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Charles Shaughnessy on "Dancer against Cancer" gala ball, cancer, Fran Drescher, The Nanny & how he looks at life!

Charles Shaughnessy did a magazine interview before leaving for the Dancer against Cancer ball in Austria that will take place on Saturday, 14 April, 2012, where he is guest of honour with his favourite leading lady, his wife, Susan. This is what Charlie had to say about the gala ball , cancer, Fran Drescher , The Nanny & how he looks at life. The invitation to Dancer Against Cancer came "out of the blue." Fran was unable to come this year as she was working, so she suggested me. I knew nothing about the organization at first, but the idea of combining a short trip to such a beautiful city with such a wonderful cause seemed irresistible. It is one of the most rewarding sides of the "celebrity" that comes with a TV show that you can use it to help make a difference in some small way. If my presence at Dancer against Cancer this year can help raise some funds and awareness for the fight against cancer, then it makes those years of playing Mr. Sheffield eve