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Enjoy the tea!

If, or when, the US defaults on its debts for the first time in history, I hope the Tea Party and all those misguided souls who bought their uninformed rhetoric, will take the responsibility that falls squarely on their shoulders. Their playground gesture of "taking the pledge", by definition, cast them as uncompromising and obstructionist. As a result, even their own leader of the House, unable to get them in line, is put in the shameful position of seeing this great nation sink into the depths of ignominy for the sake of personal, political hubris and the worst kind of partisan politics.

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  1. Sad but true charlie. The freshman congressmen and tea party rookies were conjured up and elected to do just what they are doing....not compromise. The american people are not first on the lists of these "public servants". They have forgotten the social contract that the government must rest on the consent of the goverened. i love that you are angry you arent the only one because anyone who isnt outraged isnt paying attention.

  2. Why not question where all the money went? You give them more money and they will spend it. BTW I am insulted that my president would imply that I am not paying attention.

  3. They are worse than just having republicans! They are the reason we cannot come to an agreement about the debt which supposedly Obama didn't inherit ... He did it him self. Wake up and smell the flowers! It wad bush!

  4. *ALL* of the politicians have forgotten whom they serve, not just the Tea Party freshmen(if anything the TP 6 are remembering what the voters told them) I'm questioning the cajones of a group of over 500 men and women who will allow a group of SIX people to hold them hostage. This "Gang of Six" is an easy target for blame, because they carry a label that draws attention. Like it or not, they were elected BECAUSE of this crazy budget and the peoples' desire to stop the madness. They weren't elected to "not compromise", they were elected to get us off this roller coaster ride...whether you like it or not. It's what THEIR constituents wanted.
    Even when Obama had a supermajority in Congress, we heard the same 'whine and cheese'...those Tea Partiers/Conservatives/Republicans won't give us what we want. How does the minority hold the majority hostage???? One of 2 things is happening here, either #1 the Majority has no spine or #2 they secretly agree with what the minority is doing but can't fess up or they'll lose votes. So they play along, feigning outrage and assign blame. In the end, THEY get what THEY(politicians) want. I'm leaning toward door #2

  5. It may be true that tea party freshman senators are doing what they were elected to do by their constituents, but did these constituents know at the time that we would have this debt-ceiling crisis? Did they know that the raise being asked for in the current debt-ceiling has nothing to do with future budgets, but budgets already passed? Most people know that we need to get control of our budget, which includes wise spending and obtaining sufficient REVENUE. The question is how to do that. Did these constituents really want the U.S. to go into default and have our credit rating lowered? Yes, leaders are elected by their constituents, but the constituents cannot foresee every challenge that will come up during the elected officials term. Therefore, we need leaders who can make the right decision under pressure--even from their constituents.

    I think it is interesting that in this situation many can say it is obviously what the constituents want because they voted for these people, but practically everyday we hear of a healthcare reform that the nation doesn't want. Well, President Obama ran on his healthcare reform platform. He won, and therefore the nation must have wanted it!

  6. As usual Joann well put. She said everything that I could say. Thank God there are still people like her in this country, who are not blinded by the media and left wing.

  7. This is so crazy i can't believe this is happening to are country you know they wear talking about 2moth's ago when the world would end i have come to this god is not going to end the world we are going to do it for him you know i was talking to my mother and she sounded kind of funny on the phone so i asked her what was wrong and she started to cry so hard i said mom what is it she said i'am going to loose everthing i worked so hard for my life is over and all because they well not come together and fix this debet she said i worked so hard to pay off my debet.s so i would not have any when i stopped working and now everything i worked for is going to be takeing away because i will not be able to aford to keep it.

  8. Charlie, with all this anger in you heart , I hope you don´t hurt yourself. As you know anger can turn "inwards,"I see lots of controversial comments in your blogs but I just want to tell you we still all "love you" despite the differnces in some of our views.
    As a non US Citizen I can only comment on what I hear and the blog discussions.
    However I just heard on the news 19.00 hrs here, that Boehmer is willing to compromise but is getting as usual protest from the Tea party members.So it looks like to an outsider that even the Rep. Party itself isn´t in conformity which of course is bad. I read up on who some of these people are and saw Palins name- BP and hair is rising !! Don´t these people realise it´s America that is in jeopardy. I must also say that obviously the Obama administration doesn´t always listen to the people.However in this crisis all should work together instead of fighting for personal interests.I have posted a few links on FB what Europe thinks . Maybe someone here will read them.I sincerely hope a solution will be found. Isn´t there a paragraph in the US Constitution which gives the POTUS authority to decide in a crisis without approval of Congress? THis would really interst me.

  9. I keep finding myself agreeing with verbalize the exact sentiments I have about "Republicanizm" and the "totally discredit Obama Agenda" that they have taken an oath to along with Destroying this country at all costs (definitely not their own costs)..Republicans are a cancer..plain and simple..Quite Frankly you would have my vote if you were to run for any public office ...

  10. @Jeannie: First, Tea Partiers are not just senators, but also members of the House of Representatives. Plus, while they are responsible to their constituents (after all, if they don’t vote the way their constituents want them to vote, their chances at reelection are severely diminished), they still can vote their own consciences—and, if their conscience says they should support or reject a particular plan, that is their decision. I am reminded of a quote from Edmund Burke: “Your representative owes you, not his industry only, but his judgment; and he betrays instead of serving you if he sacrifices it to your opinion.”

    Second, the debt ceiling DOES have to deal with future budgets. Anyone who thinks that it doesn’t also thinks that a surplus is what happens when you have money left over from your paycheck after paying the minimum amount on your credit card—you are still in debt, just like when the U.S. supposedly had a surplus during the Clinton administration because revenue exceeded expenditures—we still had a national debt, and, in fact, it was increasing during that time. The U.S. hasn’t had a real surplus since 1889. Take a look at how much the U.S. debt has increased in the past two years while Obama has been in office. It more than tripled between 2008 and 2009—mostly because of the stimulus program that artificially stimulated the economy and, now that the stimulus money has disappeared, has led to this crisis.

    Lastly, Obama’s election was certainly not a mandate for health care reform. Just because he won doesn’t necessarily mean the entire nation wanted it; some people voted for him as the lesser of two evils (I’m a registered Republican, but I voted for Obama because the idea of Sarah Palin as President scared me as much as it scares Charlie). Plus, just because people supported health care reform doesn’t mean they support the bastardized program that passed Congress and was signed into law last year. Why didn’t the Democrats even bother asking Mitt Romney about the problems Massachusetts had with their health care plan? Was it because they were afraid to ask a potential opponent in 2012 what works and what doesn’t, and develop a plan that would actually make sense?

  11. @Liane: Not all people who belong to a political party believe the same thing. Within the Republican Party, for instance, you have conservatives like Pat Toomey, PA’s Republican senator, Tea Partiers like Rand Paul, and moderates like Olympia Snowe. Personally, I’m a moderate Republican, and I have voted for candidates for both parties (in fact, I voted for Obama in 2008, as I mentioned in my response to Jeannie's comments). Not all Democrats are alike, either; some are more conservative than the Tea Partiers.

    Regarding the powers of the President: No, the President does not have that power. For instance, Congress declares war, not the President; calling the assorted wars on terror “Bush’s War(s)” overlooks the fact that the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq were both supported by Congress and funded by Congress (and, technically, they are not “wars,” because the U.S. did not officially declare war; we haven’t declared war since 1941). Congress authorizes funding/support for these conflicts, from Korea, to Vietnam, to Grenada, to the Balkans, to what is happening in Libya (by the way, why isn’t anyone mentioning what’s happening in Libya as “Obama’s War”?). If members of the House and Senate (both Democrats and Republicans) did not think these conflicts were worth the cost, they should not have supported funding, regardless of who is president. If there is an emergency, the President can call Congress into session to resolve a crisis if it has adjourned, but he cannot unilaterally impose anything without Congressional approval. It’s part of the checks and balances that were instituted in the Constitution by the Founding Fathers, and it’s one of the reasons why Andrew Johnson was impeached in 1868—he tried imposing policies without Congressional approval, and he was impeached (but not removed) for those actions. The system has worked for over 200 years, and it has prevented presidents from acting like demagogues--which is what the Founding Fathers wanted.

  12. Nothing we say here is going to accomplish anything. I think both sides need to stop whining and saying who is the bigger evil. If you want something done go write you congress/senator. Its been what three days now? Its enough! It just gets people upset.

  13. Charlie
    I just want to say that I am proud to live in a county where we have the right to voice our beliefs and opions on any subject. The two subjects I try to avoid in a discussion is politics and religion. Not saying I don't participate in either one of them. I do I go to church regularly and also vote on everything from the presidental elections to our town board elections along with every caucus

    Thank you for your opinions and points of view. I just choose to keep mine to myself.
    Karen T

  14. @Karen
    Obviously there are tea partiers in the House also. It was just a matter of letting my fingers run faster than my mind that I failed to mention them. However, you failed to see the comparison I was making regarding Obama and healthcare reform to that of previous comments. If every person who voted for these tea partiers wants the nation to go into default, then I am going to assume that every person who voted for Obama wanted healthcare reform. Furthermore, they must have wanted the healthcare reform that Obama ultimately presented. You challenged that assumption which is just the point. Someone could and did vote for Obama who was not in support of healthcare reform and certainly not the bill which ultimately passed. Does it make sense then that some of those who supported these tea partiers in the election did not know then the crisis we would currently be faced with and therefore would not continue to support the stubbornness of their elected leaders? Perhaps not! Maybe tea partiers don't care what happens to the rest of the nation just as long as one penny does not go to something to which they do not support.

    And, I do believe that the raising of the debt-ceiling only deals with future budgets to the point that Congress determines it will. And, even though I believe this, I do know the difference between what it means to have a budget surplus and what it means to be out of debt.

    I am not saying that the current crisis is entirely the Republicans fault. It most certainly is not. But, it is frustrating to consistently hear about how much the Democrats like to spend when the Republicans do a pretty good job of spending themselves, they just choose to spend it on different things. It is the tea partiers who are dividing the Republican party and making Congress completely unable to do their job.

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