Charles Shaughnessy guest stars on Soap Box with Lilly and Martha May 1, 1914

Did you miss the episode where Charlie was a guest on Soap Box with Lilly and Martha They talk racism, morality vs ethics, alter boys, Emmy noms, disses and more 

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  1. I'm not a soap fan so I didn't know Soap Box, Lily or Martha before Charles was invited... It was a really pleasant and fun show!

    But very insightful too! I particularly liked the discussion about Moral vs Ethics : well said!
    Actually this is one of the first topic that I've heard Charlie talking about on his Youtube Channel when I discovered all his blogs 6 months ago! I couldn't agree more!
    I found what Lily & Martha said, also quite relevant...

    The day after the first "Here's a Thought" Show with Martha as guest, I went on her blog and read some of her posts. I really appreciated them, especially "Mother's day"... Very moving... I have the impression that Martha -as Fran Drescher the week after that- is someone who has a lot of strength and wisdom in the way she is facing adversity... I like that very much!


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