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David Shaughnessy is my guest on Here's A Thought with Charles Shaughnessy on Thursday, 11 Sept, 2014

It's YANKS vs BRITS with The Shaughnessy Brothers! drawing by Janne

I'm pleased to have my brother David Shaughnessy as my guest on this week's show.  We are going to be discussing the differences between the UK and America!  

If you have questions for us, tweet them to @C_Shaughnessy with hashtag #heresathought and we will try to get to as many as we can during the show.

David was born in London, England and attended Eton College and the Central School of Speech & Drama. David has an extensive background in British Theater, both as a director and performer, where his credits include seven years playing principle roles with the famous “Old Vic Theatre Company.”  Arriving in the United States in 1986, he continued to act and direct theater while being trained as a television director at NBC.  This led to a busy and successful career behind the camera.

David was the Executive Producer and Director of the #1 rated Daytime Drama, “The Young & The Restless.”  He was with the show from 1991-2003, starting as the Producer and working his way through Supervising Producer to Executive Producer in 2000. While with the “Young & Restless,” he won two Emmy Awards for “Best Daytime Drama,” in 1991 and 2003.   

David has had extensive experience directing and producing many television shows including, “Trial by Jury,” with Raymond Burr, “Tribes” for Fox, “Days of Our Lives,” for NBC, “Santa Barbara,” also for NBC and “The Bold & The Beautiful,” for CBS.   

At the present time David is a freelance director on “The Bold & The Beautiful” and is a very busy voice actor.   He has loaned his voice to a myriad of cartoons, video games, films and promos.  He also guest directs and teaches acting for camera classes at Harvard-Westlake High School. 

David is the son of Alfred Shaughnessy, who served as Head Writer on the acclaimed series “Upstairs, Downstairs.”     He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, writer Anne Schoettle, and has three daughters, Amy, Katie and Josie.

You can follow David on Twitter @DavidBiz0303


  1. Looking forward to hearing your ideas. Having lived in both, I have a few thoughts about this subject as well!
    I know it will be another terrific show!

  2. Looking forward to seeing you together . # HeresAthought @David ,did you come to Cal for love or for the weather ,or to expand your career ?

  3. I will certainly have some very smart questions to ask to you both a little later on, but let's start with this one, sorry! LOL
    Let's play!?!? :-p

    You both went to Eton. It is well known for offering a complete education. I'm sure you've learned french & german there, right? ;-)

    Would you two do your french & german fans a favor and talk 1 minute with each other in french and/or german during the show?
    You could even try to say something in norwegian or spanish if you prefer! Your fans are everywhere! :-p

  4. Some of us have posted jpegs on our facebook pages about little language differences in british & american english... Would you have some funny anecdotes to share with us about that? Did it happen to you when you first came to the US? Does it still happen sometimes?

  5. Lol Nadia! Good question for Charlie and David! It happens to me all the time! I still have to think real hard sometimes how I should say a word the American way, so the students in my class can spell them!

  6. I am anticipating enjoying many aspects of this upcoming show with Charlie & Davis & hoping there will be some great sibling stories. I hope I learn a lot I didn't know about Great Britan

  7. This week I've tried to share my personal views about UK/USA through the jpegs and facebook covers I have posted...

    I love these 2 countries and lots of strong symbols are attached to them in my mind e.g. the particular and famous british humor ; american counterculture who spread throughout much of the western world during the 60's-70's ; british tradition and way of life (it's tea o' clock!) ; american idols -I chose Elvis today because my father was a huuuuge fan, but I could have chosen Martin Luther King or one of the many other influential american figures from the past or present!

    My questions to you both:
    - how did you see America before you met your wifes/went there? What did you consider then as emblematic? And now?
    - according to you, what was/is still iconic about UK?

    1. @David @Charlie,
      At the end of the show, you proposed to answer some of the questions here on the blog... so I will dare to ask you again those two ones right above, although Charlie had picked up my question and David began to answer it, because I am really really curious!
      Would you be OK to? Hope you won't mind that I insist :-D

  8. This question is for both Charlie and David: Do you have any regrets, either personally or professionally, about relocating across the pond?

  9. Norwegians usually celebrate Christmas, and May 17th (national day),and that`s it..Seeing pictures of green cup cakes on St.Patrics day, and turkey profile pics on facebook for Thanksgiving kind of makes me want to emigrate to here is my question for the both of you. What american traditions did you adopt after moving, and what traditions would you rather be without?

  10. I was born in an English colony and was brought up in the English system, ie: schooling, culture, etc.. When I left Africa, I chose to move to America and not England, despite being very English and despite having lived there for awhile. My question to you both is:- If you both had not met your American wives, would you have chosen to stay in England, or considering your professions, would you have made the choice to move across the pond?

  11. I tweeted a question, but will repeat it here(plus...more letters!!!). How do you feel about the current US "Anglophilia"? I guess Princess Diana got it rolling, but I know I'm not the only one who feels that there has been a cosmic error and I was born in the wrong country. Will and Kate, Prince George, Downton Abbey, Call the Midwife, Dr Who, etc. Americans are obsessed with all things Brit!

  12. For those who are interested in this subject - "British and American English", "Americanisms and Britishisms" - there is a thought-provoking article here :

    ( + this one with readers' reactions: )

  13. @David @Charlie @all the readers here,

    5 short & funny articles below: clich├ęs? partially true? completely true?

    Any thoughts? :-D

  14. Can you please explain the crackers meaning? I'm sure it's not the same as American crackers.

  15. Three meanings Tracy
    1. Crackers as in crackers and cheese
    2. Going crackers as in going crazy
    3. Crackers that you pull at Christmas time. An object that you pull with another person and when it breaks in half, it makes a cracking sound. Inside is a small toy, a paper hat, and a joke.
    Hope that helps Tracy!


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