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Charles Shaughnessy Blog "Life, Art and the Cosmos!"

A lot of you have wondered about my religious beliefs. As we are starting a new year, I thought I would post my first blog of 2012 to address this...a bit. To start with, I should tell you that I adhere to none of the established or more common "religions." I put that word in quotes because I do agree that we are all searching for a way to "tie back" to a state of universal consciousness that many might call GOD. It's the idea that God can be anthropomorphized that causes me trouble. The notion that what is indeed "Everything/Nothing," the Alpha and the Omega, can take sides, get angry, be nice, talk through a bush or a snake, interact with us, as if it were anything separate from us, seems to me to be a bit absurd. I respect the right of anyone to follow whatever belief they choose, to help them feel re-connected to that state of pre-lapsarian innocence that we all crave as human long as they don't insist that their particular belief …