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Thoughters are from all over the world!!

Hey everyone!  As you know, Charlie is hard at work in rehearsals of his play WHAT THE BUTLER SAW at the Mark Taper Forum here in Los Angeles.  The show goes into previews November 12 and runs through December 21, 2014. Click here for ticket information. 

I wanted to give you an update on our Kickstarter campaign.  

We haven't heard back from everyone that we sent surveys and messages to after the campaign finished.  If you are one of those people, especially if your name is not on here and you wanted us to use it, or you should be getting something from us and we haven't heard from you, PLEASE check your messages on your Kickstarter account or search your emails for "Kickstarter" as we may still need some information from you! Rewards will be sent out the end of this month. You can also leave a message in the comments section here.  

If you have a Twitter account/handle, and you donated and would like a "shout out on Twitter as being an original Thoughter, leave that in a message here in the comments section and we will also make your name a direct link here in the blog to your Twitter account.  Some of them already are! If people already gave us that info as part of their donation, we have linked you already so you can all follow all the other "Original Thoughters" and interact with Charlie & Me, and the rest of the people on Twitter before, during and after our shows!  

A special thanks to our cartoonist extraordinaire Janne Nordvang for all her amazing drawings!  She is pretty remarkable, don't you think?

Thanks to all of you who thoughtful people that support us in every way that you do! 

Twitter: @janelleglickman

We had donations come in from . . .
all over The United States
The United Kingdom
New Zealand

We want to personally thank and give a HUGE shout out to the following Thoughters!

Karin Adelman
Laurie Baker
Deanna Baron
Nadia Blu
Judith Bogdanove
Deidre Bonham
Steven Brant
Cindy Browning
Jeff Buterbaugh
Darlene Butler
Suzi Castellaw
Mariana Chamelette
Courtney Clark
Jillian Clements
Lissa Coffey
Frances Cox
Damon Dayoub
Rebecca-Lorraine Egan
Christine Eldridge
Lorraine Erlade
The Sibley family
Shirley Faust
Val Flaherty
Jerri Flewell-Smith
Eileen-Rita Folwell
Maree Folwell
Yasmin Frydenlund
Ralph Gorgoglione
Linda Grindel
Karen Guenther
Sharon Hallett
Gale Susan Hanley
Mary Harget-Hiduk
Mireille Harris
Barbara Heafey
Patricia Conklin Heath
Liz Herrington
Kathy Honeyman
Elaine Horowitz
Madeline Jarosch
Caroline Jepson
Deana Jones
Elana Kahn
Dayna Katlin
Penny Kemp
Roz Kern
Janet Kiley
Kerstin Krause
Stefan Krull
Marie LaBrosse
Valerie Laferty
Andrew Lenahan
Andrew Levi
Judith Lutz
Marlene MacMillin
Teresa Maly
Jude Marr
Theresa Martin
Shannon Meuse
Elizabeth Millman
Beth Millman
Myrthala Miranda-Guzman
Mary Murphy
Angela Murrell
Tom Nessinger
Angela Nixon
Janne Nordvang
Sidney Nugent
Anne Marta Holsvik Opsal
Tamara Page
David Palmer
Gerald Parshall
LeAnne Powell
Ploypairin Rattanachan
Laura Reilly
Sam Rieger
Russell Rieger
Nancy Robison
Annaliesa Rose
Anders Ross
Ketmany Saycocie
Tracy Schoolcraft
Sierra & Brianna Schoolcraft
Debbie Shergold
Meghann Sherman
Dana Ford Simon
JoAnn Skov
Deanna Lynn Sletten
Randi Spiegel
Ali Stangoe
Lee Ann Stewart
Jennifer Steyck
Susan Stolsig
Marianne Sturm
Ashley Taylor
Allison Thomsen
Josiane Zunino Vaulot
Jennifer Walker
Stacy Weiss
Nancy Wheeler
Dana Wilson


  1. My twitter is @emk808. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the 'shout out'. I am thrilled to be a 'thoughter' and was so glad the Kickstarter campaign was successful thanks to all the other 'thoughters'. I am pretty sure that I do have a direct link to the blog via Twitter but here is my Twitter handle just in case. @sharon_hallett
    Thanks for all your hard work Janelle. HeresAThought is great and I am looking forward to the new shows once Charlie has time to breathe again!

  3. Oooh I am not on the list of the donors :-(
    Nadia Blu

    1. Nadia - I sent you a message via kickstarter

    2. i donation do i get anything if not its ok just to know if got on here had trouble before

  4. Trying this again: Twitter is K_Guenther. Looking forward to more shows when Charlie has the time to do them!

  5. No need for any kind of shout-out(plus I already follow Charlie and Janelle on Twitter), but just wanted to say how much I *love* Janne's cartoons. She is so talented, and I know she does research on the guests to try to find some unusual things to add to the drawing. I'm so proud of her! And most of all, I love that while those of us in the US have opportunities to see Charlie in person, she most likely will not. This is a great way for her to have a special "one on one connection" with Charlie, that no one else can duplicate.

  6. Hi. Is it still possible to do a donation to the show, and if yes, how do I do it? Thank you for a great show.

    1. Thanks for wanting to donate Karina, but unfortunately once Kickstarter is done, you can't donate anymore.

  7. No need for a shout out here. I already follow Charlie, Janelle, and others on Twitter. I also enjoy Janne's cartoons and look forward to seeing them. She has immense talent and I am grateful that she shares her talent with us.

  8. Hi Janelle! I am an original 'thoughter' but am not on the list. There seems to be an issue with my kickstarter. I filled out the survey months ago, but haven't been receiving any notifications or emails and now it's showing up that I've never backed anyone lol. I'm trying to sort it out. Anyway, my twitter is @hippiechick1961 and you can always reach me at Love the show! Thanks to all involved, esp Charlie ;)

    1. Hi hippiechick28. I need to know what your real name is. The survey wasn't sent out months ago. Do you mean you filled out the kickstarter info? Was your money ever debited from your account? Let me know and I will look into it. Thanks Janelle

    2. Thanks Janelle for getting back to me. Kickstarter called it a "survey" which I filled out on 8/24 and the $25 was processed on 8/23. My name is Dana Simon and I'm from Melville, NY. I appreciate you checking into this for me ;)


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