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Charles Shaughnessy Blog ~ So this is what I think . . . .21 february, 2012

THE Global struggle is NOT between Christianity and Islam, East .v. is between the extremist and the moderate, the reactionary against the progressive. Look closely at the ideology of Rick Santorum, emergent as the standard bearer of the very vocal reactionary Christian Right, and compare it with the ideology of extremist Islam. Both see Religion as the guiding spirit of society, to the point where legislation itself should be Religion-oriented; not much removed from the vision of a Theocracy. Is there any real material difference between Santorum and the Right's desire to have government illegalize abortion, contraception and many other more subtle rights for women on the one hand, and the tenets of Sharia law that marginalize women in the Islamic culture on the other? Both sides believe in the "sanctity" of life, but will willingly sacrifice it in the name of their Gods. Again, is there really any material difference between shooting a doctor outside his Pla…

Blog from Charles Shaughnessy as he returns to DAYS OF OUR LIVES as Shane Donovan!

Blog from Charles Shaughnessy as he returns to DAYS OF OUR LIVES as Shane Donovan!

Hi all! Well, I guess the Salem cat has jumped out of his bag!! Yes, it is true :  Days of Our Lives has asked Shane to return for a twelve episode arc to help in the ruination of Stefano Di Mera....for the umpteenth time!!! 

I have been back a couple of times since I first left in 1991, but this has been the most fun. It was like walking into a wormhole or time warp when I rehearsed my first scene. The old gang was there doing the same stuff and saying the same dialogue as if it were the very next day. Shane and Roman helping Bo, Hope, Marlena and John Black "bring down " Stefano Di Mera. 

Everyone seemed happy to see me and I was giddy to see all of them. The strangest thing is that they all looked EXACTLY the same!! I know that there are miracles available through all kinds of surgery, but I could find no trace of them. Either they have some radical genius hidden away in the bowels of Burbank …