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Join the conversation with Charles Shaughnessy & Matt Boren at Hollywood Journal

Actor Charles Shaughnessy is a contributing writer to the Hollywood Journal, soul of the biz website.  His latest piece "A conversation on violence" is paired here with writer Matt Boren's piece "#bully 2.0" who is another contributing writer to the website. Please read these pieces, then join in on the conversation  . . . Join the conversation with actor Charles Shaughnessy and writer Matt Boren...Having trouble viewing this email? Click here */

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A conversation on violenceby Charles ShaughnessyOur society, like any civilized, 21st century society, is faced with many fundamental dilemmas. They are fundamental because they run through the very fabric of that society and affect us all in so many subtle and not-so-subtle ways. I am talking about things like freedom, security, drugs, economic disparity and violence.

#bully2.0by Matt BorenAmanda Bynes is using social media as a weapon. And although most of …