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Charles Shaughnessy Blog: Read this and WEEP!

Yes.....I'm baaaaaack!!! After a brief interlude as a cowboy, I am back and brimming with even more indignation. I honestly TRY to find other things to talk about ( and am planning a new iBlog to do just that later today,) but right now I have to break one of my own rules. I just read this article written by a Republican staffer in Washington DC, who has also "had enough." It so clearly expresses my own view of what is going on and WHY we can't go on hiding behind this same bleating cry of " Why can't they BOTH get along," or " They're all as bad as each other!" NO! They are both bad, yes, but NOT as bad as each other. One side and one side ONLY has vociferously declared that they will do ANYTHING they can to make sure they win the next election and if that means sending the economy and the American people to Hell in a be it. The ends justify the means, right? So, despite my own ban on simply re-printing or linking 3rd. par…