Lilly Melgar & Martha Madison from Soapbox on TradioV join Charles Shaughnessy on Here's A Thought 9.4.2014

I am thrilled to announce that my guests today are Lilly Melgar Monterrosa Martha Madison from Soap Box with Lilly & Martha on TradioV

Our topic today is Disrupt Economy, Crowd Funding and Connections. Disrupt economy is a loose term that includes the kind of economy that cuts out the middleman thereby "disrupting" the old models e.g. Uber, AirB and B & all kinds of Crowd Funding. It is more like consumer to consumer directly.  It plays into the bigger picture of "connection" that I am into these days. The established economies hate it because it a. cuts them out of the picture and b. gets between them and the consumer. 

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Not only does she draw all of our wonderful cartoons, but Janne makes a special dessert each week for she and her family to eat during the show!  This week it is cheesecake with the head Thoughter on it shown here by her son Martin Nordvang!  

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  1. I like your show very much. So here is one of my thougths(or questions): What do you and your guests think about the Ebola situation in Africa ? I´ll think we should think about their problems.

    Thank you for giving me a possibility to ask this question.


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