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Would you give me, Charles Shaughnessy, money to take my clothes off?

Would you give me, Charles Shaughnessy,
money for taking off my clothes?

What... ?

No, I mean would you make a donation to my fundraising page?


Why? Because I'm running through the streets this February in
Cupid's Undie Run to raise funds for the Children's Tumor Foundation (
That's right, a mile run in the freezing cold, in nothing but my underwear.

No I didn't lose a bet, I just wanted to do something bold and help out this
amazing charity.  Last year we raised over $1.3 Million for this very much
needed research and I need your help this year to do more.

100% of donations go to CTF and will help families battling a horrific disorder
called neurofibromatosis (NF). It causes tumors to grow on the nervous system
which can lead to deafness, blindness, debilitating pain, learning disabilities,
cancer and even more. It sucks, a lot and we need to do something about it.

Since there are no current treatments, I'm doing whatever it takes, clearly,
to do my part to find a cure. We can #endNF!

$5 ... $500!   All gifts are important and will go a long way to helping those
in need. Oh and they are tax-deductible as well.
All joking aside, on behalf of those I'm running for, 
we are truly grateful for your contribution.

updated 27 february, 2014
Thank you to all of the following for your support and donation!  
Charles Shaughnessy - $1415 raised
Emily Rogers - $290 raised
Jason Miller - $625 raised

Melissa Legg - $95 raised


Sharon Hallett : $105
After donating our initial sum from the proceeds of our Bake Sale, our Second Grade class had a further $105 from money that came in later as donations. We are happy to add it for this worthy cause.
Mary Hargett
Charlie is truly a man with a huge heart . Happy to help support this cause
Holli Wilson
Thanks for supporting such a great cause! Love, The Tea Ladies (no political affiliation)
Gale Hanley : $10
Having given my donation before the race after seeing the pictures and the dedication inspired me to give a little more to this important cause. Great job Charlie, so proud of you. A fan for life.
Stacy Dube : $5
Catherine Dennison : $250
Thank you for raising money and awareness! You are a wonderful person! God bless!
Kristina Tucky
Meghann Sherman : $25
Go Team Harvey!!!
Thank you for doing that...
Myrthala Guzman : $25
Linda Grindel
I like to watch??
Theresa Martin
Darlene Blland-Butler
I am happy to donate for a worthy cause and help Charlie raise money for this very important charity. I wish could be there to see participate in the race.
Sharon Hallett : $200
Our Second Graders at Carden Conejo School held a bake sale and decided to donate the proceeds to help Jack and other children like him. Thanks for bringing this to our attention Charlie.
Ellen Lotz : $10
How good of you to do this, shows your caring heart. I'm happy to donate and wish it could be more. Blessings!
Ketmany Saycocie : $20
Happy Valentine's day, Charles and best of luck!
Robert McGraw : $100
This donation is being made by Richard Carrothers
Robert McGraw : $100
This donation is being made by Dennis D. Hennessy
Cheryl Burbage
I'm happy to help. Just wish it could be more.
elizabeth herrington : $15
Gale Hanley : $15
I am happy to donate to such a good cause and help Charlie raise money for this very important charity. You are always giving of yourself Charlie. What a great example.
Michele Valley : $25
Nancy Robison
You Go Mr. S! Good for you to help with this fundraiser!! Run fast so you don't Freeze! and I hope you have fun.
michelle taylor : $25
Thankyou for caring
Linda Mussa
God Bless you Charlie!
Sharon Hallett : $25
This is a wonderful cause. Thanks for doing it Charlie. Run fast!!
Janice Minsberg : $25
Karin Adelman : $25
Thanks so much Charlie for doing this!
Ingvild Tellnes : $20
Karen Guenther : $25
Thank you for doing this--you are much braver than I am!
Liane Walta : $25
Am i missing out on something this time !need some boxer warmers ?kids are always worth it !
JoAnn Skov : $15
Have fun! What a wonderful cause.
Eileen-Rita Folwell : $5
Run Charlie Run :) What a great cause!
janne nordvang : $15
Great cause. Good Luck!
Tracy Schoolcraft
Run fast
Barrington Puppy : $5
You go Uncle Charlie!! You are my hero. Mama gave me $5 to support your good cause for the kids that need help! Don't freeze your tuchas off!! xoooof
Madeline Jarosch : $25
The best of luck Charlie a good cause!
Donna Jones : $5
Cindy Browning : $5

My sincerest thanks, and yes I will send pics.

100% of donations to Cupid's Undie Run go directly to The Children's Tumor Foundation. 
The Children's Tumor Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a 4-Star
Charity Navigator rating. CTF prides itself on efficiency, spending 82.4% of its revenue
on program expenses and less than 8% on administrative costs.


  1. Charlie was happy to donate $15, wish it could be more for such a worthy cause. God bless you for being so caring for this charity and so many others. It really is an honor to be your fan. Gale Susan Kaplan Hanley

  2. It was for such a good cause. I try to help as much as I can, especially when it is for children. Thanks for always being willing to pitch in and help out whenever you can! Really great of you! It looked like you had fun!


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