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Debt Outrage! Charles Shaughnessy iBlog #3

Charles Shaughnessy iBlog #3

Sound and Fury from Charles Shaughnessy!

Charlie interrupted his workout to iBlog his DEBT OUTRAGE! Charlie shares his personal feelings about the state of the United States as only Charlie can!  Agree? Disagree?  Leave your comments here letting him know what YOU think!

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  1. Charlie, I couldn't agree with you more and I am as outraged as you. My poor family who has had to listen to me over the past few days. I cannot believe what is happening. Yesterday I heard someone ask on CNN why the Republicans don't just vote to raise the debt ceiling and declare victory; they have received everything they have wanted. No one knows the answer to that question--or do we; Obama hasn't been humiliated enough yet.

    As far as these social programs are concerned, there are too many people who think they are supporting lazy people sitting on their butts. Well, I am sure there are people who fit that category, but how many people are now in circumstances in which they never dreamed they would be? I wonder how all of these people in the middle class are going to feel when they find themselves in that position and know that they supported the policies that created it.

    Thanks for your post! It makes me feel better to know there are others who are as outraged as I am. People say don't play the blame game, but who in the heck is holding up this process?

  2. Charlie, I agree with you that we need to come to a compromise here, a FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE one. Yes, the Dems are fear-mongering...they immediately started talking about cutting SS and Medicare. Why not political perks and salaries? Why not those insipid pork projects like monitoring the mating habits of some turtle or building a new strip mall in an area that already HAS two half-empty strip malls? Nope, immediately they threaten to freeze benefits for the elderly, the disabled and veterans...then use it to "prove" how those evil Republicans want to put Granny in a wheelchair and push her off a cliff.
    This is ALL about political posturing and getting ideas/sound bytes for the next election. It's a big con game, and we're catching on. My guess is that there is a compromise plan all written and ready to go, locked in a safe somewhere, that will magically appear at the 11th hour. In the meantime, they will point fingers at each other and scream "those Righties want to starve children" and "those Lefties want to take your hard-earned money and give it to lazy deadbeats"! And my 2nd guess is that when it's over, they'll close the doors, break out the wine and say "I can't believe they fell for it again".
    And as for the "Blame Bush" card, I've said it before on your blogs and I'll say it again. Yes the 2 wars are a mess and we shouldn't have gone there. BUT, the POTUS doesn't start wars nor does he fund them. Those wars(and their continued funding) was APPROVED by a Congress that included Biden, H Clinton, Kerry, Kennedy, etc etc. And if it's 'because the intelligence was a lie', well then blame the Intelligence Committee that didn't do their job. Bush was at fault, but he didn't act alone. Your guys enabled it, and they must think we don't know that.
    Also, the Dem Politicians are JUST as enamored with big business and corporations(remember the anger from the left over Obama's back room deals with Health InsCo's and Big Pharma?)...and they just sit back and let the R's take the blame, while they breathe a sigh of relief. They have NO intention of biting the hand that feeds them. The R's are at least honest about it..they're married to the corporations. The D's have a sham marriage with "the people" while they're having an illicit affair with the money gang. I really wish David Vidal would come and post, he explains it so much better than me(and with much more colorful language..LOL).
    This is all a dog and pony show...we WILL raise the debt ceiling, just as we always have. And there WILL be fake cuts...proposed increases will be removed so that it "looks like" a cut but nothing changes. Like if I research and "plan" to be a Mercedes, then decide not to buy...and claim I just "saved" $70,000 and denied myself. It's such BS.
    Thank you again for getting back into blogging, and for joining in the conversation. Barrington says I have to be the one to tell's a good thing you're cute, that's why we all let you live ;o)

  3. Mr. Shaughnessy-
    I agree with you to an extent.
    While I understand how easily it is to "root for your team," I don't believe it's just the republicans politicizing the situation. All these men in office do is use situations like these to further their career while at the same time not giving a rat's ass about the people they represent. Every single one of them have a pocket full of pretty green thanks to corporations, big oil, big pharma, which is clearly reflected in their choices. It is not just the republicans.
    However, I do agree that we need to return to pre-Bush tax rates, and not just for the rich. Tax the rich is getting old. I'm sure there are people out there who won't be happy until the rich are living in double wides driving Yugos. Back when the rebate stimulus checks were handed out - the $300 to $1200 ones (I'm sorry I can't remember dates) - people thought it was the next best thing to sliced white bread.
    I think we as a nation all need to do our part - not just the rich. Yeah, I also agree that the tax codes for corporations need to be overhauled. We seriously need to get our jobs back in this country, and make it a detriment instead of a benefit to send our jobs overseas. We as a nation need to start standing up against big corporations as well. Stop buying from companies that send jobs away. Start shopping at the little guy down the street. Yes, it may be a bit more expensive, but we all have to sacrifice if we ever want to get back on our feet again.
    Sorry if this is all over the place, but I've honestly been working like 15 hour days myself, and I'm a bit burned out over the whole debt ceiling BS myself.
    Our government needs to starting being for the people by the people once again, and not for themselves.
    Thanks for this opportunity!
    Trish Misiura

  4. i totally agree Charles...Obama is bending over backwards concerning the debt. It's a shame that government would act like that..i can't believe they put Social Security, Disability and all at risk of not being sent out..our family will suffer from that as we are a retired military family and if disability checks do not go out, who is to pay our bills? The electric, telephone, and other companies are not going to want to hear..."we didn't get our check yet because of the uproar with the debt, so we can't pay your right now, can you give us an extension?" They will come cut off your electricity, phone, whatever in a heartbeat...Dang government needs to get their act together before there is more suffering than there is now.

  5. I totally understand your frustration...(I don't know if you read my comment from blog #2, I retired from the fed gov after 35 yrs) You're totally right on as far as people contacting their congressmen, unfortunately 'things' in the gov take so much time to actually get 'done'...this I know from first hand experience. It could and would take years for my agency to get anything out the door and then there would be problems but we would be told by upper management to certify the product and get it out anyway...nice way to work eh? if any of us tried to do the right thing we were labeled as is indeed a sad state, you wouldn't believe the waste, fraud and abuse that takes place. Having said all that I don't regret my last 35 yrs as I tried and was sometimes fortunate in that doing the right thing was not frowned upon...we worked hard to get a great product out to the fleet (navy ships, subs and installations) I was able to travel the world and I fortunately have a great retirement, no SS as gov employees hired before 1984 do not pay into the SS system. I hope tho that people that have and are still doing so will be able to receive it for years to come....I wish I knew what the anwser was...

  6. you need a small segment on cnn so you just drop straight truth for the people. America just angers me sometimes with their intentional ignorance to the wool getting pulled over their eyes. All the republicans want to do is deny Barack Obama reelection and that needs not to be the focus right now. For instance I'm in Ohio and after the last election we had a party switch due to apathy and now we are once again a republican controlled state and now Ohio's unemployment has increased for the first time in 2 years because of outrageous budget cuts. Your last blog when you commented about fox news that needs to be written on their wikipedia page. ok im done ranting lol. Im a long time fan charlie grew up watching you and I hold your political opinion high. coffey buzz is awesome to cant wait til august when your on happily divorced. all the best :)

  7. Well Said Charlie! Everyone needs to get mad as hell and call their Congressmen or Senator! It just don't make any sense that they will allow the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer. The middle class to fall shorter and struggle harder.

  8. For some reason having trouble getting comment box on iblog#2. thought i would post here instead. Hope is okay. Wanted to add that i enjoyed reading everyones comments on iblog#2 especially Karen. I think regarding the murderous blond dude representing the right was just that some of us had been worrying that something bad could eventually happen with the "extremists" going of the deep end. Such as Timothy McVeigh etc. Understand your comments on the side of Christianity. Just saying this should be a wake-up call to be careful there are insane folks afoot in every culture. I fear for the disabled folks that are barely paying their bills. Lord help Social Security and Medicare.

  9. Charlie you are so right i just don't get it how can grown men act like this as awife and mother i have to run my house on a buget and if something happen's then my husband and i have to change that buget so if i can cut cost in my hose hold then why can't the goverment do so and i think the frist thing they need to cut is thier owne salary's but oh no that is not going to happen it make's more sence to cut something from the pepole instead to me i see them saying i can buy milk and bread sorry if you can't as long as i can than everthing is ok i have 5 car payment's left on my car i was so happy that now i would be able to save that money now that my car is paid off and they are taken that away for every two step's forward i take they push me back 6 how can i even try to make it if they will not give me a chance i mean come on you know that saying wear there's awill there's away i have the will now just give me they way i'am willing to give up something aslong as they are too but i don't think we should be the one's always giving and they are alway taken.

  10. I know no one is to blame, but some need to take responsiblity for their actions. So much mis-information is out there about how much Obama is spending and how little he means to cut.(some people seem to think that cutting funding for sea-turtles is going save us trillions of dollars!!!) Here is a non-partisan chart from the non-partisan Budget office that goes some way to illustrating that responsibility.

  11. ...and, Diane, do I believe in the same Christ that Anders Breivik believed in? NO! Absolutely not.He believed in the Christ of The Bible, the same Christ that has been used as an excuse for countless wars, persecutions and misery. What I DO believe in are the teachings of many wise men, including one who taught around Galilee in the 1st.century. I believe in the "One-ness" of all things and the universality of existence that makes us all children of that One-ness, or God, if that's what you want to call it. I believe in many things,but not that Jesus who is brandished as a sword, a judgement, an excuse for our own inability to take responsibility for our own actions,a code-word for hate, prejudice and cowardice. And you know what?....neither would he!!

  12. Charlie i love your pastion and your fire and the fact that you let us all come to vent hear and that you make me feel like what i have to say matter's right are wrong you are willing to listen i know that i have alot to learn when it comes to politic's but i do know enought to say when something is just not right so the bottom line is just thank you for giving me this chance to vent and that i have alot of respect for you as a person and not just as and actor you said it before there is more to all of us than just what we do for aliving and you have shown us that.

  13. I'm sorry. I must have been reading a different Bible. The Christ I read about in the Bible told us to love one another. To love your neighbor, and to treat others as you want to be treated. Perhaps your issue is with organized religion, not with the Bible itself.

  14. Charlie, I 100% respect your opinion regarding your ‘religious’ beliefs. As I stated on your previous blog, I am a Christian—yes the kind of which the Bible speaks. I agree that He would not want His followers to use His teachings as an excuse for prejudice, bigotry, hate, or cowardice. It has been disturbing to me that so many of our political debates turn into a ‘religious’ debate. It is particularly disturbing when it is done in such a hateful manner, especially when the hate seems to becoming more from those who profess righteousness rather than those who are not using it as their war cry. I commented on your previous blog that my children have suffered great prejudice at the hands of professed Christians because of my political beliefs. I can only imagine what non-Christians in this country often must endure. It is conservatives that constantly use the Founding Father’s intent to back their political positions. Do they really think the Founding Fathers expected everyone to be Christian and that if one were not then his opinions would be null and void? Obviously the tragedy in Norway should be disturbing to every human being, but having seen what my family has gone through, I am particularly disturbed. What gives anyone the right to force his or her ‘righteous’ agenda on anyone else? Nevertheless, I believe in Jesus Christ as my Savior and Redeemer. I did not begin to believe in Him because of the actions of those around me and I will not quit doing so because of their behavior. I try to forgive like I believe He would, but I admit that it is a work in progress. I can only pray for those in Norway who have much more to forgive than me, but know that there are those who do not use Jesus Christ as an excuse for hatred and bigotry. Anyway, at least there are those who try.

  15. Jeannie, perhaps I should just let you post for me: you make my case more eloquently than I can and certainly with a great deal more "sang froid"! Thank you.

  16. Charlie, I high five you on your iBlog #3 post. Saddly when it all came crashing down in 2008, I was hit hard. Before I was living on my own, working a 7 day a week job. Low gas prices. But I was living comfortably to a point in something I... could aford. Since 08, I am now in poverity. Cant livie on my own and barely aford the gas for my car. Also my job went to 3 days a week. Now I will add this, the republicans wanted to let the auto industry fail. Imagine the snowball effect that would have been. If the republicans had any brains, they will look at what they did wrong and fix it the right way.... Quit the bickering.

  17. After watching Hardball tonight is easy to get yourself worked up over this. Oh man! Trish: I have a problem with organized religion and some folks are rightly fed up with fanatics, religious leaders, and/or cults using religion as their own personal smoke screen to marry young girls etc or use authority over others in the name of God! Just another form of exploitation and as Charlie stated killing in his name. Charlie: Respect! I enjoy pantheistic views, similar perhaps? See how the Republicans like it when mom and dad have to move in with them and they have to start helping support those "entitlement" relatives of theirs who are now on the street. Just saying! Good one Jeannie!;)

  18. I really appreciate you doing these videos. You are very articulate and smart, and that is exactly what is conveyed. I don't know how you keep your emotions in check about these very real issues that have such tragic consequences for our country, but I applaud your willingness to go public with such heartfelt concerns.

  19. I'm sorry if I offended you Charles or anyone else in these blogs. I never meant to do that. I do believe that a lot of my decisions are based on my beliefs. That doesn't make me a bad person. I do base my decisions on my Christian beliefs. My beliefs are love, faith and hope. I do try to love everyone no matter who they are because that is the way Jesus wanted it. I try not to judge but I sometimes find that hard to do. I do my best and I am not ashamed to say I am a Christian. Again if I offended anyone that was not my intentions.

  20. Jeannie, I agree with you that our Founding Fathers did not expect all people to be Christians. Not only does our Constitution give us a Freedom of Speech, it also gives us Freedom of Religion! This great country was founded on those principles and many more, including the right of any individual, from any nation, to give here, whether for a trip, or to stay and live here. Our country was founded on imigrants.

    I, too, believe in the Jesus of the Bible, who is all loving and forgiving, and when we start looking at others through Jesus eyes, and seeing them and ourselves with the same love, compassion, caring and forgiveness, then there is no need for any of the problems we face in this world.

    I am sorry for the abuse your children have faced from so called Christians, but I get tired of people using the label Christian exclusively when bad things happen. The fact that they proclaim to be Christian doesn't make it so. The Bible says, "we will know they are Christians by their love." It also says that to be a Christian you must love God with all your heart, and also love everyone else, and if you don't love everyone, then you can't love God.

    As far as "the debt ceiling", we must raise it. We have no choice, and all the fear tactics and uncompromising has to stop. Bottom line is, we as a people, can't make a difference until time to vote, locally or nationally. We can go to our congressmen, but they won't listen, plus even if they did, I live in a place that it wouldn't matter what I say because I would be in the minority, so the congressmen would have to vote the way the majority of their constituents wanted. It's frustrating to know we have a bunch of people in congress that don't give a crap about the people, or the's totally about looking better than the other party. Problem is I'm not sure I trust either side!

    Charlie, I did want to ask you one thing about your video, and please understand I'm not disagreeing with you, I just don't necessarily have all the information that you might have. You made a comment that the State of Texas had asked for assistance during the hurricane. I'm not sure which hurricane you are talking about, but I don't remember any county in Texas asking for assistance, unless it was the counties directly hit when Louisiana got hit. I know our Governor (who even the Republicans don't support by the way) ask recently that the majority of Texas be declared a disaster area based on the horrible drought that we are experiencing, but Obama turned him down.By the way it is the worst drought in Texas history. In my area we are going on 30+ days of over 100 temp with no rain. I just wasn't sure what assistance you were referring to that we had asked for.

    I have enjoyed your blog, and enjoyed all the comments. I have learned a lot from reading different views, and have come to realize that I was believing many of the lies being told myself. Thanks for having an atmosphere where we can learn, and discuss as people, from many different walks of life, united for the same cause (although maybe disagreeing with the method).

    We can't come together until we begin to listen to each other....truly listen! Thanks for giving us that opportunity!

  21. Charlie, you said "(some people seem to think that cutting funding for sea-turtles is going save us trillions of dollars!!!)" which I assume is a reply to my comment about cutting out the pork. Of course ONE sea turtle project isn't going to push the government into solvency....but the people have the access to that info now, thanks to the internet. What would ALL of those nonsensical pet palm-greasing projects put back into the coffers? It's a start, then you work on the next thing that "can go". If a family is having a financial crisis, the first thing the counselor does is look at the expenses and cuts out the frivolities..the "only $5" Starbucks, the "only $12/mo" Netflix. The pennies add up, and every cent can be used to pay down the debt. This isn't rocket science. The counselor does NOT recommend forcing your boss to give you more money so you can spending irresponsibly!
    The people that I see all over the internet don't understand why we should give the government MORE money, when they squander what we've already given. And their salaries should be the first to go. We ALL should demand that they cut out the perks and figure out a way to pay the basics. If that means a tax hike, so be it. But the hike should affect everyone, including those who aren't paying anything. When 49% of our population isn't paying ANY tax, there's a problem right there.

  22. Skat, so do I. That's why I made the comment. I think Christian churches - and I can only speak as a Christian and about Christian churches - have taken things out of the Bible to fit their own political agenda, well, forever, probably since the beginning, and even more so in the recent past and present. I practice my religion in my acts and behavior, not by listening to some preacher in a million dollar church who leaves the church in his Cadillac and drives past the impoverished neighborhoods, and making sure he rolls us his windows and locks his doors as he does so.

  23. oh, and one more thing. Timothy McVeigh was agnostic at best, by his own words. Not a good example. I'm done today - back to work .
    Have a good day everyone!!!

  24. This is my very first twitter - ever. For some reason, I am a bit nervous about twittering. Here it goes.

    Though some of his views are too liberal for me, I certainly do support President Obama in trying to straighten out the mess with the debt. Why would anyone who loves America not want that? I cannot believe grown men and women would like to see the country fall into disarray just to spite him. That is really upsetting me.

    Also, I am a bit troubled by how Diane was attacked for her question about religion. So she asked Mr. Shaughnessy about his religious beliefs. Why is that a big deal? How was that offensive? She, as well as anyone, has the right to ask a simple question about someone's beliefs. Especially if it is someone you might admire or want to follow. And Mr. Shaughnessy had a right to answer (or not answer) the question. Frankly, I am confused. The only thing I got out of his answer was that Mr. Shaughnessy is an atheist. Or did I misundertand?

    I say politics or religion - it would be nice if we could just compromise and all get along.

    Further, since I have started reading blogs, it amazes me at how many people have trouble spelling correctly. A dictionary is a wonderful thing. I include myself in this. I had to check how to spell "atheist."

  25. I had to reply even further, not from ym aspect from what has happened to me. But what I was hearing on the radio last night as I was doing the same job I talked about.

    Here the thing, Boehner demanded that the Tea Party republicans toe the line and side with him. Heres the problem. If you made a deal to pass through the house, why cant you sit down with those Tea Party Republicans and add a little bit of their ideas to your plan? What about this one, why not sit at the table with the democracts to make the deal a long term deal? If the republicans want to take a win on something, they need to work together. One thing is, even a long term deal can be changed for the better.

    Anonther thing this bickering is now doing, the international markets is dumping the American dollar and jumping on the band wagon for the Yen. We need stablity to remain compeitive. Right now we are loosing cause they cant agree on anything.

    Heres what I would do. I wont muck with the Social Sercurity. I will though have everyone pay into it. Saddly, the Baby boomers are getting older and my genration is not having a baby boom. So everyone should share to keep not only the baby boomers supported, but in the future, they will be supported too. I would reduce the military budget. Its over inflated and it truely needs to be cut. Others programs and budgets can be worked on as well. Its not hard, but with limit time it might take all nightsers, but it can be worked out with a little working together.

  26. I want to encourage everyone to contact their congressman. We need to speak up and get our message out there. Let's tell our congresspeople we want Obama's compromise.

  27. Why is it when someone has a different belief other than Christianity (or following the bible letter for letter basically) they are assumed automatically an atheist? Seems arrogant to me for people to decide whether or not i believe in God without knowing if i do or not. Just saying! Labeling and categorizing folks seems arrogant unless they agree with your label. Enjoyed all you guys comments yet again. Politics not my category. Hoping debt mess can be straightened and soon as possible else well all be on blood pressure meds. And i glad to know that McVeigh was not a Christian. Don't need more reason to be angry. Was speaking of gov not religion in that sense. But i a glad that it got pointed out. And for the record, most agnostics usually peaceful. Read that somewhere. But there is always exceptions in every group.

  28. I like to thank you Lily for acknowledging that I am not a wicked person for asking Charles what his beliefs are. Again I will say I have the right to choose who I get my information on politics or any other subject for that matter. I am sorry that does not please all of you on this blog that disagree with my opinion. Lily is right when she said I had a right to know if that person I admire or want to follow has certain religious beliefs. Also Lily was right I am not sure what Charles answer was. I am not a stupid person and am finishing nursing school so his answer was not above my intelligence. I just did not seem to get a clear answer. Is it yes or no?? Sometimes too many words confuse.

  29. Sorry two more things. Charles you become so defensive when someone answers are different than yours. Why?? I am not offended if your thinking is different than mine. I don't think less of you.

    Also you reply about Christ in the bible. Christ came in peace, never raised a hand to hurt anyone, healed many sick and raised the dead. He healed the guards ear after it had been cut off when he was being arrested. He allowed men to persecute him, whip him and beat him to a pulp with not as much as lifting a finger. He hung on a cross with his hands and feet pierced and a sword pierced his side and never once hurt anyone. So please don't claim that the Christ in the bible was a violent person. Its just so wrong. If certain individuals used violence in Christ name then they are just as wrong as you are.

  30. Becky S,

    The only way we need to cut the military budget is to bring ALL our soldiers home! If we aren't going to do that, then we need to provide every bit of protection and support for them. We have cut the military budget to great depths already. My son served in Iraq, and was wounded in a mortar attack the day before Iraq's first election. I've heard the stories of soldiers being sent into places without proper equipment, and even in many cases having to purchase items themself because they weren't furnished for them. Whether these wars were right or wrong,many of these young men and women didn't ask to be there. We buried a young man last month, here in my small town of 6,000. I rode with his mom and dad 3 hours to the airport, and watched as they transferred his casket from the plane to a hearse. I rode in this 5 mile convoy that brought this young man 3 hours back home. A route that saw thousands of people line a 150 mile stretch from Dallas to Gladewater. At the end of that route was his mom and dad, sisters & brothers, wife, 10 year-old daughter, and his 1 month old newborn daughter.

    This happens day after day, in town after town, across the United States. And we can't forget that it is also happening in many, many other countries around the world.I pray I never have to be a part of this experience again.

    I pray that soon they will all be home, but until that time, we have to protect them.Cut my pay...cut whatever they want, but do not cut the military until those kids are home. And know that if our government shuts down, those same kids, fighting a war they didn't choose, will not get paid. My son's medical benefits and college benefits that he paid into, will end, as will all those who served, and gave sacrifices.

    This is a great country we live in and someone needs to remind our politicians that they need to act like it!

  31. here's another little tidbit for you...
    The airlines continue to collect the same fee, but they don't have to pay it to the federal govt. This costs the Federal Treasury 200million dollars a week. - Balanced budget anyone?

  32. Thank you for your iblogs, Charlie. I totally agree and appreciate your outrage. Kucinich solved the debt crisis in 1 minute and 14 seconds today on the House floor. We have to make Boehner listen. Keep iblogging. They are informative and inspirational.

  33. Since religion has been discussed so many times on this particular blog, I wanted to give some observations I have had over the years. I truly hope not to offend anyone. That is not my intention and I will do my best not to do so. I can understand why a person bases some of his political decisions on his religious beliefs. After all, our political persuasions and our religious beliefs are both part of our value system. There are definitely political issues that cross over to one’s religious beliefs. I do, however, feel that there are many political issues that are only a matter of opinion and have nothing to do with religion. I also believe that there are many good people who, for lack of a better word, are not religious. If I respect and value a person, I do not base it on whether or not they are ‘religious’, but rather whether they are a good person. After all, it was Jesus himself who said:

    Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye pay tithe of mint and anise and cummin, and have omitted the weightier matters of the law, judgment, mercy, and faith: these ought ye to have done, and not to leave the other undone. Ye blind guides, which strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel. Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye make clean the outside of the cup and of the platter, but within they are full of extortion and excess. Thou blind Pharisee, cleanse first that which is within the cup and platter, that the outside of them may be clean also. Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchers, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanliness. Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity. (Matthew 23:23-28)

    This tells me that there are plenty of people who profess to be ‘religious’ but really are not. I believe that these people are much more dangerous than one who does not believe in God or religion, but is doing his best to live a good life. If I listen to someone’s political beliefs, do I need to know whether or not he is religious or believes in God to know if I agree with him? Regarding those political ideologies that do cross over to my religion, I should be able to tell if another’s beliefs are in alignment even if I do not know whether he believes in God. It is also possible for me to agree with and respect some aspects of a person’s belief system while disagreeing with others, all the while still understanding that the person still might be a better person than me.

    Let me share an experience. A few years ago, an older, well-respected lady in our church was working on a campaign. While doing so, she came across my husband’s and my name on a Democrat voter’s roll. She apparently was stunned. She asked my sister-in-law about this and unfortunately my sister-in-law answered for us and unknowingly misrepresented my position. She said that we were young when we registered to vote and did not understand what the party represented. She continued by saying that as time passed we had just never bothered to officially change our party. This woman was so relieved. Her response, “Oh! I am so glad to hear that because they are absolutely the most wonderful, kindest people I know. I just couldn’t understand it.”
    I have commonly found this attitude.

  34. Let me ask some questions. What changed about us once this person knew we were Democrat? Were we no longer good people? Were we no longer kind? Were we no longer worthy of respect? As a Christian, certainly I would love it if all mankind accepted and embraced Jesus Christ as their Savior and Redeemer. How can one who has done so herself not wish for that? However, I also realize that there are people who are great people, actually living a Christian life even if they do not embrace Him as their God. I can respect them and value their contribution to politics and our country. Honestly, I did not fully understand Charlie’s answer to Diane’s question either, but I have observed what kind of person he is. That is all I need to know. As he has expressed his opinions in the past and as he will probably do so in the future, I can determine each time whether or not I agree with him. I am sure there will be times that I do, and to tell you the truth, I hope there are times I do not, simply because that is what makes each of us unique. But as of right now, I respect Charlie regardless of his religious beliefs. It is true that he might lose my respect in the future for some reason. I hope not, but you never know. Likewise he may not necessarily respect me. I guess that is each of our right, but regardless if we respect one another’s beliefs or not we should always be able to respect one another’s right to that belief.

  35. I will tell you again Jeannie just because you choose to listen to a person regardless of their religion or beliefs, doesn't mean that is what we are all going to do. I have the right as any one else to choose who I want to listen to when it comes to politics etc. In the end such as the end of my life I don't have to answer to you or anyone else but God. So while I am on this earth I will do the best as I can to follow the beliefs that God has given me. If that means I want to know what another person religious beliefs are than that is my right. I need not ask anyone permission to do that. “Whoever acknowledges me before men, I will also acknowledge him before my Father in heaven. 33 But whoever disowns me before men, I will disown him before my Father in heaven.

  36. Yes, Diane, you are right! You have the right to choose to listen to whomever you want, but, of course, you do not need me to tell you that. As I stated above, I really meant no harm in making my comment. I am sorry if it were offensive. My intent was really just to offer a different perspective. Beyond that, I offer no defense.

  37. Diane, I want to apologize if I hurt or offended you it was not my intention. Peace & Blessings.

  38. @Jeannie Wow! Great comment and thanks for sharing your story. As a democrat in the south, i get my share of shocking folks too. It is a shame that they are trying to categorize folks like that if you are a christian you should be a republican. Having a certain demographic to join their club or whatever. But if someone believes in God and goes to church shouldn't that be enough for them to stay our of your business. These types of belief standards is one of the reasons i gave up on organized religion. Not into being controlled by anything or anyone. Or stuffed into a "certain" package to belong. I agree, if a person is a good person that is all i need to know to respect them regardless of whatever. Enjoy my gay friends, biracial, racial, Christian, German, democrat online friends etc just as much as my redneck far right friends. I am friends with them because i like them as people not for their individual beliefs. Feel is important to learn from others. How do you know you picked the RIGHT side for you if you don't weight ALL the options? Is all about having respect for people not just like minded ones. Believe it or not i also model my life after Jesus teachings but also Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Eastern philosophies etc. Take bits and pieces from different ideas and incorporate. Try to be as wordly as possible. If God sees fit for me to go to hell for this. Then a consequence i must accept i reckon. I try to live the best life i can as a human and if a God will cast me to an eternity of damnation for this then why do i need him in the first place? Do i owe him my existence? maybe? But so do the trees but because i have a conscious mind i am required to pledge aligence and gratefulness for an existence that i don't remember asking for but am thankful. No offense but Christianity is no different than any other religion and they are all "Right". Only difference is where you were born. I prefer to be the bystander on the hill an not blindly follow other humans on any mission lessen i am very SURE where we are going and what we are up to.

  39. Charlie, I'm just a bit curious. Now that the vote on the debt package has occurred, as a Democrat which side would you have supported if you were a member of the House--would you have voted with the Republicans who supported the bill, or with the liberal Democrats who voted with the Tea Party Republicans who opposed it?


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