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Charles Shaughnessy review GAME SHOW at New Theatre in Kansas City!

Posted on Sat, Nov. 26, 2011 The time is right for New Theatre’s risk-taking ‘Game Show’By ROBERT TRUSSELL
The Kansas City Star

When Richard Carrothers decided he wanted to stage “Game Show,” a process that began in earnest about two years ago, he knew he needed a cast that was nimble, adaptable and quick. Because “Game Show” isn’t like other plays you’ve seen at the New Theatre — or anywhere, for that matter. The piece by Jeffrey Finn and Bob Walton, which originally ran off-Broadway 11 years ago, is really two shows occupying the same slice of time and space. There’s a “live” TV broadcast, in which actual theatergoers are invited onstage to participate in a quiz show, and actors operating real cameras are capturing images that are shown on big screens on either side of the proscenium. And then there’s the play itself: a backstage satire depicting cutthroat network politics in which the debonair host, Troy Richards, gradually discovers that he has been set up in an elaborate plot to get hi…