Are you in the Kansas City area, specifically Overland Park, Kansas?  

Charles Shaughnessy is starring as Elwood P. Dowd in the enchanting Pulitzer Prize Winning play HARVEY, with that delightful 6 foot 3 1/2 inch rabbit that only he can see! 

Elwood visiting with his Aunt, Mrs. Chauvenet
Charles Shaughnessy as Elwood P. Dowd in HARVEY 

The play is running Through April 6, 2014 at The New Theatre Restaurant in Overland Park, KS. 

To reserve tickets, call the Box Office phone number : 913 - 649 - SHOW (7469) for a great meal and an absolutely charming play!

WHAT PEOPLE In the Kansas City area ARE SAYING about this production of HARVEY . . . .

Christine Thornton . . .  "Watching your performance when I attended the other night, I found myself periodically thinking that Jimmy Stewart himself must be looking down and smiling. You portray Elwood absolutely fabulously!! One of the best plays (and performances) I have ever seen!"

Heidi Jo Peacock . . .   "I am SO GLAD you took the Harvey roll. We've just seen the play last night and it was amazing! You nailed it. I loved how jovial and lighthearted you were. I don't think anyone else could have done better. Thanks for an amazing performance!" 

Beth Bensinger Hitesman  . . ."Brilliant job in KC. So glad you took the role. You were perfect for the part of Harvey's bff!" 

Charlie Baker ….."Looking forward to seeing you in the show there. I am coming for my birthday and I’m happy to see you are playing in it!"

Maureen Walter Holtgraves . . ."My husband and I saw Harvey Sunday afternoon. Had a wonderful time.  Hope you are enjoying the stay."

Brenda Komarchuk Goebel....."Saw the production "Harvey" tonight at New Theatre in Overland Park, Kansas. Great Performance by Charles Shaughnessy and the entire cast! Snowing lightly as we left the Theatre was a fantastic ending to a truly wonderful night! Charles Shaughnessy is a class act! Go see it if you are in the Kansas City area!"

Belinda Joy Hyland......."Hubby and I will be there for my birthday in March! Can't wait to see it! Was so excited to see that Charles Shaughnessy came to do Harvey!"

Rob Scoles....."Saw u last evening any your performance was magnificent !!!"

Debora Sheffield Conyers....."At the New Theatre with Mark Conyers and some good friends!! So blessed!! The show was good!!"

Mary L. Lefebvre Davis ........"Wonderful food...great performance of "Harvey"... staff very helpful...theatre kept clean and orderly...what more can you expect? Can't wait to go again!!"

Stacie Coleman Paquette ........"Thank You Mr. Shaughnessy! Great show!!"

Suzanne Ulrich ......."Lots of fun and great food!"

Rosemary Licata Freeman .........."GREAT show "

Alexa Meier.........
"It was a pleasure to watch you perform in Harvey at New Theatre on Valentines Day in Kansas City. Thank you for a wonderful night, my family truly enjoyed it."

Anita Countryman-Brunner .......
"Its great to have you back and we are looking forward to seeing the play next month."

Christine Thornton ........
"I saw it that first Friday after you took over the role and you (and the whole cast) were fantastic!!"

Alexa Meier ....
"It was a pleasure to watch you perform in Harvey at New Theatre on Valentines Day in Kansas City. Thank you for a wonderful night, my family truly enjoyed it. "

Greg Reeves  . . .
 "Came to see the show last night and had a great time."

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If you are planning on attending the play, and would like to meet Charles Shaughnessy afterward, be sure and read how on Charlie's Facebook Event Page and post the proper information!  


  1. I am so looking forward to seeing you in this! I loved the movie and I know you will be wonderful in the stage version. Enjoy your time in Kansas!

  2. So happy to read such great reviews! I've never been disappointed by one of your stage performances, you just shine on the live stage. Have a wonderful time and enjoy! Anyone who has the chance to see Charlie perform live should take the opportunity to do so. (oy, does that sound like a gushing fan or WHAT? You may now remove my lipstick from the seat of your pants LOL).

    1. Charlie only gets glowing reports from his diehard fans because he is truly, extremely talented! Great job, Charlie! Glad to hear of your amazing reviews.

  3. It was a great night at the theatre. The play Harvey was very well done and a lot of fun. Charlie was excellent and was supported by a very good cast. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening!


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