Here's a Thought for Thursday August 25, 2014 Discussion of past and current topics & announcements

Today is our 8th show! Can you believe it Thoughters? 

On today, Thursday's show I will be discussing the last three shows, talking about some current events and ANNOUNCING some upcoming projects that I am doing. Yes, you will hear it LIVE, here, first, from me!  

If you have questions that haven't been posted to the blogs yet, or comments, put them in the comments section here.

If you want to watch any of the shows again, here they are: 

Lily Melgar & Martha Madison was on September 4, 2014 

David Shaughnessy was on September 11, 2014

Roger Guenveur Smith was on September 18, 2014

So . . . . Be sure to tune in to at 3 pm PST on the internet, today, September 25th where I will address your questions and take phone calls 855 878-4652, from those you that wish to call in! You can also tweet to @C_Shaughnessy with #HeresAThought in the subject
 It's radio . . . in TV!!

Looking forward to seeing you today at 3 pm PST on



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