and unfortunately sacrifice. And, it will take me sticking to a plan and changing my lifestyle. Americans don't want to do that and then they want to blame the politicians. Trust me, I am not entirely excusing politicians, but I think this may be a time for all of us to take the late Michael Jackson's advice--look at the man in the mirror!

  4. As someone who lived in Texas 20+ years--nice try at the accent. Much better than I was ever able to do (somehow, saying "you guys" instead of "y'all" doesn't come out right with my weak attempt at a Texas accent, plus I always spoke too fast). I can tell you that there is no one "Texas" accent, as the drawl/twang is different depending on which part of the state you live, so your attempt might have been close to one I never heard.

  5. what the hell are hyperspots??

  6. Frist let me just say love the hat dude you rock it well and i would like to say i love your iblog's i really learn alot from you and yes it was realy said to see friday night light's go just as it was to see Shane&Kim go sorry but had to throw that in and now for the political stuff will my husband and i have made that call to are congressman don't know for sure if it well do any good but we did it now all we can do is pray oh and hey you can iblog all you want we love these it is so much fun what the hell we have nothing else to do because we may not have any money any more to do any thing so why not blog unless it get's so bad i can't pay my internet bill oh now that would be hell know more Charlie fix just when i thought it could not get worst i was wrong enjoy your day my friend.

  7. You should have got an East Dillon Lions hat. :)

  8. You should have got an East Dillon Lions hat. :)

  9. Texas accent was funny! And pretty good must add! Sorry your fave show got canceled. Bachelor time. Love the blogs but you should also invite the guys over to watch some sports or maybe you already did. Anyways, course i agree with you on the far right fringe as a potentially dangerous gang. No different than any other such hate group. Anytime you take an oath to stand by your ideas no matter the cost things will eventually get hairy. Is a shame but such is life i guess and we have to deal with the consequences they throw at us. And hope it doesn't come to blows or worse. I think you did throw out some red meat with your comments. Oh boy, we democrats should get ready for this firecracker you just lit. lol In good fun of course. All in a days blog. Let me get my FSU hat on and work out first to prepare. I so need and excuse to work out anyways. Excited for the online chat and to see you guys on tv again. Is a dream come true. Huge Nanny fan here. Have a good rest of bachelor time and computer hog time. Fun for us geeks. It has been enlightening as always and informative as always.

  10. PS I could teach you a Georgia accent too if you'd like. Get r done! Got r did! Get me some taters an gravy woman. An some swe-at tea!

  11. I've been enjoying your iBlogs on youtube and now I have two questions:

    1. Do you use some of the Jewish words and phrases from your days of working with Fran?

    And 2. What is your favorite food?

  12. Wow, never thought of the tea party in that way. To me, I truely thought the Tea Party was formed much on the basis of how we decided to gain our independance. Sad to see how we could love the tea party, yet they could be the ones who makes the whole government system come to a halt. I would hate to see it happen.

    Keep up with the blogs. They are enlighting and intresting to say the least. If one thing, I enjoy listenign to them, even if they are not all about politics, though they make for good debates.

  13. could you answer my question about

    how was it working with Fran

  14. I have come to this we no longer have Democrat's & Republican's we now have Bleeder's & Blood Sucker's we the pepole are the Bleeder's and the Politicians are the Blood Sucker's and they will not be happy till the suck all the Blood out of us.Is there a Doctor in the HOUSE! to stop this Bleeding!

  15. I love your iBlogs and getting your views on everything. I'm looking forward to your chat on Happily Divorced. Do you have any idea when you will be coming back for the Robert F Kennedy Children's Action Corp? When we spoke after My Fair Lady you mentioned maybe in the Fall.

  16. I love your iBlogs and hearing your views on everything. I'm really looking forward to your chat on Happily Divorced. When we spoke after My Fair Lady you mentioned maybe coming back in the Fall for the Robert F Kennedy Children's Action Corp. Has any date been set yet?

  17. Realization! Is it my imagination or does Charlie look like that sexy guy from Friday Night Lights on this blog. Is it the hat?

  18. @skdonovan: There are 14 members of the House who are physicians and surgeons, along with 2 dentists (who could also help stop the bleeding), 1 ophthalmologist, and 1 veterinarian. One of the physicians is Dr. Ron Paul, a Libertarian who has also been a presidential candidate for the Republican Party (and is usually counted with the Republican caucus). His son Rand Paul, also a physician, is in the Senate--and is one of the Tea Party-supported Republicans who were elected in 2010. So yes, there are doctors there to stop the bleeding...the question is, are we going to apply a band aid or a tourniquet?

  19. No skat35 it's just that Charlie look's sexy in every thing and he is handsome and smart.

  20. Hey, Charlie! :)

    Lovely and surreal to hear that accent from your mouth! LOL

    I do have a question myself, and I hope you can answer.
    I was wondering, have you ever thought of also working on any other kind of art apart from acting?
    It looks to me like you've got a lot to say, and dammit, actors only say what they're told to! :D
    Maybe writing a book or a song or even playing some music or painting could be amazing ways to share your feelings with the world!
    Just never give up your blog and iBlog, please! :P

  21. As a Texan myself, I didn't know that's what you were imitating until you mentioned it on the blog.

    When the Tea Party originally started, my understanding from those I knew, was that a segment of our population saw many decisions coming out of Washington as leading us toward Socialism, which in turn leads to Communism. They were determined that they had to try and put a stop to that road they saw us going down.

    Originally the Tea Party was not a bad thing. It actually unified and got many people involved that had never been involved. So in other words, it got people off the couch and they started really looking at their politicians, locally and nationally. Many who never cared before, started caring. That wasn't a bad thing.

    Like anything, when people begin to get involved, they don't know how to put everything together....most people aren't knowledgeable about how the economy works, nor understand all the ins and outs of the system. Getting people involved was a good thing, and we can't expect people to know all the answers or make all the right decisions, when they don't understand everything. They are learning every day.

    The bad thing is that many people follow blindly, without learning for themselves. They pick someone out, whether Democrat or Republican, depending on the part they follow, and in many cases the party their parents and grandparents followed, and follow them and agree with everything they say, regardless.

    Many people don't think for themselves anymore.Course in some cases when people do try and think for themselves, they are labeled as stupid, and idiots, when in reality they are trying to ask questions. You can't change if people aren't willing to let you change. People can beat you up so much for what you say and think, that it makes you just want to continue to think that way.

    Charlie, watching your blog, and reading many of the comments, sometimes I am afraid to post at all, especially since I am a Texan, born and raised. I don't really hear a tone of love in your voice or in many of the comments for any Texan. That's a shame because there are many great people in this state, including many Republicans that care about this country.Enough of that, but just don't see the willingness from some on this blog to even hear what the other side has to say...I mean truly hear!

    I do have a question about this whole thing with the "Debt Ceiling". If both sides have agreed that the "Debt Ceiling" needs to be raised, then what is holding up the deal? Guess I am just stupid when it comes to politics and don't quite understand what is going on.

    I do appreciate everyone's honesty, but it seems like there is a whole lot of labeling going on. Maybe I'm reading comments wrong. It is hard to hear the tone behind the written word sometimes.

  22. I agree with Jessica I think you might have a song in you or a book. For some reason I get that impression you would be very good at expressing yourself in music or literature. You should do that. I believe all your fans would buy whatever you decided to do. I am working at getting a larger fan base for you so keep blogging because everyone in my family is interested. Doesn't hurt to have a larger fan base. Take care and hope to see a song or book soon.

  23. will find that your views are not popular, but stand firm. In Charlie's much older blogs, I was pretty much the lone wolf conservative, and I wasn't very popular(one person even asked my IQ, and when I answered..told me I was lying because no one that smart could believe the things I do!)BUT...I had a "fan club" of people who sent messages on Myspace(at the time)and Facebook..saying "Please don't stop, thank you for speaking for me, I agree with you 100% but am too intimidated to reply". So while it may SEEM like we're shoveling the Sahara with a teaspoon, there's a silent audience who is thankful that someone is speaking for them. Hang in this point, I think "we're" trying to say that the DC Gang is ALL corrupt, and many of the others are still trying to blame everything on Bush(hoping we don't notice that THEIR side was in Congress voting for all of the Bush policies). Please stay and continue to post...things may sound angry and divisive, but I can guarantee Charlie won't hold it against you in real life! (see profile pic...LOL). He loves the debate, but also loves the people(kind of like love the sinner, hate the sin ;) )

  24. Beth you are so right. There is only a few of us with different views than Charlie. Let me tell you it is no fun in the hot seat. Your views are valid. Love ya Charlie but won't make my decision listening to a liberal media. I read and listen to all sides and then make my decision. Trish you remarks are funny and correct. Karen doesn't need to be informed she informs us which is great. Well off to church, have a good day all. I'll pray for our great nation.

  25. @Beth
    I guess why few people talk nice about Texas is probably the fact that G.W.Bush came from there and like myself remember all the suffering he brought world wide through his foreign policies ( although I think Cheney was the hawk behind all this ).
    Also this American trauma about Communism going back to the Mc Carthy area seems to be still present to this day. AND Socialism certainly does NOT lead to Communism I don´t know why that is the general opinion in the US and a pretty poor excuse from the Tea Party.
    Just a fact, the only real Communist countries left, are Belarus and Usbekistan and they both have dictators who suppress their own and that is what Communisn has basically been no freedom or well being of its folks, only for a certain group . In our societies the latter doen´t really differ much!!!
    If you remember East Germans had a silent revolution 22 years ago to get out of this system.
    Yes I too am labelling and must say many US citizens know very little about what goes on in the World as most do not look beyond their plate believe me I´ve had many an experience in that area.

  26. Joann you are so insightful and I agree with you. Please hang in there because it is always hard being the minority.

  27. Joann you are so insightful and right. It is hard being the minority but hang in there. Believe me I know because I have been in a room with students during college class(Anatomy and Phys) and I was the only Republican in the whole class. I also had to listen to my teacher talk about how horrible Republicans are. So I just stood up for what I believe in and so be it if someone else doesn't agree. I don't need to tell you about the religion issue as you saw how that was.

  28. Loved your try at a Texas accent, but the real question is - can you do a Boston accent? Not too many in Hollywood have gotten it right in the films that are supposed to take place in Boston, but a few have. As Tish said, your impression of DVD was right on the money and hilarious.
    Well, I posted my opinions about the Tea Party in the other blog, so won't go into here except to say I think that they should be dumped in Boston Harbor instead of the Tea. I even resent the name as the original Tea Party while against taxes as this Tea Party says they are had a very different circumstance, premise, and aim.

  29. @Diane: Think of the challenge I have being a college professor and a Republican. I only know of two history profs besides me who are Republicans (one of whom is a good friend). The liberals in my department hate it when I ask them for evidence to support their ideology--and they can only reply with rhetoric that often sounds like the "blah, blah, blah" of Charlie Brown's teacher. My students generally aren't aware of my political affiliation; I make fun of all politicians in my classes (and they certainly provide me with enough material to do that).

  30. @RJ: Actually, the original Tea Party was in protest against what we today would call a corporate bailout--the import duties for tea were actually lowered with the Tea Act of 1773, but Parliament granted a monopoly to the British East India Company to prevent them from going into bankruptcy (and the cost of tea would be so low that it undercut what the smugglers were paying). Dumping tea into Boston harbor, while financially disastrous to the British East India Company, was just one example of colonial resistance to the Tea Act--but, because New Englanders were the ones writing the early history books, it was the one that has become best known (there were also "tea parties" in New York, Philadelphia, and Charleston, but those mostly involved terrorizing harbor pilots to prevent them unloading the ships and threatening tea agents with tarring and feathering). Tax revolts today are quite mild compared to what occurred in the 1760s and 1770s.

  31. Charlie-Love the video blogs I am really enjoying them. Have a good time together when all the family is home. I know everyone will not agree with me about this but please do not tone it down. I happen to agree with a lot of what you say, just wish I had more time to respond. Also wanted to say thanks for the music recommendations you have had up lately, got the cd by Broken Records-Let me come home and I am really enjoying it, Thanks! Liz

  32. Karen - with great deference to you and your knowledge - thank you for the historical facts and clarification. Love it! Always open and welcome to new information. You must be a great history professor- lucky students-thanks for sharing your knowledge. Look forward to hearing more!

  33. @RJ: Thanks for the compliment! I'd like to think my students are lucky to have me as their professor; it's always fun the first day when I tell them it's not going to be like high school, where someone like Coach Taylor had them read the chapter and answer the questions at the end (see, Charlie, I threw in a FNL reference for you). It helps that I have friends and colleagues who are willing to help me come up with new ways to engage the students and to help them realize that learning history is more than just memorizing names, dates, and list of presidents; it involves real people like themselves. But it's much easier talking history on Charlie's blog; I don't have to worry about grading anything.

  34. Karen - just had to respond to your comment about history not being about memorizing names, dates, people -glad you said that -I so agree. I would never profess to know about history the way that you do, and I have never actually been a history teacher, but I once taught a GED (high school equivalency course) in which I had to teach some history, and when I told students that I had been a history major - they all said - ugh-boring - you must be good at memorizing names and dates. When I told them I had a terrible memory, and that was not just what history was all about - they were shocked and relieved. I told them that I liked it because history was just an interesting story about people, ideas, events, cultures, etc. With that said, once they stopped worrying about just memorizing names and dates, tried to enjoy it, they all started to learn more and most of them passed the GED test easily. Mind you many of the students in the class had been in prison for some minor crimes (petty theft)and passing the test transformed their lives. They did it themselves -I don't take credit for that. I learned more from them than they ever learned from me. Sorry to get off the topic here. Just had to let you know I love how you view your history teaching! Oops, gotta run life and work are getting in the way of blogging.

  35. @skdonovan Okay! i agree! Thx!

  36. @Liane Enjoyed your comment. Is so true that many Americans look at socialism as a dirty word and think that is a step in the direction toward Communism. Thanks for helping to clear that. And Charlie: never thought of the tea party in that light of possibly turning on their handlers, makes sense. Bad thing to realize that they are here to stay. Agreed they are krypton to America but not as bad as terrorists.


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