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Here's A Thought ...with Charles Shaughnessy on Thursday August 28, 2014

A lot of you want to know what my next show is going to be on August 28th.  Here is the info!!

I have had three exciting, fun and THOUGHTFUL shows since beginning "Here's A Thought with Charles Shaughnessy" but the hour goes by so fast, I just haven't had enough time to get to everything I had planned each week.  So, we have decided that this will be our format.  Three shows . . . then a #ThrowBackThursday show where I talk about everything I didn't get to, where I will be able to take more phone calls from all of you, more twitter questions and discuss the previous three guests, topics & your comments here on the blog.

If you need a reminder of what was discussed, to formulate your thoughts that you want to share with the other 'thoughters' and/or me, all of the information can be found in my blogs, here, including comments to be considered on the show.

I'm Charles Shaughnessy . . . and Here's A Thought for Friday, August 8th, 2014 with guest Martha Madison

Martha Madison

I'm Charles Shaughnessy . . . and Here's A Thought for Thursday, August 14th, 2014 with guest Fran Drescher

Fran Drescher

I'm Charles Shaughnessy and Here's A Thought for Thursday, 8.21 with guest Robert Kovacik

Robert Kovacik

Please share the blogs on your Facebook pages and Twitter feeds with your friends!!
Looking forward to your thoughts.


MY intention is to deliver an hour to you every week that will inspire, challenge, confront & make you think.  To give you a platform to interact with me & my guests, hear what we have to say and then share your thoughts via Twitter, call in, and here on the blog!  If you haven't subscribed to the blog yet, please do so you know when it is updated!!

When you tune in 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm on Thursday afternoons (PST) at you can listen and engage with me, live. There's always something to talk about, always something to say back. HOWEVER . . . If you miss a live show, you can always listen to the archived version, then come to the blog and discuss the show with other thoughters. Some of your thoughts and comments will be discussed on a future show!

You can send in your twitter questions to @C_Shaughnessy with #heresathought and your question or comment in your tweet.

You can call the studio BUT ONLY when the show is ON THE AIR LIVE (3-4 pm pst thursdays)  YOU MUST TURN THE SOUND OFF ON YOUR COMPUTERS when you call in and just listen through your phones or we get so much feedback we will have to end the call with you!!   You will be asked what your comment or questions is and what your name is as well.  I WILL ANNOUNCE THE PHONE NUMBER ON THE AIR WHEN I AM READY TO START TAKING PHONE CALLS.  


  1. Do love your guests but so happy that this Thursday we will have you discussing, taking calls & tweets. Really looking forward to this next show as I do all of them. Here's a thought: your show is going to be a smashing success.

  2. Charlie: Really enjoyed your topics and your input. Listening to you is really a pleasure. You get us to really think and it's all common sense. I tried to call in but I was too late but will try again next week. So proud to be a "thoughter" and to have had made a contribution to your show. Keep up the good work Charlie, I know where I want to be every thursday. Have a great week till next Thursday. <3 Gale

  3. I would like to add something at what Charlie said about "the need to look at the bigger picture" during the #TBT Show...

    This necessity that we elevate ourselves... this attitude to put as much as possible everything in perspective so that you can be able to understand & respect others, live in community without wanting to impose anything, be tolerant and compassionate, not staying stuck doggedly to your positions and fears... all that is something you can learn from your parents and/or the people that contribute to raise you, especially school!
    It can then easier become something that is constitutional, part of yourself, something more natural than the basic instincts... But sadly -Fran Drescher said it very clearly during the Show #2- not everybody has been exposed to that growing up so a lot of people think the way they are is the way it is...

    So... I believe that to be able to look at the bigger picture, to be able to understand that everything is relative, you have to get or increase the ability to step back and analyze...
    The childhood, the education is the starting point... but certain meetings later can also be enlightening and enriching and change the way you act & react... or the need of facing challenges and overcoming adversity will maybe offer you some wisdom and a completely new point of view...
    In short, it can be learned, isn't it? Phew! LOL :-p

    PS : again, I am trying to do my best, but it's not easy to express myself with all the necessary subtlety, because I don't write english fluently! I hope it's understandable...


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