I'm Charles Shaughnessy and Here's A Thought for 9.11.2014 with my guest David Shaughnessy

It was a great show today with my brother David Shaughnessy as my guest.  Here is the show in it's entirety in case you missed it! Just click on the cartoon of David drawn by Janne Nordvang!


  1. Another terrific show! It was so much fun listening to the two of you reminisce about your childhood days. I have similar memories of my sister, brother and I in the back of the car on long road trips to South Africa. We too, used to sing a lot and it was fun. We could move around more too! No seatbelts back then!
    I found your take on the differences between England and America interesting. Thanks for taking my call on whether or not some of the differences are due to the way children are brought up in the two countries. I agree that children brought up in the English way, were very much more reserved. You are right when you say they are encouraged to not show off, to their own detriment sometimes. They tend to wait for someone else to sing their praises for something they did well, hoping that people would know it was them that did it, instead of taking the credit for doing whatever it was, well! They generally grow up more self conscious (probably why I still get nervous when I call in!) and less willing to share their feelings.
    One of the first things that astounded me when I came here, 29 years, was the way people here did not judge you, no matter what you were doing. Though I was a teacher, when I first arrived I worked as a Nanny for a few years, hence my fondness for the show! I had been a nanny in England as a very young person and the difference was amazing, In England, you were definitely working for the family and here you were a part of the family. I couldn't get over it! Your point about the Devine Right of the King versus Equality for all, is very valid. Your occupation here and in England is seen very differently!
    Then of course, the difference in the meaning of some words can be funny. I had a funny incident at school over the English word for an eraser!!
    The comedian Ricky Gervais said that the difference between Americans and the English is that Americans applaud ambition and openly reward success and that the English are more comfortable with life's losers and like to bring down authority a peg or two. Do you agree with this?
    As always, the hour went so fast! Looking forward to next week's show. By the way, the discussion on Life With Awareness with Corey Jenkins was very good. I look forward to another show with the two of you!

  2. Just wanted to add that I was and still am, a big fan of "Our Cliff" and remember Helen Shapiro and Jerry and the Pacemakers! And despite it being Liverpool, I do have to admit that their anthem, "You'll Never Walk Alone" is the best!

  3. This was my FAVORITE episode so far! It was so nice to get to "meet" David after seeing his photo for all of these years. The love you two share was a delight to watch. Your dad and mum did a great job.
    Thank you for replying to my tweet, I'm a die-hard Anglophile. Fell in love with Princess Diana and haven't stopped yet. I'm having Downton Abbey withdrawal. I see so many similarities between DA and Upstairs Downstairs(which I loved). Perhaps there has been a mistake, and I was born in the wrong country LOL? Though I'm sure the Jane Austen/Charles Dickens/Shakespeare London that exists in my head, is quite different from the real thing.
    Again, I just adored the show and really enjoyed your time on Corey's show. It's always a good day when I get to hear British voices singing a Broadway show tune...2 of my favorite things at once!

  4. Loved the show this week! "You'll Never Walk Alone" was played at my high school graduation, and I've loved that song as long as I can remember. I couldn't help but think, though, as you two were talking about divine right monarchs how much that affected the development of the Empire (particularly the North American colonies) and world history.

    Like Sharon, I have similar memories of singing in the car with my brother and sister on cross-country trips. My parents didn't mind (even with my off-key singing voice), because that meant we weren't hitting each other.

    Looking forward to next week's show!

  5. Glad you all enjoyed the show as much as I enjoyed spending an hour reminiscing with David in the studio. To clarify: "cracker" is both an English novelty item, usually enjoyed at Christmas. Two people pull opposing ends of the tube, which "pops" and delivers a toy, paper hat and a riddle! Here, it can be a derogatory slang word for a "woman of easy virtue" !!!! My mum reminded me this weekend of a common English expression that might raise eyebrows here: when feeling down-in-the-dumps, one might be advised to "keep your pecckah up!" :-)

    1. Ha! Thanks for these explanations! ^-^

      I liked to "meet" your brother... It was nice and sweet!
      The upcoming show about the racial issues will be interesting for sure...

  6. I saw the archives of Corey Jenkins's show "Life with Awareness". I found your conversation with him very stimulating!

    In the third part about "intimacy and personal relationships", I was pleased to hear you both mentioning all the possible scenarios existing, because I know -as probably all of us of course- so many people that are unhappy in their mariage or not willing to live in an exclusive relationship... and as you said, it's totally respectable as well!

    As you, I found my soulmate too... 20 years ago (I'm 43 years old and Phil is 46), we found each other, the one who would be the physical & emotional lover + the best friend + the one with whom we wanted to build a family...
    I agree with you, when you are really ready and/or willing to live this kind of experience, it's the most wonderful thing!

    Again, I would repeat, not everybody is attracted by that but also, not everybody has the chance to find it unfortunately! I know many persons who so strongly would like to find the Love of their life but aren't lucky to...

    Anyway, I wanted to add something about the "What" and the "Why" of those strong and happy mariages you was talking about: you mentioned the feeling of an authentic desire for that kind of relationship, enjoying intimacy and being completely selfness...
    I would add 3 other important words as well: Care - Share - Trust!

    Because most of us love to care for others and be cared for... and human beings are social animals who are generally made to love to share with others... and as these 2 important needs are fulfilled in a trustful relation than it's mostly the happier place to be for everybody, that you have desired it or not: you're hooked before you know! :-D

    1. I re-read my message and saw many faults... That's okay but I'll just correct the one at the end of the post because it changes the sens of the phrase I believe: it's not "than" but "then"...


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