North Shore Music Theatre presents LA CAGE AUX FOLLES starring Charles Shaughnessy

North Shore Music Theatre presents LA CAGE AUX FOLLES starring Charles Shaughnessy

Charles Shaughnessy (Georges) is very excited to be returning to North Shore Music Theatre after having "the time of his professional life" playing Henry Higgins to the incomparable Lisa O'Hare's "Eliza" in 2011's production of My Fair Lady. Born to a "showbiz" family in London, Charles tried hard to make an honest career for himself, studying Law at Cambridge University. It didn't last long. After training at the Central School, he worked extensively on stage and TV in England before moving to the US in 1983. Here he is best known for his six years as Maxwell Sheffield on CBS's "The Nanny" and eight years as Shane Donovan on "Days of Our Lives." Patrons of the Pasadena Playhouse might remember him as Laurence Olivier in Orson's Shadow, directed by Damaso Rodriguez. He has enjoyed a long and varied career including an Emmy® for his voice work on the Disney series, "Stanley," and a memorable arc as St. John Powell on AMC's "Mad Men." In his spare time he is passionate about giving every opportunity possible to young people who might otherwise be denied a place at the table, and volunteers with the Family Crisis Center, "1736", in the South Bay and the Robert F. Kennedy Foundation in Boston. Charles has lived in Los Angeles since 1983 and enjoys as much time as he can with his darling wife, Susan and two girls, Jenny and Madelyn.

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  1. I am very much looking forward to seeing Charlie in this production. He is a wonderful actor and I know he will be great as Georges. It will be a fun night at the theatre!


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