Charles Shaughnessy iBlog #7 TV Land Chat Happily Divorced Season Finale

Charles Shaughnessy's iBlog #7
Reminding you to join him LIVE Wednesday night at TV Land at 7:30 pm PT/10:30 pm ET & to watch the Season Finale of Happily Divorced with Fran Drescher!

Charlie shows you the street where the Hallmark Channel mini-series "Love's Christmas Journey" is being filmed!


  1. Nearly didn´t reconise you ,without your curls! Hope you are enjoying filming and playing something different to what you have been doing of late.Also enjoy Wednesday hearing from the fans.I cant join unfortunately.

  2. That is pretty cool--reminded me of the Dr. Quinn set that Fran wandered onto in "The Unkindest Gift" episode of "The Nanny." Thank you, Charlie, for sharing your acting adventures with us. See you tonight during the online chat!

  3. The western town is cool and it looks big. Agree with Liane, you look different without your curls. lol And that Dr. Quinn Nanny episode Karen is referring was pretty funny. Be neat to see you as a bad guy. Have fun and thanks for sharing with us. See ya tonight too!

  4. Thanks for sharing! Those Janette Oke books/series are very sweet and quite popular. Have fun doing something a little different!!

  5. Charlie so looking forward to the show and the chat tonight i'am slso very excited about this new movie you are doing but i have to agree with all the other lady's so miss those curls LOL,Well i hope i don't have any problem's getting to the chat to night good luck on the movie.

  6. My comment seems to have been lost in transit(which now guarantees it will appear twice...LOL).

    The Janette Oke stories are so sweet and quite popular. Must be so much fun to play a "different" character. I'd love to hear how your name came up when they said "gee, we need a rootin'-tootin' rustling cowboy lawyer who talks like Foghorn about Shaughnessy"?! Says a lot about your talent!


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