I'm Charles Shaughnessy and Here's A Thought for Thursday, October 16, 2014

As you all know by now, I am starting rehearsals for "What the Butler Saw" at the Mark Taper Forum here in Los Angeles. We work a full, six day week so I will not be able to record "Here's A Thought" for the next few weeks. I will miss you all and will feel very frustrated at not being able to bring the show to you "live" during this critical election cycle, but, as they say, "that's showbiz!" 

In the meantime, I hope that you will read my blog on ABSENTEE MAIL-IN VOTING...HOW TO DO IT for your state in the United States.  Don't let 'time' or 'lack of knowledge' be your excuse! KNOWLEDGE is POWER and POWER is VOTING!

We will, instead, be streaming re-runs of our shows so far, beginning with the premier show when Martha Madison was my guest at the same time, Thursday from 3-4 pm pst on Tradiov.com/la  The topic I picked for that show was: "Has the conversation become very dumb in our culture or are there people who are really wanting to talk?" 

The shows cover so much ground each week that they with a second viewing, I hope you will learn something new!  In the meantime, I will do my best, as time allows, to keep up here on the Blogs with your questions and comments and keep you all up to date with rehearsals and how the play is going. Once we are "up and running" ( late November ) I will be able to return to my live shows at 3:00- 4:00 PT on Thursdays on TradioV.com on my way to the theatre!! 

In the meantime, all of you that sent in pledges to my Kickstarter, expect your rewards in the mail by the end of November!  I hope you will all be patient with me and that I will be able to connect with you all again then. Until then, stay engaged, think critically, connect the dots and stay a Thoughter!!   :-)    

All the best, Charlie.


  1. I am so happy that you are starring in such a great Show at the Mark Taper Forum. That is awesome! I can't wait to see it!
    We will miss you on #Here's A Thought but I will enjoy watching the re runs. They are always such fun shows and I always discover things I missed.
    Best of luck with the run of What The Butler Saw. Break a leg!

  2. thanks charlie good luck w the show i'm sure many will love it mostly with in it i enjoy looking forward to here's a thought when u return's and the show its funny i'll in Las veges all the time while your away till the middle of Dec so thnx again till then see u on the next here's a thought !

  3. Will miss your live-show too! Hope you'll have fun! Wish you all the best...

  4. Charlie you will be missed so much but we all understand and wish you all the best. I would have loved to have seen you in this play, sounds like you have a fun role. Enjoy yourself and we will all enjoy watching the recasts and as you said maybe pick up on something we didnt the first time around. Look forward to seeing you back again on HAT in late November. I sent you some cute treats having to do with "HAT" that my daughter made and I know you will enjoy them when you get to them. I'm sure "your right arm" Janelle will hold them for you. <3 Gale

  5. What about inviting Fran Drescher again on HaT? :-D

    Her new book is available! Great topic about "Resilience" & "Facing Adversity"...

    "Chicken Soup for the Soul: Find Your Inner Strength: 101 Empowering Stories of Resilience, Positive Thinking, and Overcoming Challenges" by F.Drescher & A.Newmark.


    "We’re all stronger than we think, and we often discover our inner strength and resilience when a problem arises. The 101 empowering stories in this collection will inspire and encourage you to overcome your own challenges.

    There’s nothing like real stories from real people to inspire you. These empowering and uplifting stories by people who have overcome challenges, solved problems, or changed their lives will help you find your own inner strength, resilience, and remind you to think positive, count your blessings, and use the power that you have within you.

    Amy Newmark is publisher and editor-in-chief of Chicken Soup for the Soul. Emmy Award-winning actress and accomplished author Fran Drescher is a leading health advocate and the president and visionary of the Cancer Schmancer Movement."

    1. Josiane Zunino Vaulot asked me to post the following message on her behalf because she can't do it herself via her blogpage :

      "Quelle EXCELLENTE proposition "Nadia Les Sables d'Olonne-France", inviter à nouveau Fran DRESCHER sur TradioV afin qu'elle nous présente "Chicken Soup for the Soul". Disserter, réfléchir, échanger sur un sujet que Fran maîtrise à la perfection sera un moment privilégié pour nous tous!
      MERCI Charlie & break a leg pour "What the Butler Saw"!
      Josie - Paris, France"


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