Charles Shaughnessy accepts the #ALS #IcebucketChallenge

I accept Alexandra Coleman's #ALS #IceBucketChallenge.  I'm doing this in the name of Joan Flynn and Neil Bagg.  I am throwing down the gauntlet to Fran Drescher, Jenny Shaughnessy, David Shaughnessy and Gregory Harrison. Thanks to the White Barn Inn in Kennebunkport, Maine for all the help with this.  ‪#‎StrikeOutALS‬ at

I had been up until 8 am in Kennebunkport filming a PBS Christmas movie with Jane Seymour, Dick Van Dyke and Kate Winslet as the narrator, and decided this was the best time to pour ice water over my head!!


  1. Good for you!! I'm still plotzing over the fact that you're working with Dick Van Dyke! He's an icon. And so neat to discover that the "Gregory Harrison" you mentioned(and that I've seen on your Kickstarter page) is Gonzo Gates! I met him in the mid-80's, sat behind him and Andrew Stevens at the premiere of "Pack of Lies", a fictional account of the Rosenberg Spy story. My six degrees of separation just never ends LOL.
    So excited to see how well the pledges are going, as I write this, you have $333 left until goal. Looking forward to that changing, as 9,666 really creeps me out (wink). Have a safe trip back to LA and looking forward to today's show.

  2. Good for you! That must certainly have got your brain working again! I hope you had an enjoyable time in Maine. I am thrilled that you were working with Jane Seymour and Dick Van Dyke. Both super people. Met Jane a couple times when she was in my neighborhood filming Dr. Quinn. Such a nice person.
    So excited that you reached your kickstarter goal. Fantastic!!
    Waiting now for #HeresAThought with Robert Kovacik, who is one of my favorite reporter! Welcome home and good luck with your future shows. So happy for you!


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