I'm Charles Shaughnessy . . . and Here's A Thought for Thursday, August 7th, 2014

It's the countdown to my new show "Here's A thought  . . . with Charles Shaughnessy" that starts TODAY!!

This is a LIVE, call in, radio talk show on the internet, yes that's the WORLD WIDE WEB, but can also be seen and heard on the website or on Livestream in the archives, after it airs.  TradioV? It's RADIO in TV!! Here's one of my thoughts . . .

Charles Shaughnessy on why he is excited to be doing his new talk show AND why he's excited it's on the Internet, with Lora Cain, Monique Marvez & Michael Crozier (see the whole episode here: http://tradiov.com/la/videos/miss-loras-civil-wars-charles-shaughnessy-8-2-14/ )

What are YOUR thoughts?

Post them here in the comments section. By the way, when I ask for your thoughts, you could hear them on my show in the future! I'm so excited about this opportunity to interact with all of you and for you to become "Thoughters." It's the next obvious step in broadcast journalism, and I hope you will come along on this adventure with me!

My premiere show is this Thursday, August 7th at 3 pm PST on +TradioV LA and I hope you will join me! I'm delighted that my first guest is Martha Madisonmy colleague and my inspiration for me getting into this! . My show comes on right after Soap Box with Lilly & Martha on TradioV. This week, at Thursday, 2pm PST they will have an all new episode of SoapBox with two-time Emmy winner, Martha Byrne (Lily/ATWT)! photo ©Holland Reid

AND ONE MORE THING . . . I have a Kickstarter campaign that is VERY IMPORTANT to the future of my show.  Please check it out at this link!  Your donations are truly appreciated, and you can get some fun gift rewards with your donations.

Cheers! Charlie


  1. I'm so excited about this! This show is coming into my life at a time when I'm falling back in love with intellectual exploration. I can't think of a better way to use the internet, really.

  2. Well done on a great first show! It was really entertaining and interesting. It made all of us 'Thoughters' think! I really enjoyed it and I am looking forward to many more shows! Congratulations Charlie! It was awesome!

  3. It really WAS wonderful, I listened to the archive this morning. Very classy show and interesting topics. I was not familiar with Martha(exc. for when you did the SoapBox interview), but she is great! She added so much to the conversation. Well...except when she said that she wasn't alive during the Mad Men era but her parents were. Still not sure how I feel about that LOL. Again, best wishes for future success.


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