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I'm Charles Shaughnessy . . . and Here's A Thought for Thursday, August 14th, 2014 with guest Fran Drescher

For my second show on HERE'S A THOUGHT with Charles Shaughnessy, my special guest was Fran Drescher.  What a delight that was.  If you did not get to watch the show live, this is how you can watch each week's show, here on my blog.  Just click on the photo below. 

I also read a wonderful piece about depression and suicide written by a friend of mine after we lost the brilliant Robin Williams.  I found her thoughts and words so important, helpful and poignant. You can watch just that part of the show here if you would like

Tribute to Robin Williams

By the way, when I ask for your thoughts on each episode, if you leave them here on the blog page, you could hear them on my show in one of the future #ThrowbackThursday segments and I do want you to start a discussion with each other, here in the comments section!
Fran in the studio and Frank Argueta in the booth

Fran taking a selfie in the studio during a break

Fran and Charlie

Fran and Charlie

Our Official cartoon from Janne Nordvang
SO...what are YOUR thoughts?
Post them here in the comments section.

I'm so excited about this opportunity to interact with all of you and for you to become "Thoughters." It's the next obvious step in broadcast journalism, and I hope you will come along on this adventure with me! It's radio in TV!


Charlie and Greg Furman in the studio

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Cheers! Charlie


  1. Thoroughly enjoyed the show with Fran Drescher. So much fun to see you both together again. You both had very interesting things to say, but two things Fran said struck a chord with me. The first was what she said about 24 hour news and how it always dwells on the negative by sensationalizing the bad news and playing it over and over again. After watching for a few hours, you start to believe that there is no hope for any of us! A few positive items thrown in might give us hope! This might come up this week with Robert Kovacik, a show I am really looking forward too!
    The second topic you both commented on, was this obsession we have with dirt and germs!! I have seen the proof over and over again. The children in my class who do not have hand sanitizer with them all the time and just wash their hands with soap and water, when necessary, stay healthier and are less likely to succumb to colds and flu.A little dirt never hurt anyone!! Two thoughts for #HeresAThought
    I will be watching on Thursday, and I so hope you reach the target required to keep going. I'm holding out for that miracle!

  2. The show was wonderful!! It was fun to see the friendship and respect that transcends "Mr Sheffield and Miss Fine". I'm hoping for a miracle with Kickstarter also, it must be so stressful for all of you!! It's making MY heart hurt just looking at the page!
    That tribute to Robin Williams was just lovely. I saw so many comments on Facebook and other pages, about how "selfish" he was!! I don't see it as selfish at all...he(and other victims) most likely think they are helping their loved ones! They feel like they are useless and a burden, and that others will have a better life "without them around". I haven't felt so moved by a celebrity loss since Princess Diana! Robin Williams had made such an impact on all of us, from his first appearance as Mork on "Happy Days". I loved seeing the clips from his USO tours for the troops.
    I'm very much looking forward to your next show, about truth in media. As you mentioned in Hollywood Journal, the lies/half-truths go viral before the facts are checked, and then it's too late. The "spun agenda" spreads faster than we can counter it with truth, on both sides of the aisle. And worst of all, people don't WANT to hear the facts, once they are outraged over some perceived motive. We're seeing it today with Ferguson, Missouri....both sides spinning the story to fit an agenda, instead of dealing with the REALITY of the situation.
    Hope the next few days are as stress-free as possible for you and Janelle!!!

  3. It was such an interesting show! Thank you! Fran has so much to share and talk so well & beautifully about things!

    I loved watching The Nanny in the 90's when I was a student... but still enjoy it today!
    Because, as Fran said during "Here's a thought", this sitcom is A) a timeless iconic show still "working" and B) -most important- it brings so much joy when you watch it that it can make all the difference if you need to change your mind...

    Because I believe that no matter how tough life's circumstances can be, one should always try to maintain space for laughter or escapism from reality. If only for a moment or two. It can really help you facing adversity...
    I have the impression that the two of you believe in this as well...

    That brings me to my second comment : better always trying to see the glass half full!
    That's one of my mottos (a daily practice too)...
    It can help you get through the storm... leave room for small pleasures... and as Fran says, turn "lemons into lemonade" and then "pain into purpose"!
    Just like she did (but not for the same reasons/causes) I decided to be resilient (and unfortunately I had to!). And what I had been through and what I had to deal with, became the starting point of so many "high roads" as you name them!
    So rewarding to do something positiv, creativ & useful for others from all what I've learned! I got strength and am trying now to help others that may need my experience, my skills... Better than being bitter ;-)

    As I already told some of you, I only recently discovered WHO you both were as a person (and not as an actor) and liked it very much! You two are provoking the same echo in me : the sides that you -Fran and Charles- show us with your blogs, books, articles, actions or comments are generally in connexion with the way I see the "path of life" now.
    Often using strong words, showing wisdom & generosity, awareness & empowerment, you make us laugh but also think -and think in a pleasant way and laugh in an intelligent way- and that's a marvelous combination!



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