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Charles Shaughnessy in Kansas City to star in New Theatre's GAME SHOW!

Charles Shaughnessy in the Kansas City area to star in GAME SHOW at the New Theatre located in Overland Park, KS!

Charlie will be starring as Troy Richards, the host & star of "Game Show."  "Game Show" was written by Jeffrey Finn & Bob Walton & is a comedy of a fictional TV game program that takes place on stage, with real audience members playing the game to win real prizes, interspersed with political machinations, seduction & betrayal during the commercials!  

A scripted comedy about behind-the-scenes backstabbing among the cast and crew of a fictional game show, this stage play has an actual trivia contest that uses real audience members as contestants!  With the stage made up to resemble a typical game-show set, host Troy Richards played by Charles Shaughnessy, chooses four audience members at a time to come onstage and participate in several rounds of a trivia-based game. 

During the commercial breaks of the fictional GAME SHOW, plot twists about the cast & crew, will surprise and delight the audience. Do you want to play GAME SHOW with Charles Shaughnessy?  Come see him at The New Theatre Restaurant in Kansas City (Overland Park, KS) & you could be one of the lucky audience members chosen to play! 

GAME SHOW runs from November 10, 2011 through January 22, 2012, 8 shows a week.  Every performance includes their 5 STAR Gourmet buffet with the price of each ticket!To buy tickets, click on this link:Ticket information

 Check out these sample menus from Chef Mark Webster including the special Fudge Brownie Cake dessert he has prepared for GAME SHOW!  

Knowing how much he will love the food at the New Theatre, Charlie was even more thrilled to learn that as the food is prepared fresh for each performance, all of the left over food is flash frozen in trays, then several times weekly, Harvesters Community Food Network pulls a truck up and loads the trays. They are then distributed to community meal facilities in a 13 county area around greater KC. Annually, New Theatre donates through Harvesters over 105,000 pounds of food. That equates to nearly 81,000 meals for families and individuals in need. In fact, over 1/5 of all the food distributed in the greater Kansas City Area through Harvester’s Food Rescue Program comes from New Theatre Restaurant. Click on this  link to learn more about Harvesters’ efforts to end hunger and how you can help. 

Charlie will be tweeting from his personal Twitter account during the time he is in Kansas City, so follow him!  

Here is the first of many 'behind the scenes' photos that Charlie tweeted today as he was Kansas City bound!  He hopes to see many of you at the show, & yes, the plan is, as always, that you will be able to meet him at the stage door after performances to get a photo with Charlie!

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  1. Sounds like a fun game show and I know you're going to be an awesome host for the game show. Good luck and have a wonderful time.

  2. would like to come, I wish you much fun with your work.

  3. My first thought when you announced the show was "OMG!! Deidre!!". I'm so excited that you and she will finally have a chance to meet after all these years of watching her friends have the privilege. I can't wait to see her photos.
    Anyone who can get the chance to go...please do. Seeing Charlie on stage is such an amazing experience, he is so in his 'element'. Those of us who were blessed to see his genius performance in 'Sleuth' in 2009 are still talking about it. Spamalot and My Fair Lady were amazing...but Sleuth was just "Tony-worthy".
    Best wishes for a successful run and enjoy your time in a "real" winter. xoxo

  4. With that voice can totally see him as a game show host. Did he choose this job for the food? kidding! So happy for Deidre too! Knock their socks off as usual! Glad to hear you are having a blast already! Trying to concoct a scheme to sneak in another vacation in January. Not sure i can pull it off so soon. Maybe if i incorporate bringing the family along this time. Just know that your shows will be great and everyone will enjoy it. Can't wait to see you on the Hallmark channel soon. Take care. Love the blog page btw!


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