Here's a Thought . . . with Charles Shaughnessy


                                  with Charles Shaughnessy

Yup, I’m “that guy from The Nanny.” Born and raised in England, I was destined for more serious work after graduating Cambridge with a law degree. But it didn’t last long. At Drama School I met the lovely Susan Fallender (from Studio City, CA!) with whom I moved to the U.S. I would say my role of husband and father has been my most successful one yet! We’re just picked up for our 32nd. season!!! 
You might recognize me from any number of characters I have played in my very enjoyable career: Shane Donovan on "Days of Our Lives", Maxwell Sheffield in "The Nanny", the vampire from Disney’s “ Mom’s Got A Date With A Vampire” or even St. John Powell on “Mad Men.” My latest movie, " Audrey," is in theaters now and my SciFi film adventure, "Moontrap:Target Earth," can be seen in early 2015. 
For years I have been writing blogs on all kinds of topics and now, I am turning my attention to TV/Radio with my new show: “ Here’s A Thought....with Charles Shaughnessy," on where you will be able to see me and interact with me.  
My show will start in August, 2014 and we will be posting news and information on my Facebook Page, on my Twitter account and here on the blog.  
I hope you will come along on this new adventure with me and make it OUR show!  You can start by following TradioV on Facebook  where you will be able to watch my show LIVE or archived and following all the shows on TradioV on Twitter!  If you watch live, you can call in or tweet in.  More on that later!


  1. Nadia (Les Sables d'Olonne - France)17 July, 2014 01:48

    Great news! I'm looking forward to discovering your talk-show! (I think it will be around midnight in France if I want to hear it live...)

  2. Will there be a "continuing discussion" after the show has aired? Many of us love to participate in your blogs, but are at work (or asleep, for our European friends!) when the show is actually occurring. If not, well such is life and it will still be fun to listen to the archives :)

  3. I think it is wonderful! TradioV shows are terrific and you will be a great addition to the line up. Looking forward to August 7! Good luck with the show!

  4. this is great! you do seeem to have a marvelously grounded personality.

  5. Looking forward to listening to your talk show, and hope the movie Audrey comes to our small-town movie theater, looks like a great movie!

  6. Should be interesting. Hope to see it. I'm known to forget, so when you give us a date on when it begins I will write it down. Great news for your new adventure!


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