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I'm Charles Shaughnessy & Here's A thought for September 4, 2014 with Lilly Melgar & Martha Madison

Today we discussed a range of topics from Disrupt Economy to Crowd Funding to Uber to Air B&B to naked photos to the 'Cloud' to Connecting with each other!
Lilly, Charlie & Martha!

My guests were the fun, energetic, outspoken & always authentic Lilly Melgar and Martha Madison from Soap Box on TradioV

If you missed this show LIVE, you will not want to miss it on the video archives.  Work should always be this much fun!
Watch the show in it's entirety here:

Leave your comments and questions in the comments section below!  

Thanks for watching Here's A Thought on! And check out my blog on my musical guests Strange Native!


Additional comment from Charlie charles shaughnessy05 September, 2014 12:26


  1. It was such a fun show to watch yesterday! So pleasant, with great (interesting) guests! The wacky gals in 2B! Loved it!

    I think you found it! In my humble opinion THIS is your format: fun AND smart!

    As I'm picturing yourself : fun & smart! ;-)
    Of course I don't "know" you -and I just "(re)connected" a few months ago, I'm "new" here- but that's the feeling I have... maybe you've read the comment I've posted on the blog about #2 show with Fran Drescher... the last paragraph about what pleases me the most in general : I mean when one's mixing fun with serious thoughts, laughter with profoundness!
    A great combination that I am trying to apply to myself also in real life... one of the best way I believe ;-)
    Anyway... a perfect match for me!

    Looking forward to the next show! I'm sure the one with your brother David about Brits VS Yanks will be great too!

    1. Thanks, Nadia, for your kind words. I absolutely agree with you about yesterday's show: I think it was our best yet too. Just the right tone of fun and thought! The girls are GREAT guests and helped shape the show. I will try to keep the future shows in that same groove. Thanks again for all your enthusiasm and support. I enjoy all your comments.

    2. Oooh! Happy to do it! Thank you for your kind words too! :-D

    3. I agree with you Nadia and its fun tweeting with all of you, even though it's a bit harder to do now from school!!

  2. Not sure to have used the proper words in my message below... Also not sure it's grammatically correct... sorry!

    Would like to add this just in case : I've found the last show at the same time fun & smart, I have the impression that it matches fairly closely who you are, personally I like this way of mixing the 2 also very much, that's why I am so enthusiastic... so maybe not very objective LOL! Looking forward to read the other comments here ;-)

  3. OMG! My message "above" not "below"!!! Grrrrrrrr! :-D

    1. you did GREAT, Nadia!!! I think you, Janne, and Liane are amazing that you can join in these discussions, when English is not your first language. If I tried to have such big conversations in French, I'd sound like a preschooler! I'm so glad you have joined us!

    2. Thank you so much Jo for your support & compliments! :-D

    3. You are so right Jo! Janne and Nadia are really good! It is just amazing that they can both speak and write English so well! Kudos ladies! Liane as well, though she is an Aussie at heart so is totally bilingual. I can barely string a few French words together and My Norwegian is non existant!

    4. Many thanks for this lovely message Sharon! :-D

  4. You have really found your "2nd niche" Charlie(I'm still sticking with live stage as your forte, espec. having seen "Sleuth"). It's obvious you're having a lot of fun, despite the hard work and craziness that comes with live "TV".
    As for the subject matter, if you heard a loud female scream of "Yes!! THANK YOU!" coming from the east coast, no worries, it was just me when Lily said that the Christians have been saying this for years! Give her a hug from me. That said, my comment isn't about the religious side of it, but the technology. Whether you are listening to eschatologists or "futurists" like Martha mentioned, it's basically the same thing. I'm not sure that a microchip will be able to "download" our thoughts, but with what we see today, who knows? I'm sure they're trying!!!
    The groundwork technology is already in place, and used for 'good reasons'. A store loyalty card gets us discounts and coupons, digitized medical records can let any doctor access your history with your permission and can bring in experts from all over, GPS lets us drive more safely by listening instead of trying to read directions or a map, and cell phones give us the ability to make emergency calls. The internet has opened our world(my cyberBFF lives in Norway! WOW!) and let us make connections with friends and with people who share a common interest or struggle. All of those things are wonderful, UNTIL THEY GET IN THE WRONG HANDS. Then the other side appears...."they"(meaning whomever is evil and in charge, imagine the Nazis having this) can find us wherever we are, they can see what we buy, they can access our medical history(who has HIV, etc), and our 'thoughts' that we share on Facebook, twitter, email, and blogs like this are now available. And all it would take is one "pandemic with mandatory vaccinations" for us to be implanted with anything 'they' wanted!
    I don't mean to sound like a paranoid conspiracy theorist, I'm not at all. I actually find this is fascinating and exciting to "watch unfold". Just my 2 cents(ok 4 cents).

  5. It was such a fun show! Funny and interesting. I think Lilly and Martha are such great guests. I really like Martha Madison's ideas and the way she thinks! I find myself agreeing with her a lot, even on their own show. There was a wide range of topics - from chips in the head, to the thin life between life and death to Uber! Just loved it and it so looked like you were having such a good time. It just feels very natural for you to do this kind of show! Looking forward to seeing you and David next time!

  6. LOL JoAnn we do speak English in Australia ! But Chapeau to Nadia and Janne for participating !


  7. Sorry CS I need to criticize hier . The subject of selfunding and person to person trade was actually very interesting and could have turned into a good discussion , but unfortunately it took too long to get there through discussing Cloud etc . Which really had no association with the actual theme of the day !It would be nice if you left the last part of the show to your audience . OK if tweets and calls are not available then it is Ok to just " talk on "The concept of your show is good if you stick to your original plan . I could see you were enjoying yourself but for an outsider it wasn't so satisfactory . I would really like more thinkers , and I know they are out there and a few don't call as they want to give others a chance .
    I am looking forward to next week's discussion and hope you get many more interesting guests and last but not least I hope this won't sever our friendship !LOL I'm just a grumpy old gal who needed to give an opinion !

  8. A latecomer here as I was stuck in a meeting on Thursday at air time (and they wouldn't let me post the show for everyone to watch)...Loved the episode. By the way, we already have tracking chips implanted in animals (to help you find your lost dog, for instance), and they also have been implanted in people for tracking purposes (especially if a child has a medical condition that necessitates knowing his/her whereabouts 24/7). At the same time, I'm also someone who has disabled the location on her cell phone except when absolutely necessary and refuses to use GPS after several bad experiences (such as the time it kept saying "turn right" when I passed a driveway, thinking it was a street). There is a limit to what I want NSA and other government agencies to know.

    I agree with Liane that it would be nice to allow time for callers for all of the shows (by the way, I'm sitting out for a while to give others a chance).

    1. Well Karen , My nagging about the show taking no calls , i thought maybe there weren't any calls, so if that was the case i apologize !

  9. Though the last show may have been a bit off the planned topic every now and then, I loved it. So did the hubby, though he seemed to focus more on your guests than the topics! (which he is still paying for!) To be able to entertain an audience for an hour, an audience consisted of people from different age groups and from different parts of the world , you need to be able to discuss serious topics and at the same time keep it light, with a few laughs and a lot of humour. You did just that. Like JoAnn said, you seem to have found your 2.niche and for those of us who live too far away to see you perform on a stage, Here`s A Thought is a wonderful opportunity to see you live, and interact with other friends and fans on social medias. I`m loving this concept!
    Congratulations on your first month as a talkshow host, good luck with the show next week, and just so you know, I think you should get some more flowers for Janelle! She is doing a fantastic job!
    Off to plan my menu for next Thursday.

    1. Well Janne it is time You called in and heresA thought how long does it take to draw those great cartoons .And YES I think Janelle needs some flowers ( note to CS !)!

    2. I so agree with Janne! It is such an entertaining show, that gives us things to think about as well. The hour just flies by! I can't believe it when it comes time to wrap up. I love it! It's great when people can call in, but sometimes the discussion with the guest or guests is so much fun, you don't even notice that you didn't go to the phones. You are a natural at this Charlie, and you do it so well! I don't know anyone who is not enjoying the show, and people are watching all around the world!
      Roll on Thursday!


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