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Charles Shaughnessy blog "Here we go again!!!"

Ok, I know you've missed we go again!!! Its getting into THAT season again, so I figure its time to fire the first salvo. There was an interesting book being discussed on the radio today: " It's even worse than it looks ," by Thomas Mann of the Brookings Institution and Norman Ornstein of the conservative American Enterprise Institute. It is about the total breakdown of Congress as able to effect any kind of useful governance. Hardly any surprise. But here's the interesting bit. Even though one of the author's is a "dyed in the wool" Republican, the two of them agreed that after extensive research and analysis it was simply not valid to assign equal blame. They detailed how the established and enforced culture among congressional Republicans was simply to block ANY useful democratic legislation lest Obama should get the credit. They quoted Mitch McConnell, at the beginning of the last session saying that it was the Republicans' DUT